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D-Essex - All Your Love
D-Essex - Burning Love
D-Essex - Demolition Man
D-Essex - Listen To The Rhythm
D-Essex - Tokyo Tokyo

D-Jeeg-O - Supersonic Man

D-Team - Speed Car

D.Essex - Boom Boom Fire
D.Essex - Breaking The Law
D.Essex - Dancing Crazy
D.Essex - Fahrenheit Euronight
D.Essex - Hyper Star Energy
D.Essex - Master Power
D.Essex - Music For Hire
D.Essex - Music Forever
D.Essex - Restless And Wild
D.Essex - Take Me To The Top
D.Essex - Thank You-Arigato
D.Essex - Victim Of Love

Damon - In The Dark
Damon - Work Your Body

Dana - I'm OK

Dandy - Casanova

Daneka Gold - Chasing Shadows
Daneka Gold - Whose Eyes?

Danela - Extra Lover

Daniel - Another Hero
Daniel - Frontal Impact
Daniel - Full Metal Cars
Daniel - Lonely Driver
Daniel - Master Of The Night
Daniel - My Gasoline
Daniel - My Heart Radio
Daniel - One More Try
Daniel - Poison
Daniel - Spirit Of The Night
Daniel - Super Driver
Daniel - The King (Roaring Engine)
Daniel - Waiting For Your Hero

Daniel & Cherry - Bach Is Back

Daniel & Cherry - The Prey (Crazy Lover)

Danny D - Speed It Up

Danny Keith - Booby
Danny Keith - Come To My Arms
Danny Keith - Du Du-Da Da
Danny Keith - Mad Girl
Danny Keith - Sex Over The Phone

Danny Newman - Talk To The Moon

Danny Rock - Heartbreak
Danny Rock - Like A Speedy Car
Danny Rock - Rainbow

Danny Wilde - Deep Into Your Eyes

Dany - Love Is A Lite
Dany - Love Is Like A Fever
Dany - Run Away
Dany - Superman 2007

Dany L. - Never Fall In Love

Dark Angels - Living Fast, Living Free
Dark Angels - No One Is To Blame
Dark Angels - Right Now (Euro Power Mix)

Dave - Moonlight Sensation
Dave - Pride

Dave & Domino - A Whole New World
Dave & Domino - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Dave & Domino - Click Your Heart
Dave & Domino - Don't Close Your Eyes
Dave & Domino - Forever
Dave & Domino - Friday Night
Dave & Domino - I Believe In You
Dave & Domino - I Just Wanna Find You
Dave & Domino - King & Queen
Dave & Domino - Merry Xmas (War Is Over)
Dave & Domino - Nothing's Gonna Change My World
Dave & Domino - Red Hot Zip
Dave & Domino - Shake Your Bell
Dave & Domino - Sunshine In Your Eyes

Dave & Friends - We Are The Champions

Dave & Futura - Dance In My Town
Dave & Futura - Into The Moon
Dave & Futura - Just Another Day With You
Dave & Futura - Sun Fire

Dave & Karen - An Impossible Love Affair
Dave & Karen - Contact
Dave & Karen - Could It Be Magic
Dave & Karen - Living In Peace

Dave & Meri - Are We Gonna Be Together
Dave & Meri - I Wanna Give You My Heart

Dave & Nuage - Another Miracle
Dave & Nuage - Car Of Your Dreams
Dave & Nuage - Don't Make Me Cry
Dave & Nuage - Like A Video
Dave & Nuage - Love Me Or Leave Me
Dave & Nuage - Tell Me

Dave Hammond - Africa
Dave Hammond - All My World
Dave Hammond - California Girl
Dave Hammond - Hot Hot Lover
Dave Hammond - Money Connection
Dave Hammond - Sound Of My Heart
Dave Hammond - Take A Hammer

Dave McLoud - Fightin' The Night
Dave McLoud - Gimme The Night
Dave McLoud - Go! Get Ready!
Dave McLoud - Mikado
Dave McLoud - Street Of Fire

