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M. Aldridge - Endless Love

M. Skanner - Revolution

M.K. - High Control

M.O.V. Feat. Frankie - Heat Me Up

Macho Gang - 1 2 3 4 Gimme Some More
Macho Gang - All My Love Tonight
Macho Gang - Boom Boom Party
Macho Gang - Dance Around The World
Macho Gang - Dancing
Macho Gang - Go Superman
Macho Gang - Got To Move
Macho Gang - Lady Marmalade
Macho Gang - Love Desire
Macho Gang - Naughty Boy
Macho Gang - Never Ask Me Why
Macho Gang - Rock Rock Party
Macho Gang - Shake Shake
Macho Gang - Shoot Me Bang Bang
Macho Gang - Stepping Up
Macho Gang - Super Magic Hero
Macho Gang - Try Me Baby

Mad Cow - Franz Tornado
Mad Cow - Get My Hot Gun
Mad Cow - I Feel Like A Molotov

Mad Cow & the Fun Cats - Pussy Cat

Mad Cow & The Harajuku Angels - Harajuku Girl

Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra - Bazookistan

Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan - Discow Moscow

Mad Cow & The Tverskaya Str. Girls - Balalaika Vodka & Rock'N Roll

Mad Cow And The Bazookistaners - Rasputin, Pasternak And Molotov

Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan - Vodka

Mad Cow and the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan feat. The Balalaika Girls - Push Ska Babuska

Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika

Mad Max - Cowboy
Mad Max - Criminal Fire
Mad Max - Dance And Party
Mad Max - Dance In The Fire
Mad Max - Don't Break My Heart
Mad Max - Fire
Mad Max - No More Lonely Nights
Mad Max - Rock Of The Nation
Mad Max - Rock You
Mad Max - Sex And Love
Mad Max - Stay With Me
Mad Max - Tsunami Comes

Mad Max Feat. Denise - Radio

Mad44 - V.I.P. Stars

Maddy Laine - Joy And Sorrow

Maddy Layne - Do You Wanna Be My Secret Love
Maddy Layne - Love Me Crazy
Maddy Layne - Lovers In The Night
Maddy Layne - Over My Destiny
Maddy Layne - U Never Say Goodbye
Maddy Layne - Wake Up And Dance

Madison - Baby Be Happy Because I Love You
Madison - Dangerous
Madison - Don't Let Me Down
Madison - Don't Take Advantage Of My Heart
Madison - Flash In The Night
Madison - Love And Rage
Madison - Love In New York City
Madison - Missing You
Madison - Mission Of Love
Madison - No Other Love
Madison - Remind Me To Forget
Madison - Special Love
Madison - Without You
Madison - You Can Light My Fire

Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (No estan aqui)
Magazine 60 - Florida Mix (Maxi D.J./US Special Remix)
Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa
Magazine 60 - Rendez-vous sur la Costa del Sol

Maggie May - Another Day
Maggie May - Mystery To Love
Maggie May - Sing Song
Maggie May - Sunny Love
Maggie May - Tell Me
Maggie May - Tonight
Maggie May - You're My Destiny

Magika - Dancing To The Moon
Magika - Planet Love

Maiko - Don't Go Baby
Maiko - Get The Future

Maio & Co. - Black Power
Maio & Co. - Bye Bye Baby
Maio & Co. - Dark In The Night
Maio & Co. - Dart In My Heart
Maio & Co. - Feel The Groove
Maio & Co. - Flash In The Sky
Maio & Co. - For Your Love
Maio & Co. - Master Blaster
Maio & Co. - Night Fever
Maio & Co. - Only For Your Love
Maio & Co. - Walking On The Moon

Makkeroni - Can Can World

Mako - Dancer
Mako - Excitable
Mako - I Need Your Mystery
Mako - In The Night In The Fire
Mako - In The Stars
Mako - Kiss To Kiss
Mako - Lovebreaker
Mako - Mad Desire (Platinum Version)
Mako - Mission To Tokyo
Mako - Money Money
Mako - Rain
Mako - Rebel Heart
Mako - Shellfire
Mako - Sonic Love

