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J-Stark - Lady Taxi Driver
J-Stark - Ring My Bells
J-Stark - Spider Queen
J-Stark - The Jungle Is On Fire

J. Corraine - Danger Danger

J. Rush - Tokyo Night

J. Stebbins - Another Card

J. Storm - Ave Maria, Op. 52 No. 6
J. Storm - Born To Make Music
J. Storm - Dance Into The Fire
J. Storm - Dancing In My Dreams
J. Storm - Demolition
J. Storm - Eye Of The Tiger
J. Storm - Gettin' You Gettin' Me
J. Storm - I Wanna Be Your Rainbow
J. Storm - Music
J. Storm - Rock The Universe
J. Storm - Shout
J. Storm - The Power Of The Dance
J. Storm - Vision Of Paradise
J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock

J.3 Benz - Let Me Fly On Tokyo Night

J.A.F. - Beat On

Jack Sindoh - Crazy For Your Love

Jackie -O - Doctor of Dream

Jackie 'O - Big Mig
Jackie 'O - Good Night Tokyo
Jackie 'O - Survivor
Jackie 'O - What's Your Game
Jackie 'O - X-Man Story

Jackie O. - Flippin' Out

Jackson 'O - Freedom

Jackson O' - Shock

Jacky 'O - Night Fighter

Jager - Because Of You
Jager - Fly Magic
Jager - Fun
Jager - I Won't Fall Apart
Jager - What D'You Want From Me

Jake Midas - Perfect Vision

James Cooler - Lover To Lover

Jane Roses - Spider Man

Jasmine - Running Down

Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts

Jay Lehr - Bright Time
Jay Lehr - Fallin' In Love Again (Fashion Version)
Jay Lehr - Hi Love
Jay Lehr - I'm Alive
Jay Lehr - Imagine
Jay Lehr - Little Little Star
Jay Lehr - Mystic Love
Jay Lehr - Wildlife

Jaz - I Will Take You Higher

Jean Corraine - Crazy Lover
Jean Corraine - Dancing In The Street
Jean Corraine - Feel The Groove
Jean Corraine - Hey Hey Guy
Jean Corraine - Love Is In The Air
Jean Corraine - Mystery
Jean Corraine - Rocking My Heart
Jean Corraine - Stranger In The Night
Jean Corraine - Tonight I'm Yours

Jean Love - Fool For Your Loving
Jean Love - Movin' Up Moving Now
Jean Love - Steel Blade

Jee Bee - Every Time You Touch Me There
Jee Bee - Gimme All Your Love
Jee Bee - Hi Energy
Jee Bee - Music In The Rhythm
Jee Bee - Positive Vibration
Jee Bee - Summertime
Jee Bee - Take A Chance On Love
Jee Bee - Tomorrow Night Is A Magical Fire
Jee Bee - Touch And Kid Me Up
Jee Bee - Wings Of Fire
Jee Bee - You Take Me To The Top

Jeff Driller - Ahy-Ahy-Ahy-Ah
Jeff Driller - Back In Danger
Jeff Driller - Bad Girl
Jeff Driller - Blat The Trumpet
Jeff Driller - Cactus Girl
Jeff Driller - Chica Loca
Jeff Driller - Choopa Choopa Bubblegum
Jeff Driller - Control Alt Delete And Blow
Jeff Driller - Drill-O-Man
Jeff Driller - Foxy Lady
Jeff Driller - Furious Pistol
Jeff Driller - Hey Chicken
Jeff Driller - Hummer Supercar
Jeff Driller - I'll Kiss You
Jeff Driller - Lucky Doom
Jeff Driller - Mecha Fireball
Jeff Driller - Oh Oh Cowboy
Jeff Driller - Rocket In My Pocket
Jeff Driller - Spin Spin Baby
Jeff Driller - Stop And Go
Jeff Driller - Super Guts
Jeff Driller - Super Trooper Warrior Boy
Jeff Driller - Superfast Tokyo Drift
Jeff Driller - Take My Hammer
Jeff Driller - Twister

Jennifer - Every Day
Jennifer - He Is The Reason
Jennifer - Make A Change
Jennifer - Ring My Bell
Jennifer - Take Me To Your Paradise
Jennifer - The Only One You Need
Jennifer - Too Soon To Say Good-Bye
Jennifer - You Are The One
Jennifer - You Are The One