Dave Rodgers - 1 Fire
Dave Rodgers - 100
Dave Rodgers - AE86
Dave Rodgers - Ale' Japan
Dave Rodgers - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Dave Rodgers - Beat Of The Rising Sun
Dave Rodgers - Black Fire
Dave Rodgers - Boom Boom Japan
Dave Rodgers - Break Into The Music
Dave Rodgers - California Dreaming
Dave Rodgers - Come On Everybody
Dave Rodgers - Come On Let's Dance
Dave Rodgers - Dancing In The Starlight
Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
Dave Rodgers - Disco Fire
Dave Rodgers - Dive Into Your Body
Dave Rodgers - Don't Let Me Cry
Dave Rodgers - Eldorado
Dave Rodgers - Game Boi
Dave Rodgers - Get Wild
Dave Rodgers - Get Wild
Dave Rodgers - God Bless You Americans
Dave Rodgers - Golden 70's Years
Dave Rodgers - Horse Power Desire
Dave Rodgers - I Want To Feel
Dave Rodgers - I Was Made For Lovin' You
Dave Rodgers - Initial D Hell
Dave Rodgers - Into The Sunrise
Dave Rodgers - Kingdom Come
Dave Rodgers - Kingdom Of Rock
Dave Rodgers - Let's Go To The Show K2 The Auto Messe
Dave Rodgers - Like A Space Invader
Dave Rodgers - Livin' La Vida Mickey
Dave Rodgers - Love In The Elevator
Dave Rodgers - Love Train
Dave Rodgers - Lucky Man
Dave Rodgers - Made in Japan
Dave Rodgers - Make A Movement!!
Dave Rodgers - Make Up Your Mind
Dave Rodgers - MF Ghost
Dave Rodgers - Milan Milan Milan
Dave Rodgers - Money Money Money
Dave Rodgers - Music For The People
Dave Rodgers - My Dream Team Is Verdy
Dave Rodgers - New Race Game
Dave Rodgers - Not Gonna Get Us
Dave Rodgers - Nothing Changed
Dave Rodgers - Resistance
Dave Rodgers - Restarted Tonight
Dave Rodgers - Saturday Night Fever
Dave Rodgers - Self Control
Dave Rodgers - Shake
Dave Rodgers - Skylight
Dave Rodgers - Smoke On The Water
Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
Dave Rodgers - Space Invader
Dave Rodgers - Space Rocket
Dave Rodgers - Stay The Night
Dave Rodgers - Sun City 2008
Dave Rodgers - Take Me Higher
Dave Rodgers - Tell Me
Dave Rodgers - The Final Countdown
Dave Rodgers - The House Of Fire
Dave Rodgers - The Race Is Over
Dave Rodgers - The Race Is The Game
Dave Rodgers - The Race Of The Night
Dave Rodgers - The V.I.P. Is JP
Dave Rodgers - Time To Count Down
Dave Rodgers - Tofu Connection
Dave Rodgers - True To Your Heart
Dave Rodgers - Try Me (Rock Mix)
Dave Rodgers - Two Worlds, One Family
Dave Rodgers - Watch Me Dancing
Dave Rodgers - Watch Out
Dave Rodgers - We Wanna Rock
Dave Rodgers - Wheels Of Fire
Dave Rodgers - Wild Heaven
Dave Rodgers - Wild Reputation
Dave Rodgers - Wild Reputation 2005
Dave Rodgers - Woman From Tokyo
Dave Rodgers - You'll Be In My Heart

Dave Rodgers & Jennifer Batten - Music For The People

Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro - Fevernova
Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro - The Final Game

Dave Rodgers & Mega NRG Man - Ducks Dance, Too!
Dave Rodgers & Mega NRG Man - Night Fever

Dave Rodgers Feat. Alex De Rosso - Burning Like A Fire

Dave Rodgers feat. Eurobeat Union - Gold Night
Dave Rodgers feat. Eurobeat Union - Misty Blue

Dave Rodgers Feat. Futura - Magic Sunday
Dave Rodgers Feat. Futura - Super Eurobeat

Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Fly
Dave Rodgers Feat. Jennifer Batten - Sun City

Dave Rodgers feat. Kaioh - A World Of Joy
Dave Rodgers feat. Kaioh - In The Eye Of The Tiger

Dave Rodgers Feat. Kiko Loureiro - Ring Of Fire

Dave Rodgers Feat. M. Landau - All Around The World

Dave Rodgers Feat. Mike Garson & Rafael Moreira - Space Boy

Dave Rodgers Feat. Patrick Rondat - Fire Dragon

Dave Rodgers Feat. Stef Burns - Red Core

Dave Rodgers Project - Baby Come Back ~星空のディスタンス~ (Hoshizora no Distance)
Dave Rodgers Project - Crimson Kiss ~白夜 (Byaku-ya)~
Dave Rodgers Project - Fleeting Love ~木枯らしに抱かれて...~ (Kogarashi ni Idakarete...)
Dave Rodgers Project - Flower Revolution
Dave Rodgers Project - Funky Dog!
Dave Rodgers Project - Mary Ann ~メリーアン~ (Mary Ann)
Dave Rodgers Project - Promised Love
Dave Rodgers Project - Sweat & Tears
Dave Rodgers Project - Sweet Little Cinderella ~シンデレラは眠れない~ (Cinderella wa Nemurenai)
Dave Rodgers Project - Victory