Mako & Dr. Love - Love And Affection

Mako & Sayuki - Wings Of Fire

Malcolm J. Hill - Tin Box

Maltese - Body Language
Maltese - I Hate Monday
Maltese - Made For Running
Maltese - Make Me Love
Maltese - Shake Down

Mamemi (まめみ) - Dreamy Purple
Mamemi (まめみ) - Like A Border
Mamemi (まめみ) - Love The Beat
Mamemi (まめみ) - Mr Fantasy Star
Mamemi (まめみ) - One-Way Highway
Mamemi (まめみ) - Reversible Voice
Mamemi (まめみ) - Space Cowgirl

Man Power - Spark In The Dark
Man Power - The Loving Thing

Mandie NRG - Doki Doki Beat

Mandie NRG feat. DJ Nine - The Beat Online

Manolo - Wanna Belong To Me

Manuel - A Bit Of Eurobeat
Manuel - Adrenaline
Manuel - All Is Magic
Manuel - All The Best
Manuel - Big Boy
Manuel - Cosplay Girl
Manuel - Countdown To Destination
Manuel - Gas Gas Gas
Manuel - Hysteria
Manuel - I Was Made For Rock 'N Roll
Manuel - I've Got To Go
Manuel - Let's Go, Come On
Manuel - Limousine
Manuel - Mad Man
Manuel - Manga Style
Manuel - My Lollipop Girl
Manuel - Never Say Never
Manuel - Nightrain
Manuel - No Control
Manuel - Oh My Gosh
Manuel - On My Wings
Manuel - Please Don't Go
Manuel - Ready Steady Go!
Manuel - Shock Me
Manuel - Sun In The Rain
Manuel - Temple Of Desire
Manuel - The Stallion
Manuel - Tiger
Manuel - Wanna Be My Geisha?
Manuel - Warriors On The Road
Manuel - What You Need

Manuel & Lolita - Foxy Love

Manuela - Just For You

Manzi-Bellini - In Your Eyes

Maou Devil (魔王デビル) - Dragon Desire

Mara Nell - Back To The Melody
Mara Nell - Cover Girl
Mara Nell - Hot Gal
Mara Nell - I Get Burning Doctor Doctor
Mara Nell - Lady Speed Racer
Mara Nell - Look Into My Eyes
Mara Nell - Pagal
Mara Nell - Rain Man
Mara Nell - Red Ferrari
Mara Nell - Renegado
Mara Nell - Stop That Music, Stop The Fire
Mara Nell - Sweet Dream Of Love
Mara Nell - Tom Tom Go!
Mara Nell - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Girl
Mara Nell - You Won't Cry Tonight
Mara Nell - Your Love Is Magic

Marc B. - Everlasting Love
Marc B. - Make It Fun-ction
Marc B. - Won't You Be My Lover Tonight

Marcella Storm - Criminal Joke

Marcus - Man On Fire

Margaret - 1-4-U Babe
Margaret - Because The Night
Margaret - Blue Eyes
Margaret - Chilly Man
Margaret - Dance For Joy
Margaret - Far Away
Margaret - Gonna Feel So Good
Margaret - Hold On
Margaret - How Many Times
Margaret - I'm Your Lucky Star
Margaret - Living Out
Margaret - Mama
Margaret - Mine Is Your Love
Margaret - Renegade
Margaret - Revelation
Margaret - Right Away
Margaret - Rocking Romance
Margaret - Someone Else
Margaret - Stand Up (And Shout)
Margaret - Stereo Love
Margaret - Turn On The Light
Margaret - TV Show
Margaret - Waiting For Your Love
Margaret - You're In My Heart

Mari - I Love You From My Soul

Mari-San - Change
Mari-San - Don't Belong
Mari-San - Secret Destination

Maria Diva Caria - Shiny Babe

Maria Short - Bad Angel
Maria Short - Colours In My Heart
Maria Short - Light My Fire

