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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

  Super Eurobeat 178

1.Mad Cow - Get My Hot Gun (HI-NRG Attack)
Time sure does go by fast when you're having fun. Eurobeat artists are keeping the standards intact and giving us yet an another dosage of happy go lucky music. This review is based on the Extended songs provided on mu-mo. For the first time in SEB history HI-NRG Attack gets a song to open an album with, but sadly it doesn't stand out as one of their better presentations. The Russian theme isn't present this time around which does give the song some extra points, but the problem is that the song seems to repeat the similar old elements over and over, which gets very repetitive after you listen to the song a few times. The track suffers from the chronic eurobeat disease of not being able to stand out or introduce any new elements into the mix.
Rating : 7

2.Sara - Crazy For Love (Delta)
So yay, the good old vocalist people can recognize from the earlier years is back under this loved title. After hearing the original preview clip I was sorta torn between two about this song. On one hand it sounded like good old eurobeat, but on the other it felt like a very easy to forget song. The vocals are definitely the high point of this song and especially the few points of the song where the highest notes hit in, it sounds very pleasant to the ear. The problems with the song are mostly related to the chorus that just doesn't really manage to hook you instantly like I'd hope from the comeback song. A rather nice song but doesn't make me lose my pants just yet.
Rating :

3.Powerful T. - Glorious (A-Beat C)
Before starting this review I was thinking back to earlier reviews that I've done and I suddenly realized how difficult it is becoming to not repeat the same things over and over again. So I decided I wouldn't mind repeating a few of my old complaints or praises if they're at place, but the problem this time around is that there's just so much of recycling going on. Powerful T. is known to be a favorite of the people who enjoy a slightly rougher side of eurobeat, but this time around his song is hardly very aggressive or energic which makes the song feel somewhat lacking. Only the C-melody really stands out as an energy booster, but the rest of the song just feels like a light, christmassy Norma Sheffield-cover. Very weird mental images getting mixed in my head whenever I hear this song. But hey, I like the chimey-like sound. Not the new Original Sin.
Rating : 7

4.Annie - Free (Time)
I feel it's somewhat wrong how the 2 previous songs by Annie have been so widely ignored by both Avex and fans, the songs don't really seem to leave a lasting impression, but for me they worked rather nicely and especially DD Dance was a very well balanced production. Free tries to keep the level high, but sadly notches down a bit from the previously released Annie song. The track has a rather perky mood and the verses work well, but the chorus is just overly boring, a real yawn-fest in fact. Next song please.
Rating : 7-

5.Ester - My Lucky Star (Go Go's Music)
Okay so this album features 2 totally new eurobeat vocalists from the newlyborn label. Ester is the first artist to step up with a very happy and Go Go-like song that in both good and bad sounds like the jolly songs that Domino, Lolita & Go Go Girls released during the early 2000's. The good points are that the sounds are very happy and the song has a rather effective melody to back it up, but the not so good stuff is that the vocalist can't so far really introduce the kind of necessary energy eurobeat really needs. I am constantly reminded of Norma with the slightly similar thin-tone, but Ester does pull off a better energic performance in the end. The album's steady sub-general level keeps going.
Rating :

6.Pamsy - Babyface (SCP)
So, the few eurobeat songs that have made it to various anime series in the past have always managed to get somewhat of a cult status. Babyface was featured on Dear Boys some years back, but without a proper release the song achieved classic status due to people being impatient and wanting to get the actual release for so long. I don't know much about the anime or how Pamsy's song even ended up appearing there, but I strongly feel that the hype was way over the top. With the long list of songs she has done so far, Babyface is no where near her best performances and like this it ends up being a positive song with a somewhat lacking chorus and great sounds. I like the song itself but I just feel like it doesn't have the similar uniqueness and edge that most of the SCP performances have had in the past few years.
Rating : 8

7.Dave Rodgers - California Dreaming (A-Beat C)
It's somewhat amusing to me how Dave tends to have streaks of good songs, followed by a streak of bad songs. California Dreaming follows the list of the previously released songs that I didn't really enjoy all that much. Guitars, Giancarlo singing his heart out and the bass is all you need, right? Wrong. This song has a famous title again, but it can't live up to the level of it's namesake. Again a boring presentation that I won't be looking back to, nor would I have lost much if I hadn't heard it at all. Bring back Space Invader & Eldorado.
Rating : 7-

8.Mike West - Supersonic Fire 2007 (Time)
Add an another sigh here, Time keeps doing remakes over and over, showing a lack of creativity with new stuff when they keep releasing remakes so often. At least I interpret it so. I would probably be less edgy if they made remakes for songs that I actually enjoy but Supersonic Fire is yet an another Time song I never enjoyed at all, at least it isn't Melodies Of Love. It isn't a total waste, but I also know for sure that if I get this song in the car or on my playlist I'll skip it very fast. Vocals work nicely and the c-melody is pretty nicely done, but when there's years of disliking song behind it all, it doesn't help much.
Rating :

9.Leslie Hammond - S.O.S. And Loving All Around (HI-NRG Attack)
HI-NRG Attack's 2nd coming boosts their profile much when we get a very cheery and bubbly song with a rather funky songtitle. If the Mad Cow song was lacking new ideas, I can't really say that this song would be all that much more original, yet it works a lot better. The song has a very simple melody which doesn't really have much going on but it works like it is, would probably fit some colorful platform flash-game very well without the vocals. The basic happy kind of HRG, you know the drill, hate it or love it.
Rating : 8