Dave Simon - All 4 One
Dave Simon - All Around The World
Dave Simon - Dangerzone
Dave Simon - Disco Music
Dave Simon - Everybody
Dave Simon - Feel Ya Power
Dave Simon - Generation
Dave Simon - I Need Your Love
Dave Simon - I'm In Love With You
Dave Simon - Killer
Dave Simon - King Of Your Extasy
Dave Simon - Live For You
Dave Simon - Money
Dave Simon - Queen Of My Ecstasy
Dave Simon - Rock The Nation
Dave Simon - Shadow
Dave Simon - Speed Man
Dave Simon - The Maniac

Dave Simon Feat. Symbol - Heaven

Dave, Domino & Virginelle - Anniversary

David - Black Night
David - Keep The Music
David - Ready To Love
David - Revolution
David - Rock Music

David "Off" - Deep Desire
David "Off" - Heat Of The Night
David "Off" - Imagination
David "Off" - Stronger

David & Toy - You & I

David Bird - Heroes Tonight
David Bird - Sexy Diva

David Dima - A Flash In The Night
David Dima - Bad Love
David Dima - Bring Me Into Your Life
David Dima - Crazy
David Dima - Dancing On The Street
David Dima - Dancing Queen
David Dima - Don't Wanna Be A Survivor
David Dima - Don't Wanna Cry For You
David Dima - Freedom
David Dima - Heart's On Fire
David Dima - Help Me
David Dima - Insomnia
David Dima - King Of The World
David Dima - Liar
David Dima - Runaway
David Dima - Save A Prayer
David Dima - Shoot!
David Dima - Somebody To Love
David Dima - Sorry
David Dima - Spirit Of The Night
David Dima - Stay Together Now Or Never
David Dima - Strangers In The Night
David Dima - Sunrise ~You'll Always Be Alive~
David Dima - Time After Time
David Dima - Tonite Tonite Tonite
David Dima - Tsundere Night
David Dima - With A Little Bit Of True Love
David Dima - Yoko

David Essex - Goodbye Illusion
David Essex - Love & Celebration
David Essex - Sin Of Love
David Essex - Victim Of Love

David Kane - Hero Of The Night
David Kane - Stargate To Heaven

David Lord - Baby's On Fire

David Lyme - Play Boy

David Mansfield - Heart In Action
David Mansfield - Lost In A Dream

David R. Jones - Closer To Your Heart
David R. Jones - Crazy For You
David R. Jones - Lover's Island
David R. Jones - Toy Boy

David Road - Feel Love
David Road - Tell Me What You Wanna

David Ropa - Flash Desire
David Ropa - Stormy Night

De La Vega - Incredible Love
De La Vega - Sex On Fire

De Leo - Another Life
De Leo - Don't You Break My Heart Tonight
De Leo - Funky Lady 2008
De Leo - I Need Your Love 2008
De Leo - Save Another Day For Me

De Niro - Dirty Actions
De Niro - Flashback
De Niro - Follow Me
De Niro - Give It Up
De Niro - King Of The World
De Niro - Out Of Control
De Niro - Start
De Niro - Videogames

Debbie - A Tourist
Debbie - Always Remember
Debbie - Come Over Here
Debbie - Dark-Eyed Traveler
Debbie - Dive Into My Heart
Debbie - I Can’t Give You Anything But My Love
Debbie - I'll Be With You
Debbie - I’ll Be With You
Debbie - Love Call
Debbie - Love You To Death
Debbie - Show Me

Debbie Key - Day By Day
Debbie Key - Little Lover
Debbie Key - Never Ending Love
Debbie Key - You Will See

Debbie Lynn - The Queen Of Emotions

Debby - Tell Me Why

Debby Jason - Day By Day
Debby Jason - It's Right

Debby Lawson - Love Me Longer

Dee Dee - Butterfly
Dee Dee - Call Me Now
Dee Dee - Cocaine
Dee Dee - Forever Wild
Dee Dee - Hey Hey Baby Cry
Dee Dee - She's My Baby
Dee Dee - Stay Together
Dee Dee - The Dark Side Of Your Moon

