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The albums have been graded on the most common grading system used in Finnish schools. Where 4 is the worst, and 10 is the best. The final score for the album is most of the times the average for all of the tracks, though it can also change if the reviewer wishes so. The Super Eurobeat Non-Stop albums will be reviewed as full collections, and the individual songs won't be reviewed, unless they are completely new. Though Euromach and JGTC albums for example will have complete song by song reviews.
The grading system simply goes as ie. 4- (3,75), 4 (4), 4+ (4,25) and 4½ (4,5) and the next one again would be 5-. A simple system we have over here in Finland.

Review of Super Eurobeat 190's

The last few years in the Eurobeat world have been heavy in turmoil. The appeareances of new labels combined with some of the older ones taking a step backwards means the music also changes. Reaching an another important milestone with Super Eurobeat 200 we can really take a look into the past and question what on earth has happened that made the series go on for so long? Is the music really so magical that it just needs to be produced and released for, what in global terms is definitely a niche audience. Eurobeat itself has lately formed to be a bit more mainstream with the structure staying faithful to its origins, but the sounds being used are becoming more variable over time. The labels are trying out new things constantly and introducing different new artists as well as new styles makes the genre feel fresh. Yet occasionally you can't help but wonder if anything really changed?

During the 190s we saw Time take a step backwards as they were only present for 3 songs, but instead the newer introduction by S. Dall'Ora is the Eurogrooves label. The label has a really similar sound to the old Time, but still it feels different at the same time. As for the other labels, the newest entries back in the 180's Dima Music and SinclaireStyle are going strong with their acts which is refreshing since variety is always the best for a genre. Limiting the material to only a few labels would instantly cut out a lot of fans of specific styles and sounds. While I myself am not the biggest fan of A. Leonardi's style in the recent years, I'm aware how many people enjoy his productions a lot, which is only for the best of the eurobeat industry. It's probably just a harsh reality of life, but the older producers and artists will slowly fade away from the scene, while new ones pop up at the same time. We've seen many of the loved old names vanish and in the process have been introduced to many younger prodigies.

These days it seems the eurobeat labels are more willing to co-operate and that has yielded some exciting and fun results. The collaboration projects as well as the covers were fairly interesting. These ideas could be developed further to mash up vocalists from multiple labels or actually having an eurobeat all-stars choir with singers from all of the labels. Now who would not want to hear that? Dave meeting once again with many of the older A-Beat C vocalists? Or the bubbly girls of Go Go's Music moshing it up with Maurizio De Jorio? With such a small production in the end, all of these ideas could definitely be made reality. But I'm still happy with what this decade already brought forward. A lot of good feel good music to keep people in high spirits.

I do have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by how the 190s as a whole unveiled though. If we go back in time and compare how the 90s happened, the whole thought of re-introducing old hits in a similar fashion would have been very interesting. The thought of adding themes to each album worked fine on a few of the albums, but you do have to wonder what per say Vitamin Pop actually means? The music it offered was just so random I couldn't at least find the whole point of it. What this decade felt like was just random. Maybe the people at Avex had a hard time figuring out where they want to take the series towards. The last 3 albums in nonstop format were interesting and entertaining no doubt about it, but it still feels odd to suddenly go nonstop out of the blue. I would appreciate a clear guideline for a decade rather than albums switching back and forth. Then again, 180s had a similar trend when the last 3 albums suddenly changed to extended format...

These 9 albums during the 190s varied heavily both on the amount of labels each album had and on level as well. This sort of variety is common for the Super Eurobeat industry though, so I doubt anyone is surprised how it turned out. We all will surely find our favorites among these albums and it just comes down to preference. While I have always been a big fan of upbeat female eurobeat, this decade was very heavy on more masculine output, that also worked out really well. A few of the old favorite vocalists made a shift to different labels than where we've gotten used to hearing them Nuage among others, this definitely brings forth more fresh breezes and also offers some real variety. The decade also saw the appeareance of one of the very best Super Eurobeat albums ever, so it definitely can't be a bad year.

