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P. Stone - Emergency
P. Stone - Funky town
P. Stone - Hooligans
P. Stone - Kosmic Woofer
P. Stone - Spirit Of Fire
P. Stone - Water in the Gas

P3 - Give Me Up

Paki - Natural Love

Pamela - Hoky Toky
Pamela - Is For You

Pamsy - All Over Me
Pamsy - Babyface
Pamsy - Crazy And Free
Pamsy - Dancin' Alone
Pamsy - Don't Keep Your Love Away
Pamsy - Emotional Child
Pamsy - Give A New Go
Pamsy - Hello
Pamsy - I Feel Emotions
Pamsy - I'm not dreaming
Pamsy - Koi No Yokan
Pamsy - Livin' In The Night
Pamsy - Love Is A Pretender
Pamsy - My Sweet Forever
Pamsy - My Universe
Pamsy - Once Upon A Time
Pamsy - Queen Of Broken Hearts
Pamsy - Ready For Paradise
Pamsy - So Fragile
Pamsy - Sunshine Baby
Pamsy - Together
Pamsy - Walkin' In The Shadow

Pamsy & Ace - 2 Love, 4 Love

Pamsy & Christine - Bla Bla Blah

Pamsy & Jay Lehr - Give It All Up To Me

Pamsy & Shady - Yo Yo Baby

Pasty Son - Hey Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Patricia - Doctor Doctor
Patricia - Love Me Love Me

Patrick Hoolley - Catching Your Time
Patrick Hoolley - Listen To Your Heart

Patty K. - Here Comes The Sun

Patty Sun - Bang Bang Shooting

Paul Dickenson - Time For A Miracle

Paul Harris - Bang Bang
Paul Harris - Before I Go
Paul Harris - Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
Paul Harris - Crazy Information
Paul Harris - Don't Forget
Paul Harris - Dreamers
Paul Harris - Dreamlover
Paul Harris - Every Night
Paul Harris - Everybody's Looking
Paul Harris - Generation Of Love
Paul Harris - King Forever
Paul Harris - Love Comes
Paul Harris - Mira La Luna
Paul Harris - Motor Racing Master
Paul Harris - Nonsense Sensation
Paul Harris - Quiero L'Amor
Paul Harris - You My Eurobeat
Paul Harris - You're Not Alone

Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)

Paul Murray - Commedia
Paul Murray - Fashion

Paul Rogers - Wanna Be My Lover

Paula Roberts - Beverly Hills
Paula Roberts - No More Playing Games
Paula Roberts - One More Night
Paula Roberts - Sound Of Love
Paula Roberts - Won't Let You Go

Pecos Drill - She's My Baby Chevrolet

Peek-A-Boo - Koko Soko

Petrarka - Music Power

Phase 1 - Why

Phil - Crazy & Ready

Phil & Linda - Into The Groove
Phil & Linda - Only For Love Only For You
Phil & Linda - You Give Me More

Phil & Stan - Be My Day Be My Night
Phil & Stan - Gonna Be The One
Phil & Stan - I Need Your Love Tonight
Phil & Stan - Perfect Lover
Phil & Stan - Play The Game

Phil Jones - Tokyo Lights

Piccolina - Spice

Pimky - (Doctor I'm) Crazy For Love
Pimky - Crazy Disco In Tokyo
Pimky - Give A Stop To Mind Burnouts
Pimky - Let Me Take You On Me

Pink Star - Only When I Dance
Pink Star - Sweet Fire

Pistol Girl - Ike Ike
Pistol Girl - Si La Do

Pizza Girl - Bang
Pizza Girl - Bye Bye Baby
Pizza Girl - Crazy For You
Pizza Girl - Everytime You Go
Pizza Girl - Funny Boy
Pizza Girl - Lucky Star
Pizza Girl - My Superman

Pleasure & Pain - Brother Nightmare
Pleasure & Pain - Freedom
Pleasure & Pain - Higher
Pleasure & Pain - Kill The King
Pleasure & Pain - Magic And Joy

Powerful T. - 7 Laps To Go
Powerful T. - Ace Of Spades
Powerful T. - Back Shadow
Powerful T. - Back To The Rising Sun
Powerful T. - Beautiful Lover
Powerful T. - Blood And Fire
Powerful T. - Dangerous Love
Powerful T. - Face The Race
Powerful T. - Fall In The Web Of Desire
Powerful T. - Fantasy Car
Powerful T. - Fight All Night
Powerful T. - Fight Fire With Fire
Powerful T. - Fight For Your Empire
Powerful T. - Fly To Me Baby
Powerful T. - Freedom To Love Me
Powerful T. - Glorious
Powerful T. - Great Balls Of Fire
Powerful T. - I Feel Wild Tonight
Powerful T. - I Want You
Powerful T. - Into The Daylight
Powerful T. - Into The Game
Powerful T. - Invisible Rocket
Powerful T. - Kelly
Powerful T. - Louder & Faster
Powerful T. - Magic Car
Powerful T. - Maximum Power
Powerful T. - My Fire
Powerful T. - Night Flight To The Sky
Powerful T. - Original Sin
Powerful T. - Over The Rainbow
Powerful T. - So This Is Love
Powerful T. - The Power Of Glory
Powerful T. - The Year Of The Dragon
Powerful T. - Wild On The Street

Powerful T. Feat. Alex De Rosso - King Of The Race

Pretty Cat - Go To Heaven

Pretty Woman - Cherry Girl
Pretty Woman - Cybersexy Girl
Pretty Woman - Did Or Didn't
Pretty Woman - Drive Me Faster Now!
Pretty Woman - Never Do
Pretty Woman - Sweet Heart

Princess F. - Infidelity
Princess F. - Internet Kills The Eurobeat Stars
Princess F. - Just An Illusion
Princess F. - Shadows In The Night
Princess F. - Technotronic Flight

Priscilla - Baby Gigolo
Priscilla - Bye To The Baby
Priscilla - Crash Boom! Bang! Bang!
Priscilla - Dancing Days
Priscilla - Deep Into Your Love
Priscilla - Deep Into Your Love
Priscilla - Heart And Go
Priscilla - Hello Goodbye
Priscilla - Hunter
Priscilla - I Don't Wanna Stop
Priscilla - I Need Your Love
Priscilla - Keep It For Tonite
Priscilla - Kill Me With Your Eyes
Priscilla - Love Is In Danger
Priscilla - New Love
Priscilla - S.O.S. To Your Heart
Priscilla - Shame On You
Priscilla - Shattered Dreams
Priscilla - The Beat Goes On
Priscilla - Thinking Of You

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