Dee Dee & Regina - Beautiful Day

Dee Dee Wonder - Cybernetik Luv
Dee Dee Wonder - Darkmoon Fighter
Dee Dee Wonder - Feel Good
Dee Dee Wonder - Fortune Teller
Dee Dee Wonder - Honky Tonky Radio
Dee Dee Wonder - I Like The Way Your Body Moves
Dee Dee Wonder - In The Land Of Banana Fishes
Dee Dee Wonder - Lady Cartoon
Dee Dee Wonder - Love Is Forever
Dee Dee Wonder - Mayday
Dee Dee Wonder - Money Gets Funny
Dee Dee Wonder - Operation Casablanca
Dee Dee Wonder - Sing A Ring
Dee Dee Wonder - Twist And Shake

Deemo - Cobra Kai
Deemo - Hot Stuff
Deemo - The Sound Of The Night
Deemo - The Spirit Of The Night
Deemo - You're My Sexy Lover

Degaz Feat. Vanessa - Stand Up

Dejo - Fire!
Dejo - Boys Gone Wild
Dejo - Drifting All Night
Dejo - Fire Trails
Dejo - Lightning Over Japan
Dejo - Master Buster
Dejo - Too Young To Fall In Love
Dejo - Wilder Faster Louder

Dejo & Bon - Loving Eurobeat
Dejo & Bon - Wheelpower & Go!

Dejo & Bratt - In The Eyes Of A Tiger
Dejo & Bratt - Iron Power

Dejo & Chai - We Rock'em All

Delta All Stars - Christmas Time
Delta All Stars - Trust Me

Delta Force - Bang Bang
Delta Force - Heroes
Delta Force - Over Power
Delta Force - Relight My Fire
Delta Force - Wild Love
Delta Force - You'll Be Mine

Delta Queens - Baccarah
Delta Queens - Blue
Delta Queens - Bye Bye Tokyo
Delta Queens - Damn Damn My Heart
Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
Delta Queens - Energy Love
Delta Queens - Get Up
Delta Queens - Goodbye My Love
Delta Queens - Hello Hello!
Delta Queens - Help Me
Delta Queens - I Can't Find A Lover
Delta Queens - Love Me Again
Delta Queens - Music Has The Power
Delta Queens - My Bandido
Delta Queens - Russian Roulette
Delta Queens - Satisfaction
Delta Queens - Summer Boy, Summer Girl
Delta Queens - Time To Go!
Delta Queens - Tonight
Delta Queens - Turn It Around
Delta Queens - When We Were Young

Delta Queens Feat. Paul Harris - Love Is Like A Rain

Denise - Burning Like A Flame
Denise - Don't Give Up Your Love
Denise - Emotional Fire
Denise - Eternity
Denise - Gimme Gimme Love
Denise - Guilty
Denise - In My Dreams
Denise - Music In My Head
Denise - Passion In The Night
Denise - Ring A Ling
Denise - Someone To Love
Denise - Spin My Heart
Denise - Take A Chance With Me
Denise - Take Me With You
Denise - Telephone! Telephone!
Denise - To Love Me
Denise - You Belong To Me

Derek Simon - Dance With Me

Derreck Simon - All Nite Long
Derreck Simon - The Wild One

Derreck Simons - 24 Hours Love Affair
Derreck Simons - Back To The Future
Derreck Simons - Be My Queen
Derreck Simons - Dance Away
Derreck Simons - Disney Mambo #5 (A Little Bit Of...)
Derreck Simons - Doctor And The Medic
Derreck Simons - Doctor Terror
Derreck Simons - Full Power
Derreck Simons - Generation
Derreck Simons - Hey People
Derreck Simons - I Wanna Be Free
Derreck Simons - I'm A Superstar
Derreck Simons - Jealousy Kills
Derreck Simons - Keep On Dancing
Derreck Simons - Let's Dance
Derreck Simons - Love Gun
Derreck Simons - Make My Day
Derreck Simons - More Than A Feeling
Derreck Simons - Move Yourself
Derreck Simons - Mr. Lady
Derreck Simons - My Radio
Derreck Simons - Relax
Derreck Simons - Station To Station
Derreck Simons - Stop City Lover
Derreck Simons - Take It Easy
Derreck Simons - This Time
Derreck Simons - TNT
Derreck Simons - Tokyo Time
Derreck Simons - Under 21
Derreck Simons - Under The Sea
Derreck Simons - Welcome In Da Jungle