Also during this year the labels have shifted to releasing more material online. Itunes and Junodownload among others have started to offer a lot of music for the fans in virtual format. A lot of the old favorite vocalists have released collection albums that cover music from a long period of time. Even some old time loved nonstop tracks have made an appearance in full length finally. It's definitely worth checking out the selection there, you just might have to be aware of what you really are looking for. Check the forums out for the multiple threads regarding the releases. HI-NRG Attack albums have already been partly added to the database, but other labels also have a lot of music available online. Things are definitely looking bright for the international fan, maybe soon we can actually have a thorough catalogue of eurobeat online for downloading.

The actual review for the 190s can be found below. The decade really did make me ponder my love for the genre as there were moments when I completely stopped following what's being released and what's incoming. But the dark period in my own life has subsided and I can again enjoy what the Italian masterminds offer us...

Average Grade for 190's : 7½

As said before, with the generic level hovering around the usual kind, the result ends up being somewhere around typical "Pretty good". The average for the albums was actually above 8, but the fact is that I still didn't feel quite as content with the finale results. While the decade had its fair share of ups and downs my final feelings were slightly disappointed. As stated, I really was looking forward to this decade having something big to offer before the important Super Eurobeat 200, but none of that was offered. Instead we got lamely named albums with barely 13 tracks and a (for the most part) pointless nonstop mixture in there. On top of that the sudden change to switch to nonstop albums all together for 3 albums was just odd. The problem also is that while the nonstops themselves were actually pretty good, especially 197, the best songs really need full length releases for a wider audience.

Back during when I was writing the review for the 180s I noticed I was fearing for the worst for the 190s... And my fears were partly correct. The lacking Super Eurobeat 193 made me feel pretty desperate as I basically stepped out of the scene for quite a while. Only listened to a few songs here and there, even had 2 of the albums in my shelf in their plastic wrappers for more than 6 months. But I guess everyone needs those times, when you dwell and brood on your own thoughts. The upbeat and happy music isn't necessarily the best option then. But time has really been gracious on a lot of these albums, since time has made me rethink my initial opinions over. Super Eurobeat 194 became really good over time, although I initially disliked pretty much everything about it. This just makes me wonder whether I should  write reviews with initial impressions and then a look back after a long time. Could see how differently time treats various songs... Well if I can manage to get back to release schedule with the site I'll be happy ;)



191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 Total
A-Beat C 3 1 2 2 1 3 2 1 2 17
Asia/Saifam 1 2 2   1   1 1   8
Delta 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 12
Dima Music     1 1 1 1 2 2 2 10
Eurogrooves   2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 12
Go Go's Music 2 2 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 13
HI-NRG Attack 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 14
SCP 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 17
Sinclaire Style 1 1 1   1 1 1   1 7
Time       2 1         3
Avex           1       1


Label Reviews:

A-Beat C
Times really are changing, back in the 180s A-Beat C had clearly the highest amount of songs, now they are actually tied on the top spot with SCP. What this speaks of is a good question. Naturally with the change to 13 song format means less songs for each label plus on top of that when we have more new labels around they can't really hog such a huge piece of the cake anymore. This decade Dave Rodgers was heavily present with 6 songs, but sadly not too many of them could really offer the kind of quality he usually provides. But the same problem was mostly going on for the label all through the year. The only real sparkle of light was the ever so magnificent A Neverending Night by Mickey B. The song really showed what a high quality eurobeat song can be. The track sounded like eurobeat, but it still felt really fresh and like something an even wider audience could enjoy. The styles the label has been trying recently have been fairly questionable. Some of these new directions feel fun and refreshing, but at the same time they feel kind of lifeless and hollow. In the past the label could make songs feel really genuinely happy and positive, now even the more upbeat tracks sound kind of forced and lacking in emotion. Also one thing I really noticed lacking is the variety in vocalists. With 17 songs all together, there were only a handful of vocalists around which makes the amount of variety kind of lacking. I do wish to see more of Matt Land or Mickey B. in the future. I still feel the producers were really trying hard to come up with new and addictive styles, so there's still hope to hear more of that good old A-Beat C.

