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Radiorama - ABCD
Radiorama - Bad Boy You
Radiorama - Bad Girls
Radiorama - Bye Bye Baby
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
Radiorama - Desire
Radiorama - Flight Of Fantasy
Radiorama - Heartbreaker
Radiorama - Magic Butterfly
Radiorama - Never Gonna Make
Radiorama - Rock It
Radiorama - Yeti
Radiorama - You Are Always On My Mind

Ray Hikari - Red Zone

Ray Sun - Black Devil

Raymond Barry - Get Back

RCS - Rocking The City

Re-II - Super Speed Way

Real Power - Crazy Love For My Heart
Real Power - Touch Me

Red Skins - Dance Around The Totem

Regina - Harmony
Regina - Let The People Say
Regina - Love Hotel
Regina - Sha-La-La
Regina - You Belong To Me

Remy Panther - Bad Boy Can Believe Me
Remy Panther - Gimme A Chance
Remy Panther - Hot Like A Fire
Remy Panther - It Is A Magical Dream
Remy Panther - On The Road Again To The Show
Remy Panther - Try

Renko - From Inside
Renko - Lonely City Lights
Renko - Through The Night

Renoir - Because I Need U

Ric Fellini - All My Loving
Ric Fellini - Dance Across The Nations
Ric Fellini - I Wanna Shout
Ric Fellini - Stop And Go
Ric Fellini - Stop In The Name Of Love

Rich Hard - Blue
Rich Hard - Catching The Fire
Rich Hard - Fight
Rich Hard - Full Desire
Rich Hard - Go Go Player Games
Rich Hard - Night Rider
Rich Hard - On Your Wings
Rich Hard - Pirates
Rich Hard - Take My Life
Rich Hard - Tell Me Why
Rich Hard - Wild Boys

Richard Gray - Unbreak My Heart

Rick Castle - Baby Don't Leave Me
Rick Castle - Bad Boy
Rick Castle - Dolcevita Tonight
Rick Castle - Don't Stop
Rick Castle - Fly To The Star
Rick Castle - Midnight Lady
Rick Castle - Move Into My Heart
Rick Castle - My Little Girl
Rick Castle - Ride In The Night
Rick Castle - X's In love
Rick Castle - You'll Never Be Lonely

Rick Wild - Animal Man
Rick Wild - Fight For Your Life

Ricky 1 - Run Adventure In My Car

Ricky Davies - Loving You
Ricky Davies - Magic

Ricky M. - Jane
Ricky M. - Love Is Power

Riki 1 - Baby Frankenstain
Riki 1 - Shake Shake Shake

Rin★ - Eurobeat is NRG 2 life
Rin★ - Festival On The Fire
Rin★ - Night Scream! -Ghost Carnival-
Rin★ - To Love You
Rin★ - Too Far To Fall In Love

RipRap - Aphesis

Rita Hollywood - Crazy Tokyo Night
Rita Hollywood - Every Night

Rob Allen - Move Your Body

Robbie Grain - Crazy
Robbie Grain - I Don't Wanna Be Your Love
Robbie Grain - When You Smile
Robbie Grain - Your Kinda Love

Robbie Grain Feat. Name - All The Love Of My Heart

Robert Newman - Love Me Girl

Robert Patton - 1000$
Robert Patton - All Right-Hey Hey
Robert Patton - Big In Japan
Robert Patton - Gimme Love
Robert Patton - Give Me A Little Chance
Robert Patton - Hot Love Games
Robert Patton - How Can I Baby Go On
Robert Patton - Life
Robert Patton - Lookin' 4 Love
Robert Patton - Love In Paradise
Robert Patton - Love Is Free
Robert Patton - Love Machine
Robert Patton - Millennium
Robert Patton - Rock And Roll Babe
Robert Patton - Rock In Japan
Robert Patton - Shame On You
Robert Patton - Sweet Lover
Robert Patton - Top Of The Pop
Robert Patton - Vampire
Robert Patton - Vision Of My Love

Robert Stone - Black Cars
Robert Stone - Burning Heart
Robert Stone - Dance Girl
Robert Stone - Don't Give Up
Robert Stone - Pocket Time
Robert Stone - Welcome To The Jungle

Roberta - Burning In The Rain
Roberta - Fast Lane
Roberta - Hey You!
Roberta - Like A Din Don
Roberta - Rock My Heart

Roby - Bring Your Love Back to Me

Roby & Sara - Hold Me Tonight

Rocket Man - Rocket Man
Rocket Man - Spaceman

Rocky - I Can't Live Without You
Rocky - Nightmare

Rod Steven feat. ProtoShadez - Power Of Desire
Rod Steven feat. ProtoShadez - Secret Love

Rodgers, Contini & Sinclaire - Black Jack Fever
Rodgers, Contini & Sinclaire - Get Away
Rodgers, Contini & Sinclaire - Hot Fire

Romeo - Tokio Night

Rose - A Song For You
Rose - Bad Love
Rose - Celebrate
Rose - Doctor Of My Heart
Rose - Don't Stop My Fire
Rose - Dream
Rose - Especially For You
Rose - Eternally (You Belong To Me)
Rose - Everytime It's Love
Rose - Goodbye Goodbye
Rose - Histoire D'Amour
Rose - Hold On
Rose - Honey And Heart
Rose - I Wanna Be Your Love
Rose - It's Fine
Rose - Like A Children
Rose - Love And Destiny
Rose - Love Is Like Paradise
Rose - Magic Carillon
Rose - Magic Rainbow
Rose - Matter Of Feeling
Rose - Memories
Rose - Mister Right
Rose - Never Fall In Love Again
Rose - Open Up Your Heart (Today)
Rose - Over The Sky
Rose - Perfect Time
Rose - Perfect Time 2007
Rose - Prayer In The Dark
Rose - Rainy Days
Rose - Spanish Melody
Rose - Supernatural
Rose - This Is My Song (For You)
Rose - Wonderful Love!
Rose - You And Me

Rosie - Face

Roswell - Alien Light
Roswell - Come On

Rosy Adams - Bye Bye Baby

Roxanne - Just Stay
Roxanne - Love Love Fire
Roxanne - Money Money Money
Roxanne - Super Sex Symbol
Roxanne - You're In Love

Roz Force - Tokyo Night

Rute - Beat Down