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EPDB Frequently asked questions

Q. Hey "x" is wrong?!
A. If you spot any incorrect information, please post in the database forum linked above. also regarding track lengths, these are gathered from various sources and equipment, so a small margin of error is to be expected.

Q. Not all albums have information?
A. We've tried our best to make as much information available as possible, it's an ongoing process - if it's important, feel free to post a request in the forum.

Q. Some pages load really slowly, why?
A. Certain aspects of the database have proven to be a challenge for the server, this is being worked on.

Advanced Search tips:
Checking "Search albums only" will disregard the song-specific fields and only return album names matching the other criteria (album name, catalogue number, date).

Currently the search engine only performs simple text matching, advanced operators such as OR, AND, -, "", and + are not (yet!) supported.

When searching the writers, vocalist or producers fields - due to various inconsistencies, it's best to search for the last name(s) at first, and refine from there.

And lastly, the database is not (yet!) complete, or completely verified - if you spot an error please contact the webmaster, or use the forums.

Database changelog (coding)

(31.12.2018) fixed errors regarding display of multiple discs
(27.12.2018) major update of database source code to work with current standards
(15.2.2005) even more minor optimizations to the album detail page (mysql question consolidation)
(14.2.2005) more optimizations to the album galleries (significant mysql question reduction)
(11.2.2005) fixed minor errors and improved the search engine's general handling of terms
(11.2.2005) fixed syntax error in search engine preventing certain album categories from being searched
(11.2.2005) removed some redundant/unused internal code
(11.2.2005) fixed potential problem with certain symbol characters in internal referal code for detail pages
(10.2.2005) fixed problem with certain symbol characters in advanced search
(10.2.2005) further optimizations to the album gallery and detail pages (mysql question reduction)
(10.2.2005) Added "Supress uncredited results" to advanced search
Newest releases:

Mad Man (31 Jan 2020)
Liar (27 Jan 2020)
Free Into The Sky (24 Jan 2020)
You Could Be Mine (20 Jan 2020)
Make Me Wonder (17 Jan 2020)
David Dima Eurobeat Hits (15 Jan 2020)

Recent additions to the database:

Mad Man (31 Jan 2020)
Liar (27 Jan 2020)
Rain (1 Jan 2020)
Free Into The Sky (24 Jan 2020)
You Could Be Mine (20 Jan 2020)
Make Me Wonder (17 Jan 2020)