Three words to describe A-Beat C in the 190's: Tired, anxious & industrious.

Label Grade : 6½

3 Biggest A-Beat C hits in the 190's

1. Mickey B. - A Neverending Night (Super Eurobeat - 191)
There is no question about the best track of the 190s for A-Beat C. Mickey B. threw such a memorable performance right at the beginning of the century the label couldn't get anywhere near after that. The magical feeling the track provides is something that can't be managed by many eurobeat songs. An excellent chorus and the unique lyrics really provide this track so much extra value it's definitely my pick for one of the best tracks all through the 190s.

2. Powerful T. - Into The Game (Super Eurobeat - 191)
When the 190s kicked off I was really full of hope as both of the A-Beat C's best songs this decade were on 191. Into The Game is a powerful track that is exactly the kind of material that has made Powerful T. an eurobeat household name. Catchy beats and a great guitar riff combined with good vocal performances, this track rises into the higher tier of Roberto's performances. He has got the rhythm just below his ass.

3. Dave & Futura - Dance In My Town (Super Eurobeat - 199)
After quite a few misses with the new style at A-Beat C, they finally nailed it with a great duet by the newcomer Futura and Dave. Dance In My Town sounds giddy and has that sparkle the label used to have in the past. The vocals work out fine together and the song also offers some really nice synths to boot. The lightness might be a bit disturbing at times, but it's definitely the right direction. Two thumbs up and hopes high for the future.

Honorable Mentions:

- Virginelle - Fantasy (Sweetest Mix) (Super Eurobeat - 194)
- Powerful T. Feat. Alex De Rosso - King Of The Race (Super Eurobeat - 197)
- Dave Rodgers - Love In The Elevator (Super Eurobeat - 196)

With only 8 songs, I was contemplating whether I should write a separate review for the label in the first place, but decided they do deserve some credit. While I usually don't find myself enjoying the recent Saifam songs as much as I did in the past, I do have to say right away that this decade was much more enjoyable on their front than previous years. The label isn't hovering anywhere near my favorites, but it did seem to freshen up a bit and actually offered a real bull's eye they haven't done in ages. Ivanhoe really managed to blow me away and worked out as one of the best tracks on 197, this shows there's definitely light at the end of the tunnel, at times at least. I do kind of wish their songs had more of that old fire, but instead the tracks seem to be often infused with elements of other genres or alternatively they are flat out covers. The label has a certain style of pushing out new songs, which in the end turn out to be just reworked old hits... Which does get boring after a while though. Also reworking their old hits seems to be common these days, which is sort of sad since newer songs would always be much more entertaining. But still a nice decade and some really enjoyable tracks from Saifam and Mauro.

Three words to describe Asia/Saifam in the 190's: Covered, boastful & equal.

Label Grade : 8-

3 Biggest Asia/Saifam hits in the 190's

1. Alphatown - Ivanhoe (Super Eurobeat - 197)
Some songs just instantly lure you into their trap. Ivanhoe with its medieval athmosphere was a direct bull's eye for me. Everything about the song sounded so much like that good old Saifam I've missed for ages. The song has a really proud attitude to the anthem its performing which makes it really powerful. Great and at the same time silly lyrics fit the track just perfectly. If the label does produce more hits like this, then there's definitely a lot to look forward to.

2. Mark Foster - Kiss Me Divine (Super Eurobeat - 191)
This song was initially kind of hard to get. The song relies so heavily on the chorus that the other parts get so easily overshadowed. The fun part is though that the verses and melody themselves are what make the song so enjoyable and good. There's nothing specifically different about the production or styles, but it just shows what a good melody means for a song. Strong vocals by Mauro as always. And oh... that chorus, if it doesn't get stuck in your head instantly you must be deaf.

