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T-RRex - Maximum Power

T. Stebbins - China Gal
T. Stebbins - Dance With Wolves (Odyssey ReVibe Mix)
T. Stebbins - Faith
T. Stebbins - Faithful Heart
T. Stebbins - Final Blow
T. Stebbins - Here I Am
T. Stebbins - It Is So
T. Stebbins - Leave Me In The Dark
T. Stebbins - Phantom Fantasy
T. Stebbins - Rain Dance
T. Stebbins - Red Line
T. Stebbins - Sands Of Time
T. Stebbins - Savior of the Sky
T. Stebbins - Tear You Up

T.I.M.E. - Another One Bites The Dust

Tackey & Tsubasa - Venus (Eurobeat Mix)

Tam Arrow - Come On Baby To My Gang
Tam Arrow - Fire To The Eurobeat
Tam Arrow - Hyper Bazooka Revolution
Tam Arrow - One Shot Girl
Tam Arrow - Rambo Demolition
Tam Arrow - Searching For The Hero In The Night
Tam Arrow - Tam Arrow Go!
Tam Arrow - The Boom Boom Power

Tamika - Hate And Love

Tanith & Dark Evil - Welcome To The Show

Ted Candela - Ready To Love

Teddy Boy - Gangster Of Love
Teddy Boy - In The Jungle
Teddy Boy - Master Of Sex
Teddy Boy - The Rhythm Of The Night
Teddy Boy - Thunderball

Tension - Baby Come Back
Tension - Come On (Baby)
Tension - Everybody's Warming
Tension - Get Down On It
Tension - I'm On The Fire
Tension - Lost In Tokio
Tension - Tell Me Why
Tension - You Got Me Going Crazy

Terence Holler - Dance Into Your Fire
Terence Holler - Falling Into My Heart

Terry Gordon - Boomerang
Terry Gordon - Move Your Body
Terry Gordon - Move Your Feet
Terry Gordon - You Are An Angel

Terry Lennon - Fox On The Run

Testa Gialla - C'mon! C'mon!

Tetsuco - Like A Thunder

The Asia Gang - Roppongi Suicide

The Asia Gang feat. Mark - Lonely Time

The Big Brother - Big Time
The Big Brother - Dancing In The Fire
The Big Brother - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
The Big Brother - L.A. Time
The Big Brother - Oh Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing
The Big Brother - Red Fire
The Big Brother - Rock And Roll
The Big Brother - Soul Gasoline
The Big Brother - Wild Reputation

The Factory Team - Gengis Khan
The Factory Team - Gun Boy
The Factory Team - Little Don

The Flippers - Free The Love
The Flippers - Getaway
The Flippers - Hootchie Cootchie
The Flippers - Hypnotized
The Flippers - You're In Danger

The Frisbees - Baby Go

The Girls - Hold Back The Fire
The Girls - Women On Time

The Nasty Boys - I Was Made For Lovin' You Baby

The Prophet - Ave Ave

The Snake - Blades Of Fire
The Snake - Freedom Ride
The Snake - Guitar Hero
The Snake - Queen Of Mean
The Snake - Speed Of Light
The Snake - Spirit Go Wild
The Snake - The Snake Around
The Snake - Thunderbolt Blackout

The Spiders From Mars - Day & Night
The Spiders From Mars - Far Away
The Spiders From Mars - Fly To Me To The Moon & Back
The Spiders From Mars - Fragile
The Spiders From Mars - Ray Light
The Spiders From Mars - To Be Or Notta Be
The Spiders From Mars - Wherever You Are

The System Blow - Call Me

The Warrior - Heart Of The Lion

The Wonder-Girls - Baby Love
The Wonder-Girls - Prison Of Love

Thomas T. - All For You
Thomas T. - Big One
Thomas T. - Funk About You
Thomas T. - High Satisfaction
Thomas T. - King Of The Night
Thomas T. - Lady Night
Thomas T. - One For Me-One For You

Three Of Spades - Dancing With A Reptile

Tiger Shark - Be One

Tiger Yamato With Y. & Co. - Luv To Me (Super Euro Version)

Time All Stars - 150
Time All Stars - Christmas In Tokyo
Time All Stars - Christmas Time
Time All Stars - Happy X'mas - Merry X'mas