Jenny - Pussycat Love

Jenny Kee - Hot Love
Jenny Kee - Somebody's Loving
Jenny Kee - Time

Jenny Rom - Be My Cowboy
Jenny Rom - Coco Rock
Jenny Rom - www.Blonde Girl

Jessa - Like I'm Yours
Jessa - Stronger

Jilly - Across The Nite
Jilly - Be My Babe
Jilly - Call My Name
Jilly - Ding A Ling
Jilly - Fall In Love
Jilly - Feelin' Blue
Jilly - Fly
Jilly - Halloween
Jilly - Hot Love Desire
Jilly - In The Heat Of The Night
Jilly - Sexy Ladie (Over And Over)
Jilly - Take A Look In My Heart
Jilly - Touch Me

Jim Bogart - Think Positive

Jimmy Bravo - All Right Nippon
Jimmy Bravo - C'mon Baby Tonight
Jimmy Bravo - Diablo Man
Jimmy Bravo - Hard Body
Jimmy Bravo - Heart And Soul
Jimmy Bravo - Mazinger Go!
Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of Fire
Jimmy Bravo - Queen Of The Night
Jimmy Bravo - Samurai

Jimmy Diamond - My Lonely Night
Jimmy Diamond - Sexy Crazy Girl
Jimmy Diamond - Space Invader

Jimmy McFoy - Experience

Jimmy Ray - Down In Tokyo
Jimmy Ray - Rock And Roll In Tokyo

Jinko Sbilenko - Too Many Lovers Night And Day

Jo Sterling - O! S! U! Euro Man

Joanna Koike - Phantasm

Jock Lee - I Wanna Rock With You
Jock Lee - Rock And Roll Is My Life

Jock-Lee - Sexy Guy

Joe Banana - Bang Bang Bang
Joe Banana - Black Magic
Joe Banana - Boom Boom Sexy Lady
Joe Banana - Cataclysm Night
Joe Banana - Dum Dum Pistol
Joe Banana - Go Nakata
Joe Banana - I'm Your Gangster
Joe Banana - My Spy Guy
Joe Banana - Virtual Reaction
Joe Banana - Wild Boy Bad Love

Joe D. Toaster - Beautiful
Joe D. Toaster - Black Night Cadillac
Joe D. Toaster - Crazy Diamond
Joe D. Toaster - Everybody Go
Joe D. Toaster - Feel The Power Inside
Joe D. Toaster - Maxi
Joe D. Toaster - Sex Gun
Joe D. Toaster - Spider Boy

Joe Foster - Drive My Body
Joe Foster - Fly High
Joe Foster - Hot Legs
Joe Foster - Look For Your Love
Joe Foster - Why Babe Why

Joe Summer - Thunder Man

Joe Tempest - Shock The Night

Joe Yellow - Love At First Sight
Joe Yellow - USA

John Desire - Come On Feel The Ecstasy
John Desire - Exotic Japan
John Desire - Hot Limit
John Desire - Super Dragon

Johnny Cake - Gotta Race Now
Johnny Cake - Say To Me

Johny Bomb! - Boom Boom Body Talk

Jonny Be Cool - Crazy Girl

Jordan - King Of Eurobeat

Judy Crystal - God Of Romance
Judy Crystal - Nori Nori Nori

Julia Blackmore - Come Together

Juliet - Big Bang
Juliet - Heart On Fire
Juliet - Intuition
Juliet - Invasion Of Privacy
Juliet - Invation Of Privacy
Juliet - Missing You
Juliet - More Than Your Love
Juliet - Red Hot
Juliet - Speak In English
Juliet - Ticket To Ride
Juliet - You And Me

Jungle Bill - Baby Call Me Frankenstein
Jungle Bill - Bad Cow
Jungle Bill - Caterpillar Man
Jungle Bill - Danger In Chinatown
Jungle Bill - El Vachero Bananero
Jungle Bill - Flying Over The Sky
Jungle Bill - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Jungle Bill - Laser Gun
Jungle Bill - Lucy Loose Pussy
Jungle Bill - Master Mind
Jungle Bill - Oh Happy Day
Jungle Bill - Sexy Lover
Jungle Bill - Sexy Toy, Sexy Joy
Jungle Bill - Shake Me Up

Jupiter & Sapphire Skye - Feel The Music

Jusy & Shara - Love Is A Fire
Jusy & Shara - Loving You