Desire' - Take A Look In My Heart

Destinee - Make Me Wonder
Destinee - Wonderwoman Dream

Detective Nick & The Festari Mystery Gals - P.I. Investigator

Dex - Bang Bang Bang

Diablo:Messiah - Breaker
Diablo:Messiah - Monica

Diabolik - Diabolik

Diana Lewis - Three Times Allright

Digital Planet - A New Day
Digital Planet - Call Me Tonight
Digital Planet - Don't Drive Me Crazy
Digital Planet - Fly Away
Digital Planet - Take Me Forever
Digital Planet - Take My Desire
Digital Planet - Today
Digital Planet - Try To Believe Me
Digital Planet - We Can Be Heroes
Digital Planet - We'll See Heaven
Digital Planet - West End Guy

Dima & Nam - L.O.V.E.

Dino Starr - Give Me Your Love

Disco Vega - Cannibal Man
Disco Vega - Dollar In My Pocket
Disco Vega - Everybody
Disco Vega - Give It To Me
Disco Vega - Hi Energy
Disco Vega - Hide Away
Disco Vega - Love Shock

Divina - Feel Me Like An Angel
Divina - Feelings In My Heart
Divina - Love Is A Melody

DJ Force - On My Radio

DJ Luke Penn Feat. Mr. M - Music Fever

DJ Moonraker - Bad
DJ Moonraker - Calling From Tokyo

DJ NRG - Bad Boy
DJ NRG - Burning Out
DJ NRG - Chameleon
DJ NRG - Dark Side Of The Moon
DJ NRG - Extasy
DJ NRG - Give Me Energy
DJ NRG - Go Go
DJ NRG - Go Go Champion
DJ NRG - I'm A Dee Jay
DJ NRG - Kamikaze
DJ NRG - Motivation
DJ NRG - Push It Go Go
DJ NRG - Ringo Boy
DJ NRG - Rock Rock City
DJ NRG - Stop Your Time
DJ NRG - The Real Thing
DJ NRG - Wild Is My Body
DJ NRG - You Are The Number One

DJ Space'C - Danger Zone

DJ Zorro - Esto Es La Vida

Doctor Gabriel - Alright

Doctor Stranger - Gotta Be My Babe
Doctor Stranger - Gotta Be My Babe (Another Day Ver.)
Doctor Stranger - Mind Invaders
Doctor Stranger - Touch Me Baby

Doki Doki - Baby Besame
Doki Doki - Celebration Time
Doki Doki - Never Say Never
Doki Doki - Sing Na Na Na
Doki Doki - Stop Never Stop
Doki Doki - Too Fast For Love
Doki Doki - Too Young To Die

Doll Sisters - Baby Kiss Me All Night
Doll Sisters - Dandy Candy Girl
Doll Sisters - Revolution
Doll Sisters - Super Super Girl
Doll Sisters - Wannabe My Dreamy Valentine

Dolly - Fly Up In The Sky
Dolly - Run 4 Fun
Dolly - Secret Passion
Dolly - Shy Boy
Dolly - Turn This Beat Around

Dolly Pop - Black Vampire
Dolly Pop - Come On Boy, Get My Toy
Dolly Pop - Don't Get Away
Dolly Pop - Girl In The Night
Dolly Pop - I'm Gonna Crazy For You
Dolly Pop - I'm No Angel
Dolly Pop - Kobra Is My Killer
Dolly Pop - Living Together
Dolly Pop - Night And Day
Dolly Pop - Superman Macho Man
Dolly Pop - Take My Gum
Dolly Pop - Together Forever

