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Real name: Various Artists.
Label: SCP,

Since changing it's name from Double, SCP seems to have become one of the major powerhouses of Eurobeat. Though the battle between the best seems to be limited to HiNRG Attack and ABeatC, SCP generally ends up as everyone's second favorite and with it's rather aggressive and recient takeover, it's alot of people's FIRST favorite. Featuring top artists like Christine, Ace, And fastway, SCP produces high Energy songs that range from ElectroRock to disco to darn-near Trance.

Though theres only been one song released under this name, we think it's good to showcase ALL the SCP Artists!

Group Information:
- Ace
- Christine
- Damon
- David Ropa
- Dave McLoud
- Fastway / Dusty
- Kiki & Kika
- Lisa Lion
- Lucya
- Melissa White
- Nick Mansell
- Pamsy
- Van T.K.
- Vanilla

Website Link(s):
- SCP Fanlisting @ eP
- Fastway Fanlisting @ eP

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Vocalists credited under the name SCP All Stars

SCP All Stars - Big Heart
SCP All Stars - My Only Christmas Star
SCP All Stars - My Only X'Mas Star