3. Tipsy & Tipsy - Hung Up (Super Eurobeat - 193)
While Super Eurobeat 193 itself was quite a horrible piece of horse dung, there were some jewels in there as well. Hung Up works surprisingly well as an eurobeat version, it really did open my eyes to the fact that even widely acclaimed pop tracks can work out fine in a slightly more simplistic eurobeat form. An excellent rendition of Madonna's classic one of the more important tracks on 193 definitely. A fun song which is fun to come back time after time.

Honorable Mentions:

- Mister Max - Shine (Super Eurobeat - 195)
- Valery Scott - A Simply Melody (Super Eurobeat - 192)
- Peek-A-Boo - Koko Soko (Super Eurobeat - 198)

I have to admit right off the bat that my memory is short. I was initially thinking bout the different labels and how they did. For Delta I was thinking that they really haven't been as good as they were in the past. Then the reality hit me. Hit after hit after hit. The 190s were especially strong for Delta, they didn't have an excessive amount of songs but they really did provide high quality material. Out of their 12 songs only 4 were so so, and the rest were pretty god damn awesome. What also is worth noticing is that the label didn't really release a single totally crappy song. The variety the label also provided was overwhelming in contrast to some of ther labels. Everytime I felt the label couldn't get any better, they release an even better track with more fire and desire. The two appereances by Delta Queens were very impactful on me and just shows how much I value the material the Delta masterminds are capable of producing. The male vocalists didn't get much rest either since Kevin Johnson, Daniel, Mad Max & Luke were all rocketing skyhigh with their releases. A very strong decade yet again by Delta, but I can't help wonder why I constantly still feel slightly negative about what they've done? Maybe there's some sort of a loophole here that I haven't quite yet grasped... Yet this label also felt to revolve quite closely around the same vocalists, which with only 12 songs is in a way understandable, but still does make you want to hear others as well.

Three words to describe Delta in the 190's: Bubbly, international & inbred.

Label Grade : 9+

3 Biggest Delta hits in the 190's

1. Kevin Johnson - Tonight Tonight (Super Eurobeat - 192)
Choosing the best songs for Delta this decade was a hard task definitely. With many full 10 grades there was a lot to choose from. In the end I decided to lean towards the magnificent Tonight Tonight on 192. The song manages to create such an intense athmoshpere not a lot of tracks can compete with it. The melody is simply irresistible and the fact that the song goes on for more than 6 minutes without once losing its edge says a lot. A few songs can manage to go on for such a long time without having some lowpoints. Exactly the kind of eurobeat I consider introducing to people outside of the genre when they ask what the music really is about.

2. Delta Queens - Summer Boy, Summer Girl (Super Eurobeat - 199)
After the more mellow Tonight Tonight the opposite end of the Delta scale is Summer Boy, Summer Girl with Euromach-esque hyper attitude. The song is so irresistible good spirited it will make you move no matter where you are. And I have wittnessed this when the song popped up on my iPhone at work and I basically started to jiggle on the chair while typing... There's pretty much everything correct about this track, the vocals, silly lyrics, upbeat melody and great sounds make this an important part of the 190s Super Eurobeat decade.

3. Delta Queens - Bye Bye Tokyo (Super Eurobeat - 196)
While Summer Boy, Summer Girl was an explosive pack of upbeat energy, Bye Bye Tokyo follows the trend but with a slightly more serious tone. The song has a really strong beat that will drag you in whether you want it or not. The galloping bass makes the track feel rushed and hyper, but at the same time so perfectly fitting. Occasionally having a track like this playing at the background when you are in a hurry it'll definitely help you move faster. Excellent chorus and fun engrish, all the pieces needed to create a Delta Queens song.

