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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 167

1.Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love (Delta)
Well, it is about time for a Cherry song to really shine through. This time she does a collaboration with the wonderful Davide Budriesi and we get to the awesome level we've gotten used to hearing Delta for so long. Chemical Love has been featured in Initial D, which will make the song surely a big hit, but this time around I can happily say that the song also earns any kind of success it can get. The song is extremely catchy and the giddy background is something exceptionally good. The sounds combined with great vocals by the duo make this one of the highlights of Delta's productions in years. Astounding.
Rating : 10+

2.Christine - Yeah! (SCP)
This song has apparently been done quite a while ago and the release was highly anticipated, even the covered version by Hinoi Team was released before the "original" so about time I'd say. The song is more similar to the happy Christine songs we heard on Euromach than the soothing ballads we have heard from her on SEB so far. The track is a typical SCP happy-go-lucky song which will surely please the fans of this kind of eurobeat, but many will also be turned off by it. I for one enjoyed it thoroughly and it carries on a nice level on the album.
Rating : 9+

3.Jilly - Ding A Ling 2006 (Time)
I remember when I originally discovered Ding A Ling and started looping it for countless hours enjoying it thoroughly, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see a re-make of it. The original was featured on SEB51 back in '94 so about time to get a remake for it. Time as a label still kind of puzzles me: They produce a ton of similar clonesongs, yet these remakes of the old classics that they re-do sound absolutely brilliant time after time. Ding A Ling 2006 has brilliantly reworked sounds and some extra gimmicks that make the song sound really unique. Vocals sound exactly like in the original so I assume they didn't get Clara to sing them all over, but that doesn't really bother me as the original itself is eurobeat history.
Rating : 9-

4.Manuel - Sun In The Rain (A-Beat C)
Explosive intros always arouse my interest so to no surprise Sun In The Rain had a good start in my ears. Manuel carries on with the succesful path that has made him one of the solid starts of A-Beat C. The track has a really catchy chorus with extremely fastpaced vocals by the man himself that sound really pleasant. The song won't introduce anything new to the friends of Manuel but bring more of the good same old.
Rating : 9

5.Bombers - Disco Energy (Boom Boom Beat/Asia)
Bombers are a name that brings up excellent memories due to the Superball hit years back, so I was slightly surprised by this track as it was not quite what I had expected it to be. The song has a really strong gay tone and I could imagine seeing this song on one of those "Let's Hear It For The Boy"-compilations that Saifam releases. The chorus is nicely catchy and the sounds are typical yet efficient. The track will surely be a hit and I can expect it to end on the next Best Of compilation, but not the best 3B can put up.
Rating : 8+

6.Lolita - Listen To My Heart (A-Beat C)
Another album, another Elena Gobbi song to surface, but it's good to hear her screaming her lungs out year after year. For a change we have a song here that I didn't quite frankly like at all in the beginning. The Lolita-fanboy in me made me like it in the end, but I can say that this song won't be anywhere near my favorite tracks by the Missus. Listen To My Heart sounds rather generic, yet it has some unique-style to it which makes me feel weird and feel it is going off-key all the way. A somewhat of a lowpoint for the title, but not a bad track in the end (or it's just my head making me think so?).
Rating :

7.70' Queens Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Get Up And Move It (A-Beat C)
Annelery Gordon made a comeback a few albums back which was unclear whether it really was her singing, but now after hearing her make a comeback in a totally new song I must re-think whether she really had re-sung the vocals for On My Own as well. Either way this title is like a flashback to the past when we had such monster titles as Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Fun Fun Boy, and to me this song is a tribute to those classics that most of us still cherish. The song has a very song disco tone to it like the title suggest, nothing like the generic eurobeat which can be a good and a bad thing. I myself enjoyed the song, but can't really call it a favorite of mine by any means. Nice fun with a very special theme. Welcome back Annerley!
Rating : 8

8.Joe D. Toaster - Sex Gun (HI-NRG Attack)
HI-NRG Attack displayed quite a nice duo of songs on the previous SEB so it's sad to see them revert back to the generic boring level. Sex Gun is yet another typical presentation from the label with the usual repetition of the song title. The track reminded me of Tam Arrow's Fire To The Eurobeat a lot and the songs really have a lot of similarities, just that this song doesn't really work unlike the other one.
Rating : 6

9.Pamsy - Walkin' In The Shadow (SCP)
For some reason Pamsy has developed herself a very large fanbase that know that they will be receiving quality when there's one of her songs on an album, I am one of those people. I have enjoyed all of her songs to date and Walkin' In The Shadow is not an exception with yet more trance influenced eurobeat. The vocals shine out as a very strong element and they create most of the hooks with the track, but it's all for the good even with the background getting left behind a bit.
Rating : 9