Maria Valentino - Be My Lover
Maria Valentino - Remember That I Care
Maria Valentino - Stand Inside My Love

Maria♂Polo - Dirty Sexy Girl
Maria♂Polo - Too Love To Love

Marianna - Lovely Day

Marica - Forget My Heart

Marie Aidridge - Mr. President

Marie Aldridge - After All
Marie Aldridge - Goodbye Romance
Marie Aldridge - Screaming For Some Loving

Marie Belle - ABCD
Marie Belle - Baila Pistolero
Marie Belle - Boom Boom Boom
Marie Belle - Change
Marie Belle - Do It! Do It! Do It!
Marie Belle - I Say Stop
Marie Belle - Never And Ever
Marie Belle - No Choice At Random
Marie Belle - Passion Hot Emotion
Marie Belle - Rock'N Roll

Marika - Stay With Me

Marinasu (まりなす) - Polyfull!
Marinasu (まりなす) - Wonderland

Mario Ross - More Illusions
Mario Ross - Never Give Up
Mario Ross - Push Push Ballerina

Mark - Can't Get Enough
Mark - Do You Want Me Baby?
Mark - Don't You Go And Run Away Now
Mark - Hotel California
Mark - One Dance With Me

Mark & Ken - Hey You Boy

Mark & Roby - Tokyo Tonight

Mark Astley - I Need A Hero
Mark Astley - Iron Man
Mark Astley - Super Rider

Mark Farina - Cha Cha Cha
Mark Farina - Gunfire
Mark Farina - I Love Rock And Roll
Mark Farina - Last Of Eurobeat
Mark Farina - Living In The Jungle
Mark Farina - Monkey
Mark Farina - Rock N Roll
Mark Farina - Russian
Mark Farina - Sexy Fire
Mark Farina - So Long

Mark Farina Feat. F.C.F. - Bad Desire

Mark Foster - Dance To The Eurobeat
Mark Foster - Kiss Me Divine
Mark Foster - Kong
Mark Foster - Like A Fire
Mark Foster - Man On The Moon
Mark Foster - Obladi Oblada
Mark Foster - Queen
Mark Foster - Spiderman

Mark Gillan - Break It Down
Mark Gillan - Honesty
Mark Gillan - Love Is Like A Fight

Mark Rise - Love Is Blue

Marko - I Need A Revolution

Marko Polo - Baby Queen Seventeen
Marko Polo - Cyberdance Technotrance
Marko Polo - Fighter
Marko Polo - Hai Hai Hai (Dance Across The Nations)
Marko Polo - I Want To Believe
Marko Polo - Jungle Fever
Marko Polo - Mad Guy
Marko Polo - Money Go!
Marko Polo - Peace And Love For Christmas
Marko Polo - Saturday Night
Marko Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control
Marko Polo - Tokyo Fever

Marlene - Avalon
Marlene - Call Girl
Marlene - Can't Stop Loving You
Marlene - Celebrate
Marlene - I'm Coming
Marlene - Kiss And Hug Me

Martina Dry - Back In Time
Martina Dry - Come Together
Martina Dry - Get A Boom
Martina Dry - I Belong To You
Martina Dry - Lies On The Fax
Martina Dry - Little Kiss
Martina Dry - Only One
Martina Dry - September In The Rain
Martina Dry - Wild Temptation