Honorable Mentions:

- Daniel - My Gasoline (Super Eurobeat - 191)
- Queen 26 - Upside Down (Super Eurobeat - 196)
- Luke - The Champion (Super Eurobeat - 197)

Dima Music
The Davide Di Marcantontio stable has finally made sure to settle down firmly on SEB. This decade brought them more into the spotlight with 10 songs that had generally a very high level, but with signs of inflation going on towards the end of the decade. The first 4 performances were really powerful and memorable, but after that the label was balancing out between material that was rather generic and not too memorable. The distinctive style Davide has going on for himself is definitely fresh in these times when the music does occasionally feel like rehashes of older tunes, but when his style starts to feel repetitive only after such a short period that does make you wonder. The question currently in my mind is whether the label can actually offer such high quality music for a long time, or will they result in a more repetitive kind of a label. My feelings after the 190s were slightly contradicted. On one hand I was happy the label was present and provided a different approach to eurobeat, but on the other hand it felt like the magic is already wearing out. In the end I was leaning slightly towards the uncertainty. A decent decade, but definitely not as high level as I would've hoped it to be.

Three words to describe Dima Music in the 190's: Indesicive, youthful & resourceful.

Label Grade : 7½

3 Biggest Dima Music hits in the 190's

1. David Dima - King Of The World (Super Eurobeat - 195)
This powerhouse of a song is definitely the key in figuring out what the label is good at. The song has extra energy to spare for multiple tracks and with its macho attitude you will either love it or hate it. King Of The World is simple yet effective, the kind of material that steals the show on a club when played randomly to an audience who loves action. Aggressive kind of eurobeat often fails with unimaginative sounds, but this song has plenty of originality and extra hooks to spare.

2. Stephy Martini - Fever Of Love (Super Eurobeat - 194)
While I was originally skeptical about the success of a eurobeat album with only love songs, the reality was it turned out to be from the better end of the 190s. Fever Of Love was definitely one of the highlights with a very effective approach to love songs. An inspiring chorus with beautiful vocals help this song become memorable. Top that off with a beautiful melody and great sounds, nothing really to complain about.

3. David Dima - Save A Prayer (Super Eurobeat - 193)
The good part about Dima Music is that they haven't resolved to doing many covers yet, as those tend to drag on a bit. But slightly surprising the cover of Duran Duran's Save A Prayer on SEB193 turned out to be _the_ biggest thing for me on the album. An excellent cover version which keeps the originals edge intact and adds up a finetuned electro approach. Excellent vocalwork with a good song to work as a base you get great results.

Honorable Mentions:

- Kate Rush - One Day (Super Eurobeat - 196)
- Aleky - Eternity (Super Eurobeat - 199)
- Krystal & Dima - Let The Music Play (Super Eurobeat - 199)

With times changing also the older labels seem to wither away. Time was only present with 3 songs this decade, but fortunately the writers just decided to switch their name to Eurogrooves instead. This change didn't necessarily bring forth much differences to the old styles the label has been on safe grounds with. During the 190s S. Dall'Ora and his vocalists did really offer quite a rollercoaster ride. The decade brought forward some really awesome tracks that combat very strongly of the best track's title in the 190s, but it seems that for every awesome song there also was one absolutely appalling piece. Quite literally for every 10 there was a 5 to go with. So the level of the productions was completely out of control. I do have to admit that although the changes in production aren't very visible between Time and Eurogrooves, but things did feel slightly more fresh under Eurogrooves, so maybe they did have some spirit to actually push forward a new title. What I would like to note though is that all of the best tracks the label released were performed by their macho acts and all of the horrible acts were done by women... Maybe there's a pattern here, hmmm. I wasn't too happy with the fact that out of 12 songs 5 were covers... They need more original work in the future definitely.

Three words to describe Eurogrooves/Time in the 190's: Testosteronic, waverly & zealous.

Label Grade : 7+

3 Biggest Eurogrooves/Time hits in the 190's

1. De Leo - Save Another Day For Me (Super Eurobeat - 195)
I have noticed that when Time manages to make a track that I enjoy, they really go all the way and put all of their bets into a song. Save Another Day For Me was a song that stood out of an excellent album without any issues at all. A powerful melody with impressive vocalwork by Cristian De Leo is a good combination, the powerful melodies just don't always function as well as in this very song. With effective verses the song builds up energy that it unleashes in the chorus that works as the cherry on top of the icecream perfectly. Impressive work that shows there's still power in Dall'Ora.

