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Candy More - I'll Fly

Candy Taylor - Destiny
Candy Taylor - Eurobeat Kind Of Love
Candy Taylor - Everytime
Candy Taylor - Fly
Candy Taylor - King Of Paradise
Candy Taylor - Make A Move
Candy Taylor - Scandal
Candy Taylor - Sweet Sixteen Girl

Captain America - Space Fighter

Captain Magic - All Night Long

Carmen Diva & Boris - Dance To The Carmen

Carol Hitchcock - Get Ready

Carol Lee - Day After Day
Carol Lee - Never Say Forever

Carrie - I Don't Wanna Lose You

Casanova - Crazy Love (Platinum Version)
Casanova - Don't Leave Me Now
Casanova - Feel The Passion
Casanova - Help Me To Say Goodbye
Casanova - I Did It For Love
Casanova - I Would Die For You
Casanova - In The Name Of Love
Casanova - Jealous Guy
Casanova - Just For Tonight
Casanova - Lost In The Time
Casanova - Power Of Love
Casanova - Same Old Feeling
Casanova - Satisfy My Soul
Casanova - Super Fly
Casanova - Suspicious
Casanova - The Hero
Casanova - Under Pressure

Cat - I Will Fly

Catte - I’ll Show U Heaven
Catte - Loving You
Catte - Ride The Music

Ceejay - A Little Love (What's Going On)

Chai - Fire Wire
Chai - Gojira Comes Again
Chai - The Men Burning Wild

Chai & Roberta - Gallop

Channel X - So High

Charlie - King Kong-Ding Dong

Charlie Tango - Tattoo

Charly - Could You Want
Charly - Hey Hey Baby
Charly - Hey Hey Baby
Charly - Move Your Feet
Charly - One Love

Chemical Boy - Atomic Love
Chemical Boy - Back In California
Chemical Boy - Break My Heart
Chemical Boy - Cosmic Fighter
Chemical Boy - King Of Fire

Cherry - Abracadabra
Cherry - Anyway, Anymore
Cherry - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Cherry - Blink Blink
Cherry - Bye Bye Goodbye
Cherry - Dance Dance
Cherry - Dear My Friend
Cherry - DJ Baam! Baam! Play The Boom Boom!
Cherry - Euroheat
Cherry - Every Beat Of Your Heart
Cherry - Fairy Tale
Cherry - Forbidden Love
Cherry - Give Me The Night
Cherry - Got To Be Certain
Cherry - Highway Star
Cherry - Hold You One More Time
Cherry - I Can't Stay Without Your Love
Cherry - I Don't Wanna Go
Cherry - I Feel Heaven
Cherry - I'm Dynamite
Cherry - Keep Fall In Love
Cherry - Keep On Loving You
Cherry - Kisses
Cherry - Life Is A Beat
Cherry - Lonely Night
Cherry - Love & Diamonds
Cherry - Make Me Believe
Cherry - My Last Breath Of Love
Cherry - My Lover Boy
Cherry - Never Again
Cherry - No More Love
Cherry - One Day Queen (To Diana)
Cherry - Please Forgive Me
Cherry - Rain
Cherry - Rebel Yell
Cherry - Reborn My Fire
Cherry - Round N' Round
Cherry - Santa Maria
Cherry - Set Me Free
Cherry - Sha La La
Cherry - She's All Right
Cherry - Sing Song
Cherry - Stop Teasing My Heart
Cherry - Take Me To Your Heart
Cherry - Too Cool To Fall In Love
Cherry - Unforgettable
Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
Cherry - Yes I Will
Cherry - Yesterday

Cherry & Luke - Go Shinkansen!

Cherry feat. Marcello D'Azzurro - Thunder Boy

Chester - Bad Boy
Chester - Bang Bang For Your Love
Chester - Come To My Bedroom
Chester - Crazy Babe
Chester - Gorky Park
Chester - Hero Of Desire
Chester - Hold The Line
Chester - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Chester - It's My Life
Chester - Kung Fu Fighting
Chester - Laser Game
Chester - Let Me Go
Chester - Right Time

Chilu - Don't Need You
Chilu - Feel Like A Queen
Chilu - Get It All Right

Chris - Lucky Boy
Chris - Not For Money
Chris - Power Of My Love
Chris - Two By Two
Chris - Viva L'Amour

Chris McRea - Dark Avenger

Chris Mcrea - My Body Is Burning

Chris Stanton - A Perfect Hero
Chris Stanton - Love Is Freedom
Chris Stanton - Ready Forever
Chris Stanton - Saturday Time
Chris Stanton - Take A Frame

