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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 173

1.Nuage - Shine (A-Beat C)
The lately performances by the beautiful Denise haven't really been all that top notch as they were in the very beginning, but I tried to keep my ears ready for her proper comeback and she's actually getting closer to a similar huge hits she had during the 150s. The track is one of those feel-good Nuage songs we got during her carefree period in the 140s and 150s which I myself enjoyed thorougly so I'm glad to get her back feeling good again. Shine reminds me of the 140s end song Running To The Night in very many ways, the sounds have a similar feel to them and Denise's vocals add a very similar athmosphere to the song. A really nice album opener but not quite as much of a hit as per say Carry On Carry On.
Rating : 9

2.Paul Harris - Mira La Luna (Delta)
When looking back to about all of the eurobeat labels they all have these slightly less known and memorable titles, Paul Harris had been a similar title for Delta for quite a while, fortunately that changed. The previous SEB offered us one of the best Delta songs in a very long time and Mira La Luna carries on with this breathtaking level. The track wasn't one of my favorites when I initially started listening to the album, but after giving it more airplay it gradually grew on me. The effective vocals and beautiful use of spanish in the lyrics work perfectly, add a mixture of heavy guitar-flavored sounds and you get a perfectly balanced eurobeat track.
Rating : 10-

3.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor 2007 (Time)
With the flow of remakes it's nice to notice that the tracks most of the time are really nicely reworked and from time to time manage to top the original masterpieces. Doctor Doctor is one of the best tracks Time released during their glory days and Clara Moroni's efficient vocals still sound as catchy as ever. The basic structure of the song is unchanged with soundworlds being the biggest thing to change this time, lots of new modern sounds work nicely and the song seems to work just as nicely as the original did.
Rating :

4.Nick Mansell - Burn Me Up (SCP)
Whenever I see Nick's name come up I am always warmly reminded of the multiple hits he has done in the past, the fact that I'm nearly always sure I'm getting a hit makes it even nicer to notice his name on an album tracklisting. Burn Me Up kicks off aggressively and has a slightly similar feel to it as Feel The Power in the past did. Energic vocals about burning can hardly fail with SCP in charge. Effective use of strong beat and guitars, not much to say. A steady solid track.
Rating :

5.Lolita Feat. Annalise - Screaming (A-Beat C)
I know for a fact that many people were expecting for this song. The original Lolita vs. the new Lolita. What more could one ask? Well, maybe a good song... I really can't say how much I am disappointed that they aren't A) Screaming B) Screetching or C) Crying their hearts out in this track. Screaming feels like what most of the recent Lolita songs have been like: bland, spiritless and lacking the energy and action we got used to hearing from the title. I really feel that this track might be from the worst end of duets as well, would like to trade this for a Dancing Around The World, okay, thanks?
Rating : 6-

6.Mike West - Baby Illusion (Time)
When I originally put this album on play and went to have a bath to the next room I got this strange feeling of Deja Vu when this track started playing. Had to get back up and doublecheck that it was still playing the right album as I was sure I had heard this song before and I was sure there was a similar title already as well, guess I was wrong. But that just proves one fact: Cloning does work after all! Dolly the lamb proved that, didn't she? Well I have this urge to copy paste an old Mike West review but I'll just skip that and say, a typical Time faire.
Rating :

7.Fancy - Cover Girl (SCP)
I was looking forward to more Kiki & Fancy goodness but only got half of the deal, who cares though? I know most of us really can't tell the difference if there is 1 vocalist or 15 vocalists singing in this wacky collection of titles. Either way we love them, and I am more than happy to get a treat such as Cover Girl. The song is pure happiness packed into 4 minutes. Happy melody is the backbone of this song that flows on swiftly and infecting the listeners with bubbly feel-good mood. Lyrics are as full of nonsense as they always are, but what would Kiki & Fancy be if they sang about a world of depression instead? Great song to keep the story going.
Rating : 10

8.Franz Tornado - Baila Campanaro (HI-NRG Attack)
Christmas chimes in a christmas album, or are they just the usual HI-NRG Attack chimes, either way this song is about the only christmassy song on this album so I guess it fits the season. An energetic Franz song that really doesn't offer very much new for most of the people, yet fans of HRG will surely feel home with it. Not many complaints to say, yet not many praises either.
Rating : 7

9.Dave Simon - Speed Man (Time)
If Mike sounded like a rehash of all things old, Dave Simon manages to pull off a longer straw. The song kicks off with a brilliantly energetic intro that features some ingenious usage of guitars and a slowly building tension. The track features some of the most original sounds Time has had to offer in ages and the aggressive vocals really work marvellously in this particular song. The title delivers exactly what it promises: Speed and a man, perfect deal eh?
Rating : 9

10.Mika La-Do - I Am Your Barracuda (HI-NRG Attack)
Not too long ago I stated we wouldn't probably hear non pitched HRG females at all, yet they prove me slightly wrong with this new title. The vocals are still pitched, but at the same time they feel more distinctive and you can a different kind of pronounciation than most of the other females we've come to hear at HRG lately which is really nice. That stuff aside, this is a fairly marvellous HRG song to put it simply. Catchy chorus, fun wacky lyrics and quirky sounds that give this song a very nice edge.
Rating : 9+