2. Eurogroove - Euronight (Super Eurobeat - 192)
Can a song with so many euro words even fail? Like once or twice a year the new releases have songtitles that you just know are gonna be epic. Euronight was definitely one of the biggest prime examples of those songs. The song is oozing with raw energy and eurobeat actions. From the funky intro to the absolutely hillariously macho chorus, everything that worked out well for this song. Definitely a track that should be an album opener for every nonstop Super Eurobeat album.

3. Jordan - King Of Eurobeat (Super Eurobeat - 197)
This decade had many kinds of kings and the men with their macho attitude really pulled off the big role well. King Of Eurobeat sounds every bit as majestetic as the title promises. Powerful, passionate and memorable. Eurogrooves can really pull off an impressive performance when they want to, just need a great melody and one of their roaring men to take the mic. This was a perfect ending for one of the better albums this decade.

Honorable Mentions:

- Lou Hunter - The Never Ending Story (Super Eurobeat - 193)
- Veronica - Mamma Mia (Super Eurobeat - 196)
- Kasanova - I Remember (Super Eurobeat - 194)

Go Go's Music
What Go Go's Music was doing right in the 180s is still very heavily present. This decade basically had only huge hits by them, the grades the tracks got really speak for themselves. The shortest straw was a 8½, which is still nothing to frown upon on. The upbeat attitude and rich soundworlds help the label's productions stand out on every album they appear on. There's just something about the way Domino & Sandro Oliva produce their music that instantly appeals to my taste. Maybe the attitude and lively attitude help me love them so much, maybe it's the fact they have multiple of my favorite vocalists or maybe just the reality that their tracks are so well produced, I do not know, but I recon it's all of these put together. It was delightful to hear Virginelle returning to the scene with her three songs (although one a remake of an old song under A-Beat C), but still... the old flame is still there, and burning hot. An excellent decade yet again by GGM, if they manage to keep the same level up for long they are definitely going to become the biggest and most important thing in the eurobeat world. Yet I can also feel that there's slight inflation going on, maybe something new needs to happen in the future for the label. Got to say that this decade was highly girly with only a few male performances, but I'm perfectly okay with such!

Three words to describe Go Go's Music in the 190's: Dokidoki, wakuwaku & parapara.

Label Grade : 9½

3 Biggest Go Go's Music hits in the 190's

1. Mari-San - Don't Belong (Super Eurobeat - 195)
The new comer Mari-San really deserves the spot at the top of the GGM releases. Don't Belong presented us with such a powerful presentation none of the other women can really compete. The vocalwork is just so strong and distinctive she has a bright future ahead of her in the music industry if she keeps going on for longer. Excellent chorus and slightly enigmatic sounds make the song stand out from the masses and also from the otherwise strong Super Eurobeat 195.

2. Virginelle - The Power Of Love (Super Eurobeat - 198)
Chirpy and upbeat Elena G. is finally back with a song that does justice to her cheery persona. Powerful singing and a happy melody are the two things I combine with the Virginelle title and this song is everything like that. The song stood out from the otherwise slightly lacking 198 due to the powerful performance that Elena put out. While there have been other songs performed by her in the recent past, none of them have had a similar power attached to them. Like the good old days!

3. Project 2 - Ultra Mi-Ha Deluxe (Super Eurobeat - 195)
This duet from 195 was lastly chosen as a track to be mentioned as the label's highest tier. Ultra Mi-Ha Deluxe is an upbeat song which combines the strong vocals by Marina Santelli and Silvio Rondelli to a masterful showdown. Both of the vocalists bring out the best in eachother when the deep Mari-San vocals meet the masculine and fierce Leo River. An excellent piece of eurobeat art that functions well as an introduction to the slightly happier style of eurobeat.