Mary Ann - Sugar Boy
Mary Ann - Wonderful

Mary Lane - Love Me Forever
Mary Lane - Nice Boy

Mary London - Sunshine Of Your Love
Mary London - Tenderly

MasD'a - The Third Pandemonium

Matt Land - A Chance To Love You
Matt Land - Bad Boys
Matt Land - Bad Dream
Matt Land - Captain Fantastic
Matt Land - City Lover City Rider
Matt Land - Dancing In The Rain
Matt Land - Don't Stop Me
Matt Land - Fever The Night
Matt Land - Fly To Me
Matt Land - Gunfire
Matt Land - Heigh Ho
Matt Land - Here I Am
Matt Land - In The Line Of Fire
Matt Land - Invisible
Matt Land - Killer Queen
Matt Land - Kiss Me Before Midnight
Matt Land - Magical
Matt Land - Mickey and Minnie On a Moonlit Night
Matt Land - Night Clubbin'
Matt Land - Night Flight To Tokyo
Matt Land - Overload
Matt Land - Pamela
Matt Land - Rock My Heart
Matt Land - Superfantastico
Matt Land - Your Heart Will Lead You Home

Matt Land & Lolita - Forever And Ever
Matt Land & Lolita - I'm Your Bad Boy Racer

Matt Land Feat. Kiko Loureiro - The Road Is On Fire

MAX - Tora Tora Tora (2010 Year Of The Tiger Remix)

Max Alto - Change The World

Max Casanova - Big Big Japan
Max Casanova - Don't Stop
Max Casanova - Don't Stop Moving
Max Casanova - King Of Fire

Max Coveri - Bye Bye Baby
Max Coveri - Golden Age
Max Coveri - Guy, Guy
Max Coveri - High Desire
Max Coveri - I Don't Wanna Break Your Sweet Heart
Max Coveri - Lady Africa
Max Coveri - Like A Thunder
Max Coveri - Natural Born Killer
Max Coveri - One More Time
Max Coveri - Running In The 90s
Max Coveri - Supercar

Max Coveri & Radiorama - One Two Three

Max Coveri & Roby Gabrielli - Love Will Keep Us Higher

Max Galles - Pioneer Of Love

Max HI-NRG & High Frequency - Japan Japan

Max Him - Japanese Girl

Max Zero - Loved In Tokyo

Maximum Power - Crazy Night
Maximum Power - Go! Rocky Joe
Maximum Power - Love

Maxx Ducati - Million Dollars
Maxx Ducati - Valentino Samurai

MC Boy - Just A Dream

McBazooka - Bomberman!
McBazooka - Get A Life!
McBazooka - Getaway
McBazooka - Hyperspeed Out Of Control
McBazooka - Room At The Top
McBazooka - Strike Back

Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks
Mega NRG Man - Bad News
Mega NRG Man - Black Jack
Mega NRG Man - Body To Body
Mega NRG Man - Break Out Fire
Mega NRG Man - Burning Desire
Mega NRG Man - Called My Name
Mega NRG Man - Catch My Fire
Mega NRG Man - Dancing Everybody
Mega NRG Man - DDD Initial D (My Car Is Fantasy)
Mega NRG Man - Déjà Vu (Spanish Version)
Mega NRG Man - Dog Eat Dog
Mega NRG Man - Dorifto Highway
Mega NRG Man - Express Love
Mega NRG Man - Fight
Mega NRG Man - Fire
Mega NRG Man - Fire Fire
Mega NRG Man - Flame On The Fire
Mega NRG Man - Get Another Chance
Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power
Mega NRG Man - Go The Distance
Mega NRG Man - Grand Prix
Mega NRG Man - Heat Of The Night
Mega NRG Man - I Can Be Your Dee Jay
Mega NRG Man - I Feel The Rhythm Tonight
Mega NRG Man - I'm Back
Mega NRG Man - I'm Living In The Night
Mega NRG Man - In The Flame Of Fire
Mega NRG Man - In The Night
Mega NRG Man - In The Sunrise
Mega NRG Man - Into The Fire
Mega NRG Man - Into The Music
Mega NRG Man - Into The Night
Mega NRG Man - Japanese Girl
Mega NRG Man - Keep Running Love
Mega NRG Man - King Kong Is Back
Mega NRG Man - Kung Fu Fire
Mega NRG Man - Lady Samurai
Mega NRG Man - Legs On Fire
Mega NRG Man - Let It Go
Mega NRG Man - Lover Man
Mega NRG Man - Megaton Man
Mega NRG Man - Need Love
Mega NRG Man - Over The Line
Mega NRG Man - People Like Dancing
Mega NRG Man - Perfect World
Mega NRG Man - Rage Hard
Mega NRG Man - Rainbow
Mega NRG Man - Raising Love
Mega NRG Man - Ready To Go
Mega NRG Man - Rebel Rebel
Mega NRG Man - Red Hot Planet
Mega NRG Man - Red Light And Sex
Mega NRG Man - Right On Time
Mega NRG Man - Rock On Fire
Mega NRG Man - Rocketman
Mega NRG Man - Seventies
Mega NRG Man - Sex All Over The Phone
Mega NRG Man - Space Cowboy
Mega NRG Man - Space Racing
Mega NRG Man - Strong Beat
Mega NRG Man - Superhero
Mega NRG Man - Supertonic Lady
Mega NRG Man - Take Me Back To Tokyo
Mega NRG Man - Take Me Like A Wild Boy
Mega NRG Man - Thanks To My Fans
Mega NRG Man - The Game Is Over
Mega NRG Man - The Power Of Gasoline
Mega NRG Man - Transmission
Mega NRG Man - Up & Down Spin Me Like A Record
Mega NRG Man - Video Killed The Radio
Mega NRG Man - Welcome To The Music
Mega NRG Man - Welcome To The Universe
Mega NRG Man - Woman In Tokyo
Mega NRG Man - Wonderland
Mega NRG Man - You've Got A Friend In Me
Mega NRG Man - Your Love Is Like A Medicine

