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Babby One - Baby Come On
Babby One - Jingle Jungle Boy
Babby One - Let Your Mama Send You Buy The Milk
Babby One - Manga Super Robot
Babby One - My Technotronic New Desire
Babby One - Rumble The Jungle
Babby One - Super Knife
Babby One - U.S.A.

Baby Bazooka - Cocoa Bill
Baby Bazooka - Doki Doki Lullaby
Baby Bazooka - Doki Doki Lullaby (Italian Version)
Baby Bazooka - Parapara Kiddy

Baby Energy - Beautiful Boy
Baby Energy - Big Boy
Baby Energy - Boom Boom In My Heart
Baby Energy - Money Money
Baby Energy - You Make Me Wonder

Baby Gold - Bailando
Baby Gold - Colors Of My Love
Baby Gold - Crazy For You
Baby Gold - Gimme Za Night
Baby Gold - I Bet For Lovin'
Baby Gold - I Need Your Passion
Baby Gold - I'll Be Live
Baby Gold - Kiss Me All The Night
Baby Gold - Kiss Me Kiss Me
Baby Gold - Kiss Me Now
Baby Gold - Memories Of Love
Baby Gold - Natural Girl
Baby Gold - Stop That Music, Stop The Fire
Baby Gold - Tell It To My Heart
Baby Gold - The Night Is Party
Baby Gold - Too Late For You
Baby Gold - Traffic In My Bed
Baby Gold - You Catch My Broken Heart

Baby Mouse - Mickey (English Version)

Bad Gang - Body Guard

Bambee - Seventeen (Euro Mix)

Bamboo Bimbo - Go Kooky Go
Bamboo Bimbo - Higher My Passion
Bamboo Bimbo - Kiss
Bamboo Bimbo - My Exit Heaven

Barbara - Luv Luv Luv

Barbie - Feel It Feel It (In My Heart)
Barbie - Parapara Girl

Barry Blue - Dancin' On A Saturday Night

Bazooka Girl - Bazooka Girl
Bazooka Girl - Campus Summit
Bazooka Girl - Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)
Bazooka Girl - Flying Around The World
Bazooka Girl - Mister Robinson
Bazooka Girl - Money Funny Dollars
Bazooka Girl - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu
Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000

Bea - Paradise

Beat Man - Future Boy
Beat Man - I'm Gonna Be Number One
Beat Man - Nippon Nippon
Beat Man - Tokyo Girls And Guys

Beatman - Spitfire

Belight - Tonight In Paradise

Betty Beat - My Heart Goes Boom Boom

Betty Blue - Angel
Betty Blue - Burning In The Night
Betty Blue - Changes
Betty Blue - Go Go Baby
Betty Blue - Good Time
Betty Blue - Hootchie Cootchie Girl
Betty Blue - Lollipop Banana
Betty Blue - We Can Make It Stronger

Betty Feat. Annalise - The One For Me

Betty Lou - Anymore

Bi Bi - Into My Dream

Big Band - Love Tonight
Big Band - My Woman Is Dangerous
Big Band - What Is Love

Big Boss - Big Boss

Big Generation - Fight For Your Rights

Big Jim - Why Why

Big Town Guy - John 'N' Mary Dance

Billy Mappy - Get It On

Billy Mette - Beyond My Heart (Hyper Genesis Remix)

Billy The Butcher - Cannibal Attraction
Billy The Butcher - Too Tan

Black Eva - Carillon
Black Eva - I'm Crazy For Your Love
Black Eva - Love On Internet
Black Eva - Love Peace And Gun
Black Eva - Over The Rainbow
Black Eva - Put An Arrow
Black Eva - Sex And Fever
Black Eva - Space Rider
Black Eva - Spirit In The Dark
Black Eva - Turn The Beat Around
Black Eva - Welcome To The Future
Black Eva - Wroom Wroom Supercar

Black Eva & Nick Turbo - Running To My Car

Black Power - Are You Ready For Me
Black Power - Broken Arrow
Black Power - Caroline
Black Power - Destination Love
Black Power - Full Time
Black Power - Get Ready For Loving
Black Power - Love & Business
Black Power - People Of The Night
Black Power - Prisoner Of Love
Black Power - Raw Power
Black Power - Revenger
Black Power - Rock You Baby
Black Power - Star Crazy
Black Power - Stop Me Now
Black Power - Tokyo Mania
Black Power - Up To The Sky

Bliss - Angel Right To Me
Bliss - Unbelievable Unforgettable
Bliss - Unforgettable Unbelievable

Blond Beauty - Slam Flash Beauty

Blue Roses - Go Go Jam
Blue Roses - Roppongi Carillon

Blue Scorpion Feat. Zexy - Walk On Fire

Bobby O With Claudia Barry - Whisper To A Scream

Bobby Summer - Oh My Darling

Body Heat - No! Mr. Boom Boom

Body Power - Everybody Physical

Bombers - Aladdin
Bombers - Disco Energy
Bombers - Hi Hi Mazinga
Bombers - Machine Gun
Bombers - Mr. Frankenstein
Bombers - Superball

Bon - Feel The Power Of Rock
Bon - Music In Action
Bon - Power Fighter
Bon - Pull The Trigger
Bon - Rocket To New Planet
Bon - Toy For Love

Bonnie & Clyde - Criminals

Boogaboo - Beast Girl
Boogaboo - Bugabuga Chew Chew
Boogaboo - Burn Burn Get My Fire
Boogaboo - I'll Be Your King Kong

Boris - Go Go Go Big Bang Blow
Boris - One Love One Love
Boris - Shalaka Boom

Boy - Broken Wings

Boys Band - Crazy Night

Brian Ice - Dreams
Brian Ice - Ev'ry Night
Brian Ice - He Lives In You
Brian Ice - Heartbeat
Brian Ice - I Believe In Lovin' You
Brian Ice - Night Girl
Brian Ice - One Day
Brian Ice - Save Your Voice To Sing A Song
Brian Ice - Someday
Brian Ice - Take Care Of My Heart
Brian Ice - Time To Say Goodbye
Brian Ice - Walking Away

Bubbles - Easy Crazy Love
Bubbles - Hanky Panky

Buddy Bo - Hard Beat