Honorable Mentions:

- Domino - Para Girl (Domino Girl's Pop Mix) (Super Eurobeat - 192)
- Domino & Kaioh - Nack 5 (Super Eurobeat - 192)
- Leo River - Don't Let Me Go (Super Eurobeat - 197)

HI-NRG Attack
These past few years I have noticed to growing slightly past the style HRG has been pushing out. I am not sure whether it's a question of taste developing away from a certain direction or if their material just hasn't been as ingenious and memorable. The 190s did show there's still hope for the label though. Although there is still a huge variety in the productions the overall feeling the label left on me was positive. The great songs label released were inventive and different from their regular standards which helps out keeping things fresh. Also breaking out the old form definitely seems to be doing good for the label's own image. They're not only about giddy parapara material but can produce a more mature kind of song when they feel like it. As was with Eurogrooves, also HI-NRG Attack seems to have a fair share of hits and misses. For every really good song there's an opposing horrible performance to go. The biggest impact I honestly felt with HRG was the slower love song influenced 194 where both of the label's tracks really stood out for their own good. Even with the multiple bad tracks available I was quite pleased with what the label eventually came up with. Not maybe as high level as the 180s over all, but still decent enough.

Three words to describe HI-NRG Attack in the 190's: Experiemental, wacky & colorful.

Label Grade : 7

3 Biggest HI-NRG Attack hits in the 190's

1. Pistol Girl - Si La Do (Super Eurobeat - 194)
There's just something very peculiar about this song. It's not exactly all that different from the usual material the label produces, but it still maintains a really finetuned and polished mood. The song sounds like eurobeat alright, but it still has a bit of a videogame music-like feel to it. As if the sounds could easily be used for a boss fight or something, quite a funky feel in the end. Fun and weird lyrics, good vocals and a good melody, not much more you need.

2. Rick Castle - Dolcevita Tonight (Super Eurobeat - 194)
Every once in a while HRG manages to surprise me completely. What they are really good at is the intros... And when the spectacular intro is paired with a great song on other terms as well there's nothing to really improve with. The song stands out as one of the slightly faster tracks on 194 but it still fits the mood perfectly. A love song with an upbeat approach to it, quite a blissful package this is. Dolcevita Tonight is the kind of song that you need to give some time before it really grows on you.

3. HI-NRG All Stars - Rumiringo Superstar (Super Eurobeat - 198)
The way HRG likes to dedicate songs to clubs, people and places has become sort of their trademark. Rumiringo Superstar is fortunately from the better end of their dedicated tunes. The song is blessed with a really cheery melody and high pitched vocals that will definitely scare away the generic music listener. But for the people who do enjoy this kind of wackiness are definitely going to feel satisfied with the song. Simple but still variable enough to be memorable.

Honorable Mentions:

- Black Eva - Wroom Wroom Supercar (Super Eurobeat - 198)
- Joe Banana - Wild Boy Bad Love (Super Eurobeat - 195)
- Mad Cow - I Feel Like A Molotov (Super Eurobeat - 197)

This decade I was quite truthfully expecting SCP to go downhill. Their high level has been maintaining for so long it's only a matter of time before things have to go down. Fortunately it wasn't just yet, since 190s carried on with the similar level as the 180s. While this decade provided some actual duds as well, they were few amongst really highly polished diamonds. The variety the label offers is keeping things constantly fresh and that's what makes the label so enjoyable. Also the introduction of new names every now and then keeps it exciting, never know what kind of material we'll get next. The few duds this decade weren't anything diabolically bad, but as opposed to the previous decades it does feel that not every track the label releases is anymore an instant hit. Also the bigger names like Go 2 are slightly losing the initial magic. Though they did bring forth yet an another masterpiece at the end of the decade, so can't go badmouthing them at all. Props for SCP in trying out duets and new vocalist combinations, I definitely enjoy these highly.

Three words to describe SCP in the 190's: Variable, modern & vanguard.