Mega NRG Man Feat. Domino - Back To 80's

Mega NRG Man Feat. Kiko Loureiro - Rock Me

Megan - Live On Dance Floor
Megan - Bang My Heart
Megan - I Will Survive
Megan - Move On Now Baby
Megan - The Winner Is Me
Megan - Time To Say Bye Bye
Megan - Walking Alone In London

Megumi - Another Day As Two

Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟) - Venus-Venus

Mel & Kim - Go Go To Heaven

Mel Rose - Burning Highway

Mela - Change Your Time
Mela - Help Me
Mela - Hurry Hurry Hurry
Mela - Just A Love Story
Mela - Never Know Why
Mela - Sandy

Melissa - Fantasy

Melissa White - Don't Go Playing With My Heart Again
Melissa White - Everlasting Fire
Melissa White - Fine
Melissa White - L.O.V.E. You & Me
Melissa White - Lay Your Love On Me
Melissa White - Movin' & Lovin'
Melissa White - My Wish
Melissa White - Promised Discoland
Melissa White - Starry Sky
Melissa White - Wanna Be With You

Melissa White & Ace - Rainin' In My Heart
Melissa White & Ace - Switch!
Melissa White & Ace - The Poison Of Love

Melody - Endless Love
Melody - Fly
Melody - One More Night
Melody - Why Not?

Melody & Mezzo - Nightshade

Melody & Pretty Woman - Alibi

Meri - Never Let Me Down

Meri Feat. Annalise - Listen To Me Baby

Messalina - Call Me

Metal Minded Maniacs - F.A.Y.

Michael Beat - Kiss Me Goodbye

Michael Fortunati - (I'm) Not A Freak
Michael Fortunati - Alleluia
Michael Fortunati - Generate
Michael Fortunati - Giochi Di Fortuna
Michael Fortunati - Give Me Up
Michael Fortunati - Into The Night
Michael Fortunati - Oh Baby Why

Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away

Michelle - Holy Night

Michelle Rose - Baby Come Back To Me
Michelle Rose - Everlasting Love
Michelle Rose - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
Michelle Rose - Little Girls Cannot Be Wrong
Michelle Rose - Once More
Michelle Rose - Passion & Love
Michelle Rose - Sunday Night
Michelle Rose - Wanna Be Your Lover
Michelle Rose - You Are In Love