Dolores - Someone Precious

Dominique Pratt - Always In My Mind
Dominique Pratt - Dum Dum

Domino - 1, 2, Santos
Domino - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Domino - Bad Girl
Domino - Beat Beat Freak
Domino - Beauty And The Beast
Domino - Behind You
Domino - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
Domino - Call Me
Domino - Chim Chim Cher-ee
Domino - Colors Of The Wind
Domino - Cooking Boy
Domino - D.D.D.!
Domino - Domino Dancing
Domino - Euroboy
Domino - Fall In Love
Domino - Forever Young
Domino - Fuku Wa Uchi
Domino - Give Me Five
Domino - Go Go Where You Wanna Go Go
Domino - Gotcha!
Domino - Gucci Gucci
Domino - Hai Hai
Domino - Hey Mr. Dee Jay
Domino - Hot Confession
Domino - Hot Stuff
Domino - I Wanna Dance
Domino - Ichi Ni San Shi Go
Domino - Kill The Silence
Domino - Macho Duck
Domino - Mickey Mouse March
Domino - My Love Is Still Alive
Domino - One-O-Nine
Domino - Para Girl
Domino - ParaPara Paradise
Domino - Play With The Numbers
Domino - Popteen
Domino - Spinning Like A Top
Domino - Stop
Domino - The Game Of My Name
Domino - To Say To Do To Kiss
Domino - Tomodachi Big Friend
Domino - Tora Tora Tora
Domino - Woa Woa Woa
Domino - Your Freedom
Domino - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Domino & Aki - Hot & Soul
Domino & Aki - Hot & Soul
Domino & Aki - Talking Hands

Domino & Kaioh - Nack 5

Domino & Scream Team - Boom Boom Scream

Domino & Stormy Seven - Hip Hip Pooh-Ray

Domino & Virginelle Feat. Mega NRG Man - Super Eurobeat

Domino With Jennifer Batten - Woa Woa Woa

Donna - Boogie Boogie
Donna - Broken Heart
Donna - Captain America
Donna - Get Me Burning Up
Donna - Hot Hot
Donna - In The Name Of Loving
Donna - In Your Dreams
Donna - Living Loud
Donna - Lover Boy
Donna - No No Baby
Donna - On My Own
Donna - Runaway

Donna Lee - Smooth Operator
Donna Lee - The Leader Of The Game

Dr. Gabriel - Baby Doll
Dr. Gabriel - Django
Dr. Gabriel - Mr. Money

Dr. Hope Feat. Stefy - Bitch Is A Bitch

Dr. Love - Bad Connection
Dr. Love - Doctor Love
Dr. Love - Don't Stand So Close
Dr. Love - Eurobeat
Dr. Love - Power Of Desperation
Dr. Love - Romance
Dr. Love - She Bangs
Dr. Love - State Of The Nation

Dr. Love Feat. D.Essex - Max Power

Dr. Money - Celebrate
Dr. Money - Criminal Love
Dr. Money - Dancing Into The Night
Dr. Money - Erotic Power
Dr. Money - Give Up
Dr. Money - Hot Girl
Dr. Money - Jump And Go
Dr. Money - Killer In New York
Dr. Money - Let It Go
Dr. Money - Loose Control
Dr. Money - Lucky Man
Dr. Money - My Love Is Crazy 4 You
Dr. Money - Power Gun
Dr. Money - Roppongi Nights
Dr. Money - That's All Right
Dr. Money - Time After Time
Dr. Money - You Really Touch Me Now

Dr's Girl - Everyday
Dr's Girl - Reality
Dr's Girl - This Is The Night

Drama - Come To Me
Drama - Feelin' Alive
Drama - Keep My Heart From You
Drama - Lay Your Hands On Me
Drama - Love For Sale
Drama - Shake It Up
Drama - Slave To The Rhythm
Drama - While My Love Awaits
Drama - Why Can't This Be Love

Dream Fighter - All About You

Dream Fighters - Are You Ready To Fly
Dream Fighters - Dance For Love
Dream Fighters - Don't Wanna Love You Tonight
Dream Fighters - Firebird
Dream Fighters - Fly Me To The Moon
Dream Fighters - I Can't Stop Lovin' You
Dream Fighters - I Just Wanna Stay With You
Dream Fighters - Matsuri Night
Dream Fighters - Mind Game
Dream Fighters - Stormbringer
Dream Fighters - The Day Of The Rain
Dream Fighters - The End Of The World
Dream Fighters - War
Dream Fighters - You Could Be Mine

Ducky Chix - Looking For Lovers
Ducky Chix - Prayer

Dugghy - Follow Me

Dugghy - Lady

Dugghy - Ring My Bell

Dusty - Crazy For Love
Dusty - Go Wild
Dusty - Hey Ho Let's Go
Dusty - I Know, U Know
Dusty - I Wanna Take A Chance
Dusty - It's My Life
Dusty - Midnight Lover
Dusty - Mystery
Dusty - Rock Me To The Top
Dusty - Solid Gold
Dusty - Stay The Night
Dusty - Stop & Go
Dusty - The Fire And The Rain
Dusty - The Lovebite
Dusty - You Make Me Feel

Dynamika - Passion