Label Grade : 9-

3 Biggest SCP hits in the 190's

1. Irene - Food Fighter (Super Eurobeat - 192)
This track is definitely going to divide the listeners strongly. The people who can't stand high pitched girls won't probably stand to listen to the song excessively, but for the others... Well this is pure bliss. An inventive song with wacky lyrics and a bubbly mood that's definitely edible. Whoever came up with the idea to sing about food in this fashion should be awarded a metal. All these specific themes help the tracks become memorable, now if this song sang about your everyday babies and love, who knows if anyone would remember it in 10 years. But now... well it's delicious!

2. Fastway - Love Countdown (Super Eurobeat - 197)
With a long career and multiple hits in his sleeve, Fastway is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Occasionally my pessimism takes over and I get the feeling that the old legends can't get any better... I was really happy to be proven wrong when Love Countdown was released. The song is everything a classic Fastway track is about. The song brings forth so much energy and passion it definitely climbs into the top tier with Shock Out and Make Or Brake. Such fierce power is not easy to blast out so it's definitely easy to notice how strongly Ennio feels about his music. An important milestone on the career of one of the biggest eurobeat performers these days.

3. Scream Team - Kooky Spooky (Super Eurobeat - 195)
The same reasons that applied for Food Fighter apply here directly. Songs with specific themes are always more easy to grab a hold of and remember. Kooky Spooky is not only memorable, it's also very catchy and fun to blast out. The silly lyrics and Halloween-y sounds fit the track perfectly. It just shows it's worth waiting for a long time for the new Scream Team performance if the level is going to remain as high in the future as well.

Honorable Mentions:

- Go 2 & DJ Boss - Superstar (Super Eurobeat - 199)
- Jay Lehr - Bright Time (Super Eurobeat - 196)
- Go 2 - Don't Turn It Off (Super Eurobeat - 197)

With only 7 songs during this decade I wasn't quite sure whether I should review SinclaireStyle's performance or not, but then figured it'd be worth it. Although the reality is that my general feelings towards the productions by SS aren't too positive. The start of this decade looked really bad for Sinclaire since the first 3 entries were all songs I pretty much disliked all the way. I haven't been able to listen to the rather horrible rendition of Too Young To Fall In Love, which strongly helped in me wanting to avoid eurobeat for a while. But fortunately things did pick up for the better after that. The rest of the decade looked a lot better and the label actually pushed forward a few really excellent songs that showed there's still hope. The remake of King And Queen was a definite highlight but also Maurizio's return with Super Eurobeat was worth noting. The label is definitely something that divides the listeners strongly. I have discussed with a lot of people about the styles the label produces and some absolutely adore the distinctive synths and sounds, but what do you do when you don't? Well, I'm still hopeful that the future is going to be paved with yellow bricks.

Three words to describe SinclaireStyle in the 190's: Metallic, simple & sympathetic.

Label Grade : 6½

3 Biggest SinclaireStyle hits in the 190's

1. Tora - King And Queen (Classic Mix) (Super Eurobeat - 196)
The importance of this original song for the eurobeat culture is quite a lot. It getting a remake was no surprise, but what was surprising is that the cover actually worked out really well. I was skeptical that the old classic could be modernized without losing the old magic. Fortunately the song did turn out to be really effective with good vocals that compete with originals and also provide a nice extra boost. If only the annoying samples Sinclaire enjoys were stripped out, this would've been a perfect 10.

2. Niko - Super Eurobeat (Super Eurobeat - 197)
With such a strong performer the songs are always bound to be somewhat of a success (or so I thought until I heard Too Young To Fall In Love remake). But Super Eurobeat is a completely different thing fortunately. The song provides energy and action that is reminiscient to the good old 1990's style Sinclaire had in control. Nowa days the songs that are fast still somehow feel hollow, but this track manages to escape that trap. An effective eurobeat song with a great chorus and powerful vocals.

3. Megan - I Will Survive (Super Eurobeat - 195)
This very song didn't initially sparkle all that much hope in me, but time helped it develop a love affair with my mind. A simple upbeat song that features a very catchy chorus and some nice vocalwork made this one of the better entries by SS during the 190s. Nothing especially different from the norm but that still works out fine when you start on a good chord.

Reviewed by Bore