Mickey B. - A Neverending Night
Mickey B. - Call Me Now
Mickey B. - Circle Of Life
Mickey B. - I Wanna Run To You
Mickey B. - Let The Rain
Mickey B. - Miss You
Mickey B. - My Funny Friend And Me
Mickey B. - Never Alone
Mickey B. - Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby)
Mickey B. - Never Mind
Mickey B. - Snowgame Fighters
Mickey B. - Take Me Baby
Mickey B. - Take My Soul
Mickey B. - Victim Of You
Mickey B. - Wind & Fire
Mickey B. - Zero To Hero

Micky Weel - Lost In Love

Mika La-Do - I Am Your Barracuda
Mika La-Do - Let The Dog Out
Mika La-Do - Shock The Donkey

Mika-La-Do - Walky Talky Doki Doki

Mike Danger - Crazy
Mike Danger - I Want To Be Free

Mike Danger & Chris Day - Give Me Your Soul

Mike Freeman - Can You Feel The Passion
Mike Freeman - I'm A Single Man
Mike Freeman - In My Dreams
Mike Freeman - Kamikaze For Love
Mike Freeman - Miracle
Mike Freeman - Out Of The Blue
Mike Freeman - Take Your Time
Mike Freeman - What Is Real

Mike Hammer - Big Hole Black Hole
Mike Hammer - Big Mouth
Mike Hammer - Blade Runner
Mike Hammer - Catch Me
Mike Hammer - Dancing (Crazy) Is No Crime
Mike Hammer - Divine
Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker
Mike Hammer - Hot Love
Mike Hammer - Runaway
Mike Hammer - Shock Me
Mike Hammer - Starfighter
Mike Hammer - Supersonic Love

Mike Hazzard - Stop Me Baby

Mike J. - Superlove Superaction
Mike J. - Touch And Go

Mike Skanner - Atomic Playboy
Mike Skanner - Babe C'mon
Mike Skanner - Dance 4 Love
Mike Skanner - Electronic Lover
Mike Skanner - Heartbreaker
Mike Skanner - Honesty
Mike Skanner - Hot Dog
Mike Skanner - Money For Nothing
Mike Skanner - Revelation
Mike Skanner - Revolution
Mike Skanner - Rock 'N Roll Superstar
Mike Skanner - Take Me Back
Mike Skanner - Time To Come
Mike Skanner - What Is Love

Mike West - A Glory Day
Mike West - All I Want Is You
Mike West - Baby Illusion
Mike West - Fast Love
Mike West - Highway Star
Mike West - Midnight Boys
Mike West - Move To The Grooving (Boom Baby)
Mike West - Mystery (You Are)
Mike West - Pop Musik
Mike West - Take Me
Mike West - The Power Of Money
Mike West - Waiting For My Love
Mike West - Wild Night

Miky MC - Because You Live

Milena Farrow - Lady Love

Milk & Coffea - Bingo
Milk & Coffea - Go Go Babe
Milk & Coffea - Honey Honey
Milk & Coffea - Love Me Twice
Milk & Coffea - My Heart And My Soul
Milk & Coffea - Oh Baby Do It
Milk & Coffea - Sunshine Baby
Milk & Coffea - Wicked Game
Milk & Coffea - Yellow Butterfly

Milo - One More Time

Mioco - Reality

Mirka - 10,000 Lovers
Mirka - Boom Boom DJ
Mirka - Diamond Love
Mirka - Hi Hi Baby
Mirka - Valentino Mon Amour
Mirka - Whole Lotta Love

Misato (美里) - Twinkle Twinkle

Miss Helly - Shy Boy

Miss Joke - Rock Me Into The Sunlight

Miss K. - Chica Boom
Miss K. - I Wanna Be Material Girl

Mister Black - Brown
Mister Black - Macho Man

Mister Fly - Night Fly

Mister Max - Congo
Mister Max - Darkness Night
Mister Max - Line On Fire
Mister Max - My Energy
Mister Max - Rambo
Mister Max - Shine
Mister Max - Tokyo Killer

Mister Tom - Sex Bang
Mister Tom - The Flame Of Love

Mistika - Rain

Miwa - White Angel '07

Mix Jean - No! No!