Chris T. - I Wanna Be The Night

Christian - Take This Way

Christine - Back Into My Arms
Christine - Because The Night
Christine - Bigga Boom
Christine - Candy Baby
Christine - Crazy Generation
Christine - Dancin' Together
Christine - Emotikons
Christine - Heartbeat
Christine - Into The Light
Christine - It's A Beautiful Life
Christine - Jump Around
Christine - Learnin' How To Fly
Christine - Let Me Be Your Angel
Christine - Love Is Magic
Christine - Me, Myself & I
Christine - Mr. Nice Guy
Christine - Rain
Christine - Story Of My Life
Christine - Summer Ski
Christine - Till The End Of Time
Christine - To Be Your Angel
Christine - When 'U Smile
Christine - Wings Into The Sky
Christine - Yeah!
Christine - You & I

Christine & Irene - Easy Come & Easy Go

Christine & Van T.K. - Now Celebrate

Christine Feat. Elvis El Latino - Viva La Noche

Christine-N. Joy - Lovin' You Lovin' Me

Christy - Mystery Of Our Love

Ciao Ciao - Baby Baby

Ciao Ciao - Bang Bang Crashing Of The Boom Boom
Ciao Ciao - Can't I love You
Ciao Ciao - Don't Cry Tonight
Ciao Ciao - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Ciao Ciao - Give Me Your Heaven
Ciao Ciao - Harmony
Ciao Ciao - Motel California
Ciao Ciao - Running Over The Night
Ciao Ciao - Seventeen
Ciao Ciao - Shadow In Your Smile
Ciao Ciao - The Magic Of Sunshine
Ciao Ciao - Together
Ciao Ciao - Wherever Forever
Ciao Ciao - You Are The Only One

Cindy - Bed Girl
Cindy - Fallen Angel
Cindy - Gucci Girl
Cindy - In The Rhythm Of The Night
Cindy - Jammin' Spanish Men
Cindy - Pun Pun Beam
Cindy - Push Me Boom Boom
Cindy - Sex On The Beach
Cindy - Squeeze Me

Cindy & Cy-Ro - Tower Of Love

Cindy Cooper - Day By Day
Cindy Cooper - I Don't Want To Be Free
Cindy Cooper - Memories
Cindy Cooper - With Your Eyes

Claire Deny - All My Love
Claire Deny - Angel
Claire Deny - Bambolina
Claire Deny - Give Me Your Love
Claire Deny - I Wanna Sing Your Melody
Claire Deny - Only You
Claire Deny - Stop 'N Go
Claire Deny - When The Love Is All Around
Claire Deny - You Better Bring Your Love

Claire M. - M.U.S.I.C.

Clara Moroni - Dream About You
Clara Moroni - Every Single Day
Clara Moroni - Freedom
Clara Moroni - I Feel You
Clara Moroni - I Need Your Love
Clara Moroni - Jesus Children Of America
Clara Moroni - Movin' On
Clara Moroni - Ten Worlds
Clara Moroni - The Digital Wheel
Clara Moroni - You Got The Rainbow

Claudia T - Watch Me

Claudia Vip - Chiller Shock
Claudia Vip - Furious Thunder
Claudia Vip - In Your Car
Claudia Vip - Lucky Star
Claudia Vip - One Night Driller
Claudia Vip - People Of The Night
Claudia Vip - Slave To The Rhythm
Claudia Vip - Walking Down The Street
Claudia Vip - White Is For You Black Is For Me

Claudio Magnani - Hangover
Claudio Magnani - High Five Baby Guys

Cocoa - Rising Summer Breeze

Cocoa & Aramaki (Cocoa & 荒巻) - Black Rain

Cody - Back To You
Cody - Die Die
Cody - Fighting!
Cody - Final Destination
Cody - Solid Rock

Conny Porsche - Give Me Your Love

Coo Coo - Vamos A Bailar

Corrado - Queen Of Heart

Cruise 009 - Mission Impossible

Cryal - Gamble Tonight

Crystal - I Belong To You
Crystal - Love Is Gonna Get You
Crystal - Miracle Of Love
Crystal - Poison Love
Crystal - Tonite My Heart
Crystal - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Cy-Ro - Bad Illusion
Cy-Ro - Blue Jean
Cy-Ro - Born To Be Wild In My Car
Cy-Ro - Dance On The Top Of The Fire
Cy-Ro - Delta Force
Cy-Ro - Get The Dark Side Into My Brain
Cy-Ro - Hi-Speed Mania
Cy-Ro - I Want Your Fire
Cy-Ro - Intercooler
Cy-Ro - It's All Up To You
Cy-Ro - Jump On The Sound
Cy-Ro - Move It To The Rhythm
Cy-Ro - Never Gonna Stop
Cy-Ro - No Money No Honey
Cy-Ro - Rainy Days

Cyberella - I Am Cyberella

Cyborg - Cybernetic Fire
Cyborg - Light The Fire
Cyborg - Sex And Desire

Cymatics - Before You Go (Eurobeat Mix)