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Hanatan (花たん) - Kazaguruma
Hanatan (花たん) - Shoujo Psychopath (少女サイコパス)

Happy Hour - Give Me Heart & Soul

Happy Hours - Eclipse Of Your Love

Harmony - Forever Love

Harry Ken - No, I Don't Wanna Wait For You
Harry Ken - Street Boy

Heather - Beautiful Boy

Heather Feat. Dima - Dance Eurobeat

Helena - All My Life
Helena - Babe Follow Me
Helena - Break My Heart
Helena - Broken Heart
Helena - Burning Up
Helena - Dedicated To The Moon
Helena - Face To Face
Helena - Fly
Helena - Illusion
Helena - Just An Illusion
Helena - Lonely Night
Helena - Love And Pride
Helena - Love Is My Paradise
Helena - Lovely Tango
Helena - Melodies And Rain
Helena - Melodies Of Love
Helena - My Life
Helena - Natural
Helena - Night Girl
Helena - Night Harmony
Helena - Spanish Affairs
Helena - Sweet Dream
Helena - Take My Life
Helena - Tell Me
Helena - Voices
Helena - Waiting For You
Helena - With You
Helena - Your Love Is Melody

Hellback - Just Heaven & Hell

Hely - Forever Sad

Hi-Gang - Eeh Ooh! Eeh Ooh! Eeh Ooh!

HI-NRG All Stars - Rumiringo Superstar

High Frequency - Gimme Gimme Gimme
High Frequency - Hot Summer Nights
High Frequency - Love In Stereo
High Frequency - Magic Japan
High Frequency - One More Chance
High Frequency - Take Me To The Top
High Frequency - Wonder Why

High Level - Angel Of My Heart
High Level - Take My Time
High Level - Turn Your Love Around

High-Connection - Live In Paradise

Hiko - U.N. Owen Was Her? feat. Hiko

Hitomi Sakuma - Lovely Way
Hitomi Sakuma - Time Will Tell (A Story Of Love)

Honey Hime - Eurobeat Summer
Honey Hime - Para Para Bee
Honey Hime - We Like It Doom Doom 2021
Honey Hime - We Wanna Have It All
Honey Hime - What's Up Honey?

Honeysun - Hurricane Wonder
Honeysun - Playing In The Park
Honeysun - Ring A Ling
Honeysun - Riverside
Honeysun - Up In The Morning

Hooligang - Japan Champion

Hot Cold - Emotions
Hot Cold - Love & Money
Hot Cold - Midnight Song

Hotblade - All Time High
Hotblade - Disconnected
Hotblade - Face Down
Hotblade - Games We Play
Hotblade - I'm Your Sexy Machine
Hotblade - Legendary Heart
Hotblade - Manifold Love
Hotblade - Plastic
Hotblade - Power Two
Hotblade - Rockin' To Survive
Hotblade - Showdown

HRG United - Come On In Tokyo
HRG United - Greatest Lover
HRG United - The Story Of Max And Kaori
HRG United - You are the greatest lover