Model Eight - Rifle Shot

Molto Carina - Don't Say Goodbye
Molto Carina - Hold On Me
Molto Carina - Love For Sale
Molto Carina - Voice Of The Night

Mom And Dad - Kiss My Boo Boo

Momo - Flash & Love
Momo - From Heartache To Heaven
Momo - One Heart One Soul
Momo - Send Me An Angel

Money Honey - Devotion

Money Man - Love For Money

Monique - Another Day With You In Paradise
Monique - Ev'rybody Can Dance
Monique - It's A Beautiful Day
Monique - Time Is On My Side

Mony Honey - Devotion

Morena - Everyday
Morena - Faithfull
Morena - Got To Feel It
Morena - Music Takes My Breath Away
Morena - My Heart And My Soul
Morena - Open Your Heart
Morena - Ready For Love
Morena - Stop Me

Morgana - C'est Cupidon

Morris - Bad Tonight
Morris - Crazy For Your Love
Morris - Destination Unknown

Morris & Cherry - Go Say Goal
Morris & Cherry - Go! Save Goal!
Morris & Cherry - Still Love You All

Mortimer - Bravado 2010
Mortimer - Catch Us
Mortimer - Gas Love
Mortimer - More Than A Night
Mortimer - Nightmares
Mortimer - No Guardian Angel
Mortimer - No Guardian Angel
Mortimer - Nothing Is Working Out
Mortimer - Starlight
Mortimer - Turn Back

Mortimer & The DNA Team - Remorse
Mortimer & The DNA Team - The End

Mortimer Feat. Jessa - Entropy

Mortimer Feat. Rina - Gone

Mospeada & Magellan - Alien Invasion
Mospeada & Magellan - Black Hole
Mospeada & Magellan - Shooting Star

Mote Mote - California Girl
Mote Mote - Eurobeat Around The Clock
Mote Mote - Korea Japan
Mote Mote - Wow Tokyo

Move - Around The World (Dave Rodgers Remix)
Move - Blast My Desire
Move - Blazin' Beat
Move - Break In2 The Night
Move - Gamble Rumble
Move - Rage Your Dream

Mozart Mob - Gimme Five

Mr. Bean - Let Your Body Rock
Mr. Bean - Wild Man

Mr. Groove - Baby Baby
Mr. Groove - Blowing In The Wind
Mr. Groove - Gettin' On Desire
Mr. Groove - Highway Star
Mr. Groove - I Need You
Mr. Groove - Let's Turn It Up
Mr. Groove - Life Is Life
Mr. Groove - Love In Chinatown
Mr. Groove - Night & Day
Mr. Groove - Now Or Never
Mr. Groove - Out Of Sight
Mr. Groove - Over And Over
Mr. Groove - Ready To Play
Mr. Groove - Red Money
Mr. Groove - Russian
Mr. Groove - Satisfaction
Mr. Groove - Show Me The Way
Mr. Groove - Space Trecking
Mr. Groove - Stranger Than Love
Mr. Groove - Take My Heart
Mr. Groove - The Big One
Mr. Groove - The House Is On Fire
Mr. Groove - White Light

Mr. M - All That I Want
Mr. M - Away
Mr. M - Be The One
Mr. M - Big In Japan 2007
Mr. M - Crazy
Mr. M - Desire
Mr. M - Jungle Love
Mr. M - Love Gun
Mr. M - No Reason To Cry
Mr. M - Pretender
Mr. M - Radio Tokyo
Mr. M - Run Into The Fire
Mr. M - She's A Devil
Mr. M - Superwoman
Mr. M - The World Is You
Mr. M - Walking To My Life
Mr. M - Welcome People

Mr. Moog - Cowboy
Mr. Moog - Say Goodbye
Mr. Moog - Stardust

Mr. Music - Night Of The Tiger

Mr. Zivago - Little Russian