10.Cherry - Happenin' All Over Again (Delta)
So Cherry follows the success of the previous cover song with yet an another cover. The worldwide known SAW wrote this song for Lonnie Gordon in 1990, but I at least can't remember it being very widely known or popular in Europe for that matter (not that I was very old to remember every song from that period either). This song takes the title back to the land of disco-flavored slower ballads that only slightly follow the basic eurobeat form. The song isn't that special to make it memorable due to the melody, the slightly transparent production values also make it become a bit thin and easy to forget. Better luck next time.
Rating : 7

11.Nuage - Have A Nice Day (A-Beat C)
Heh, with the steady appearance by Nuage I've sort of grown tired of having any more expectations for the songs, since it seems that mostly the songs can't bring new life for Denise's loved name. But this time around I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised, the song starts with a very boring intro that always manages to make me move my hand on the "Next"-button, but not doing that will be paid back fast. The verses, melody and the chorus work very nicely and especially the vocals in the chorus sound really great. The song doesn't break any boundries or become the new Sunday surely, but it is a very nicely done song that always makes me smile. I hope you have a nice day too.
Rating : 9-

12.Betty Beat - My Heart Goes Boom Boom (Go Go's Music)
Alright next we have the 2nd new artist from GOGOS, it's always nice to hear new vocalists and also when they get such song songs to sing. My Heart Goes Boom Boom kicks off a cheery and bouncy production that could easily fit any of the other girlygirl acts we know of. The song even has a slightly SCP-esque Kiki & Fancy feel to it, which makes me like it even more. When the chorus starts and you hear the vocals & synth hook blend perfectly I always think of K&F for some reason, maybe some deja vu moment there. The few complaints the song gets is because the vocalist at points feels a bit offkey to me, and especially the intro sounds like Pub Karaoke for some reason. With some improvement on vocals for the next Betty song we can have ourselves a new eurobeat star.
Rating : 9+

13.Jay Lehr - Mystic Love (SCP)
I always think of Sash!  when I listen to this song and for some reason I can't stop myself from waiting to hear some of the hypnotic hooks Sasha used to create some years back. The song unfortunately is guilty of quite a few of the seven deadly sins. Gluttony for trying to reach so much with the infusing of both basic eurobeat sounds, trance-esque elements and Time-like airiness. Sloth for the very boring vocals that just don't bring anything at all for the song, at least I can't say I enjoyed them much. And last of course Pride, the song has a majestic feel to it which feels somewhat ironic as the song just doesn't do it at all for me, in any way...
Rating : 6-

14.Mr. M - The World Is You (Time)
So the other day I saw this car crash site with some blood and stuff all over the place. I started to think about the actual effect of such a thing in both the person who caused the accident and the victim, it might be life changing and impossible to revert back. Maybe relying on someone else very much or putting your own life on the hands of someone else is not that good. But yeah, the world could be you. Nice. Re-inviting the wheel works sometimes.
Rating :

15.Mara Nell - Hot Gal (HI-NRG Attack)
Lots of fire, but at least she's not being lazy in the fire. Mad desire, bad bad bad fight for your empire. Listen to the lyrics and figure out all the old eurobeat titles (or very close to) it repeats, it's like the new Cantare Ballare. Not really my kinda song though, too repetitive and feels like it's missing a melody all around.
Rating : 6+

16.Delta Queens - Damn Damn My Heart (Delta)
What would a SEB be without one floorfiller that basically does everything right. Damn Damn My Heart does that on all fronts: an inventive differet and memorable song title. Mesmerizing intro, catching verses and a mindblowingly effective chorus. The track is just like my good old time favorite My Bandido on most terms (which gladly is present on the bonus disc). It picks the best parts of the Delta writer team and pulls them together with such class it's hard to hate it. Damn Damn!
Rating : 10

17.Kasanova - Two Hearts 4 Love (Time)
As far as effective and catchy synthlines go, this song can brag about having one of them. But that is the one thing I can really like about the song, since the rest of the track just soothes on and when it reaches the end I always seem to think that must've been way more than 5 minutes. Not my cup of tea nor coffee. Maybe add some lemon next time.
Rating : 7

18.Ace Warrior - No Religion (A-Beat C)
It has been over 2 years since we heard from Ace Warrior so it does feel like a breeze of fresh air, especially as his tracks have generally been somewhat catchy and above the average. Guitars, energic bass and masculine vocals, this should be enough to make the girls swoon, maybe just not a guy like me though. I can recognize some of the potential the song has and can easily see if some people like it, but it really isn't my type of EB in the end, but it's definitely not a bad song at any standards.
Rating : 8

Final Words :
I have to say that to a certain extent I'm fairly disappointed by this album. I was expecting for SEB to rise up from the slump they ended in last month, but it's hardly happening with this album either. It's an improvement of course, but it's still below the average SEB level on terms of consistency. Nothing very bad in the mix in a way, but the lack of very good songs to balance the more boring songs still does leave this album somewhere in the dark. I am putting all my hope on 179, may the force be with joo joo.

Final Score : 7

The Best 3 Songs

- Delta Queens - Damn Damn My Heart
- Betty Beat - My Heart Goes Boom Boom
- Nuage - Have A Nice Day

The Worst 3 songs

- Jay Lehr - Mystic Love
- Mara Nell - Hot Gal
- Mike West - Supersonic Fire 2007

Honorable Mention

- Mr. M - The World Is You

Reviewed by Bore