11.Mega NRG Man - In The Sunrise (A-Beat C)
With the preview clips on mu-mo I was disappointed by this song, but fortunately the bots at Avex weren't very wise and had only clipped the crap part of the song into it. Tomas is back to get revenge with yet an another big time hit that is fairly irresistible. The intro is probably one of the most ingenious ones I've heard in quite a while, it feels like you're getting a slightly calmer song at first but then it suddenly bursts into action accompanied by the great female backing vocals and you just know it is gonna rock. If I had to explain the track briefly I would go with perfectly chiseled masculinity. The track oozes this weird macho-feel the Mega NRG Man title has had going on for oh so long. One of the best songs by this title, if even not the best.
Rating : 10+

12.Helena - Your Love Is Melody (Time)
Poor Elena sure doesn't seem to get treated very well at Time anymore. Back in the good days she used to pull a hit after hit for years, then she turned to be one of the losers that get the mediocore songs that are bound to be forgotten. This song is just too lightly produced with barely any edge to grasp. I am not amused.
Rating : 6-

13.Pink Star - Only When I Dance (A-Beat C)
Did they just pull of a Screaming Vol. 2? The song has a really similar whimsy feel to it, could just imagine that if Elena Gobbi came screaming her heart out you'd see the whole song fall to pieces instantly. Can't really give much credit to this new title from A-Beat C, it sounds like most of the Grade-B tracks the label has been shoving out lately sadly. Really boring chorus, sounds and vocals. Maybe next time, maybe, baby.
Rating : 6

14.Kochiss - Born To Love You (Delta)
After lots of replays I was still fairly undetermined if the female vocals in this track were some old timer but in the end gave up seeing I couldn't really pinpoint it. It's refreshing to get a track that features both genders doing vocals as the tracks that do that usually end up being above the average. The strong male vocals cover most of the female vocals but I don't really mind seeing they pull off the track's weight rather nicely. This song ends up as one of those 'sorta nice' songs that are fun in small doses, but then tend to get boring fast as well. Born To Love You sounded really good at first, but after a few days I have to admit I didn't really have the urge to come back to it anymore. Yet props to that phat beat!
Rating :

15.Dave & Nuage - Another Miracle (A-Beat C)
Meh, so much meh, there's just enough meh to go around! I doubt these two can pull of any miracles at this pace. The initial appearence back in 145 was effective and catchy but after that they just went down hill. One thing I can't help but notice is that every single Dave & Nuage track appears at the very end of the album, is this Avex subtle way of hinting that this track would be a hit and people would wanna listen to the whole album? If that is the case, it might as well be the last track so could skip it each time and be happily listening more of something else again. This track is plain boring with none of the elements present that made Car Of Your Dreams a hit (one might point out that both Dave & Nuage are here, but pfft, you know the deal ;/).
Rating : 6-

16.Pretty Woman - Cherry Girl (Delta)
If I have to pick a song to make me happy, I will currently right away nominate Cherry Girl. Delta managed to pull the carpet under me and shove this irresistible funfair into my brain permanently. This song is structured so perfectly I can't really give it enough credit with words. The wacky lyrics, awesome female vocals backed up with the brilliant make raps and sounds make this track as good as it really is. I am really getting my groove back with Delta lately and it's tracks like this that give me a happy.
Rating : 10+++

17.King & Queen - Say You'll Be There (A-Beat C)
I am glad to hear more of Elena Gobbi again of course, and fortunately on a way higher level than the previous track. This song has been previously heard on JGTC 2006 2nd Round in Japanese by 4*Tune and back then I can't say I thought much about it, but this new version sounds strangely a lot funkier even though the actual song structure hasn't changed much. If you remember the wacky Fun Fun Pharaoh from the golden years you can grab a hint of it and combine that with a slightly more modern Go Go Girls and you end up with Say You'll Be There. The track has a very steady groove going on that has lots of excellent quirks spread all around the track that work nicely. A nice song that isn't a disgrace to the classic King & Queen title, but definitely not their best either.
Rating :

18.Dusty - Go Wild (SCP)
Heh I didn't even think much about it this time around, but this could've almost been an album without either of the Go2's present, but well I doubt Avex is leaving their hitmakers feeling blue and at least Ennio got featured on the album with a new action packed song. A nicely energetic way to finish off the album in a good level. Catchy, easy to get addicted to and fun to sing with. Ain't that what eurobeat is all about? (oh and the weird Japanese chicks waving their hands in the air funnily).
Rating :

Final Words :
After spending some time rethinking this album over and over I was left with a very contradictional feel about the album. There are some big time hits packed here (and probably a bit higher average than a general SEB has), but then there is a long array of rather bland tracks that I would rather skip. So if we look at the 2 sides of this SEB we can find the midlands and reach the typical SEB level as usual. But I still have to give this album credit for the very many perfect hits it offers, and the fact that each label had at least one really good song on the album did manage to cheer me up. Especially props to Delta for bringing back the energy and fun filled songs. So far the 170s haven't been a shabby decade compared to 160s, so can still hope for a lot of improvement of course as well.

Final Score : 8

The Best 3 Songs

- Pretty Woman - Cherry Girl
- Mega NRG Man - In The Sunrise
- Fancy - Cover Girl

The Worst 3 songs

- Dave & Nuage - Another Miracle
- Helena - Your Love Is Melody
- Lolita Feat. Annalise - Screaming

Honorable Mention

- Paul Harris - Mira La Luna

Reviewed by Bore