10.De Leo - Don't You Break My Heart Tonight (Time)
Yet more new titles from Time, this constant flood of new titles is starting to be annoying when they seem to appear once or twice and then vanish. Well what can I say, this is another clone on the line up of Time men who present guitar-influenced medium paced songs. Typical, typical, typical.
Rating :

11.Karen - Lost In The World(A-Beat C)
Whatever happened to Karen J. Wainwright displaying us with unique and different kind of songs? This time the song follows the similar path as her previous presentation, which is a pity. Norma Sheffield can make some of her dreamy, medium paced songs work, but mostly when other artists try to do the same it feels boring (okay, okay, so do most of Norma songs too). Spiritless song over all.
Rating : 6-

12.Priscilla - Heart And Go (Delta)
You know you have played World of Warcraft too much when eurobeat songtitles start to remind you of the game. This song title screams of Paladins. Heart And Go is quite a funky tune with a weirdly fast paced melody, it feels a bit too hyper for the rest of the song as I kept on having the feeling that the background was moving a few verses ahead of rest of the song, and quite frankly this is probably the first time I complain about a fast pace, heh. Well either way, the song felt out of sync and weird, but then again it also sounds really unique and different which is a good thing always, but I just have a hard time getting the hang of the song as I just felt it wasn't really working as intended *chuckle*.
Rating : 7+

13.Susy - Give Me Another Chance (Boom Boom Beat/Asia)
The fastpaced energy just keeps flowing with a very cool sounding piece from 3B. Susy made me think we would be getting A-Beat C, but it didn't take very long to realise which label was behind this track. A very efficient melody combined with great chime-influenced soundworlds. Great great track that kept making me feel good whenever I heard it.
Rating : 9-

14.Idol - Idol (Time)
And another Time title, sigh. The label keeps shoving all these new names into every single album so it's not really easy to remember all of them anymore. Idol is a very A-Beat C influenced song that reminded me of Manuel on some levels, just a bit b-type. The melody and sounds have a rather melancholic tone to them and it feels occasionally as we wouldn't be in the eurobeat land, which can be count as a good point for this song. But in the end the track just can't live up to the expectations I had for it in the beginning.
Rating : 7-

15.Madison - Remind Me To Forget
Another song to fall into the crowd of boring tracks that will be forgotten very fast. Typical Delta sounds, boring melody, okay vocals. These are the ingredients of a typical way to create a song that will be ignored by the public very easily.
Rating : 6

16.Mad Cow & The Harajuku Angels - Harajuku Girl (HI-NRG Attack)
HI-NRG Attack presents yet an another pointless production that is all about the fast pace. I had a hard time grabbing any kind of a hold of the song as it just kept on flowing further swiftly and not really offering much in the end. The vocals started to annoy me fast and the sounds are just plain, not really a song worth being on SEB at all.
Rating :

17.Dave & Nuage - Love Me Or Leave Me (A-Beat C)
This duo seems to have completely replaced the good old D&D duo we got used to, and many can argue about which way it's better. Either way both of the duets have had their highs and lows, this time Dave & Nuage slow down a bit and lose some of their edge. The vocals sound rather nice, yet Nuage sounds a bit tortured occasionally when she sings the few parts solo. The track itself sounds really nice and the melody works well, but something is missing from a hit production.
Rating : 8-

18.Go 2 - Music Come On! (SCP)
Something is amiss when this duo slows down, why oh why! I had gotten used to the energy paced action Go 2 offered and now they slow down and become Backstreet Boys Jr's, hopefully this is not their future direction. The track itself is pretty alright but I can't stand the way they made the duo slow down and act all gay in this track. Definitely the title's worst song to date and hopefully won't make too many future compilations.
Rating : 7-

Final Words :
Well what can I say, the album starts off with a blast and then slowly goes down, down, deeper down. In the end the album managed to let me down on oh so many levels that I wasn't really satisfied at all. The album is one of the worst one we've had in ages and the over all feeling it left me was discontent. The great start can't make up for the crappy end it offers and over all the album is just full of plain horrible songs I end up skipping time after time. But hey at least Chemical Love is something very exceptional!

Final Score : 7-

The Best 3 Songs

- Kevin & Cherry - Chemical Love
- Christine - Yeah!
- Susy - Give Me Another Chance

The Worst 3 songs

- Mad Cow & The Harajuku Angels - Harajuku Girl
- Karen - Lost In The World
- Joe D. Toaster - Sex Gun

Honorable Mention

- Jilly - Ding A Ling 2006

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