Time All Stars Feat. Helena - Ring The Bells

Time Force - Beautiful Night
Time Force - Big Force
Time Force - C'mon & Move On Up
Time Force - Dancin' Forever
Time Force - Don't Let Me Down
Time Force - Faith And Desire
Time Force - Hurricane
Time Force - Imagination
Time Force - King Of Your Feeling
Time Force - Love Me In The Heat Of The Night
Time Force - Moving In Tokyo
Time Force - Time Of Love

Timothy - Beyond The Seas
Timothy - Forgotten

Tina Ray - Video Killed The Radio Star

Tipsy & Tipsy - Baby Tonight
Tipsy & Tipsy - Bang! Ready To Go
Tipsy & Tipsy - Dance Boom Boom

Tipsy & Tipsy - Dancing Queen

Tipsy & Tipsy - Down Down Down
Tipsy & Tipsy - Down Down Will I Fall In Love
Tipsy & Tipsy - Forever In My Mind
Tipsy & Tipsy - How Can I Feel It
Tipsy & Tipsy - Hung Up
Tipsy & Tipsy - Let Your Body Love
Tipsy & Tipsy - Living On The Edge
Tipsy & Tipsy - More And More
Tipsy & Tipsy - Never Ending love
Tipsy & Tipsy - Simon Samurai
Tipsy & Tipsy - Tokyo To Milano (All Around The World)
Tipsy & Tipsy - Under The Power Of My Heart
Tipsy & Tipsy - Whenever I Dream On

TJS - Love Murderer

Tobias - Doky Doky

Toby Ash - Animal Criminal
Toby Ash - Are You Ready
Toby Ash - Are You Ready!
Toby Ash - Bad Boy Blue
Toby Ash - Casino'
Toby Ash - Doctor Of Dreams
Toby Ash - Feeling Of The Night
Toby Ash - Go Go Rock Me
Toby Ash - High-Energy
Toby Ash - It's My Life
Toby Ash - Jumping Up The Nations
Toby Ash - Love And Fever Tonight
Toby Ash - My Love Is Forever
Toby Ash - Not This Time
Toby Ash - Prayer To The Night
Toby Ash - Wild Boy

Toby Vale - Heartbreaker 2007

Todd Plant - In Your Eyes

Tokyo Future - Da Burning Tokyo
Tokyo Future - Listen To Eurobeat

Tokyo Future Feat. Marko Polo & Mako - Tokyo Future

Tomas Lee - Midnight

Tommie B. - Dom Dom
Tommie B. - My Blue Eyes

Tommy J - Desire

Tommy K. - Break The Night
Tommy K. - Desperado
Tommy K. - Funky Warriors
Tommy K. - Give Me Back My Money
Tommy K. - Mexico
Tommy K. - Ready To Fight
Tommy K. - Rock Of Fire
Tommy K. - Saving The World
Tommy K. - Take Me Now
Tommy K. - You Need A Lover

Tommy V. - We Go To Mexico

Topo & Roby - Set On Fire

Tora - Bad Joy
Tora - Boom Boom Booster
Tora - Call My Name
Tora - Flame And Fire
Tora - King And Queen (Classic Mix)
Tora - No Turning Back
Tora - Running On Love
Tora - Set My Love In Flames
Tora - You Got Me Boom! Boom!

Tora & Dejo - For The Fans

Tracy - Lovers

Tracy Neumann - Jump

TRF - Boy Meets Girl
TRF - Ez Do Dance (Morris Capaldi Vs. TRF Remix)
TRF - Survival Dance (No No Cry More) (Dima Remix)

Tri-Star - Dancing At Twin Star
Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja
Tri-Star - Ike Ike
Tri-Star - Montecarlo
Tri-Star - SEF Deluxe
Tri-Star - Venus

Tricky - Tick Tock Time

Trisha - Everytime You Want

Triumph - Baby Revolution
Triumph - Baby, Baby Run
Triumph - Galaxy (Of Love)
Triumph - Halleluya Man
Triumph - Livin' Japan
Triumph - One Night In Bangkok
Triumph - She Devil

Tsuko G. - Don't Listen To This While Driving

Tsuu (つぅ) - Space Miko
Tsuu (つぅ) - Two Of Us

Tutti Frutti - Sing Na Na Na