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Label: HI-NRG Attack,

Tri-Star is one of the collaboration projects on HI-NRG Attack. The line up in Tri-Star has varied but for surely we know at least that in "Dancing At Twin Star" the line up was : Nikita Jr, Chris & Garcon. The project has only released a small number of songs, but the good part about the songs is that they all truly rock the block. The Tri-Star project has also 2 unreleased songs called "Venus" and "Montecarlo".

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Vocalists credited under the name Tri-Star

Tri-Star - Dancing At Twin Star
Tri-Star - Dancing At Twin Star (Extended Mix)
Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja
Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja (Extended Version)
Tri-Star - Ike Ike
Tri-Star - Ike Ike (Extended Mix)
Tri-Star - Montecarlo (Extended Version)
Tri-Star - SEF Deluxe
Tri-Star - SEF Deluxe (DJ Boss Remix)
Tri-Star - SEF Deluxe- Tri-Star (Extended)
Tri-Star - Venus (Extended Version)
Tri-Star - We Are The Teens