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Fastway - Make Or Brake
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Everybody's a winner now
Just as everybody's got a losin' mind
Every bit is a bit of time, keep on runnin'
No replay in the game of life
Never for a moment to be pullin' out
If you fall, now you fall apart, keep on runnin'

Make or brake it
Speed your body runnin'
Don't you ever stop it
Under pressure
Push it to the limit
Baby you can do it or die

It's make or brake
Do it tonight
Never gonna let it go
Go make or brake
Feet on the ground
Baby, it's a fight to survive

Who's the strong man about the town?
Who you gonna get and shake your body fine?
Are you strong, are you tough enough?, keep on
Can't escape in a Chevrolet
You can never try and get somebody else
Up to you, boy, you say you dare, keep on runnin'