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Valentina - Baby Don't Worry
Valentina - Breakfast In Bed
Valentina - Broken Illusion
Valentina - Brown Brown Sugar
Valentina - Cause I Love You
Valentina - Cha Cha Cha
Valentina - Do You Know
Valentina - Don't Fly Away
Valentina - Don't Leave Me This Way
Valentina - Don't Stop The Music
Valentina - Freedom
Valentina - Harmony
Valentina - Honey
Valentina - I Just Called To Say I Love You
Valentina - I Know
Valentina - I Love You Like You Are
Valentina - I Wanna Live
Valentina - I'm In Love With You
Valentina - Love & Passion
Valentina - Lovin' Inside
Valentina - Moonlight Shadows
Valentina - Mr. Lover
Valentina - Never Let You Say Goodbye
Valentina - Occasional Dream
Valentina - Purify Your Love
Valentina - Question
Valentina - Satellite Love
Valentina - Sleep In Your Arms
Valentina - Standing Ovation
Valentina - That You Want
Valentina - The Colour Of My Love
Valentina - Tonite
Valentina - Trust Me Now
Valentina - Wake Up Honey
Valentina - Where Is The Happiness
Valentina - Wonder

Valentina & Mirka - A Lotta Fantasy
Valentina & Mirka - I Love Spaghetti
Valentina & Mirka - Shake Me Up

Valery Scott - 1 For Me, 1 For You
Valery Scott - A Simply Melody
Valery Scott - Dan Dibi Dan
Valery Scott - Na Na Na
Valery Scott - No More Tears
Valery Scott - Now And Forever

Van T.K. - Dancin' Time
Van T.K. - Just Can't Get Enough
Van T.K. - Never Gimme Up
Van T.K. - Rockin' Dome
Van T.K. - Take Another Chance

Van T.K. And Kiki & Fancy - Make Your Move

Vanessa - Be My Lady
Vanessa - Bye Bye
Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
Vanessa - Crazy For You
Vanessa - Dancing In The Dark
Vanessa - Diamond Eyes
Vanessa - Eternity
Vanessa - Hai Go!!!
Vanessa - Hey Hey
Vanessa - High High
Vanessa - I'm Ready
Vanessa - If One More Day
Vanessa - Just A Game
Vanessa - Kiss Kiss Kiss Me
Vanessa - Live In Me
Vanessa - Love And Passion 2008
Vanessa - Memories And Melodies
Vanessa - Open Up Your Eyes
Vanessa - Running In The Dark
Vanessa - Saturday Morning
Vanessa - Special Desire
Vanessa - Take It Easy
Vanessa - Take Your Time
Vanessa - The Final Countdown
Vanessa - Time
Vanessa - Why Did You Say I'm Sorry
Vanessa - You Don't Give Me Love
Vanessa - You Light My Fantasy

Vanilla - Around The Universe
Vanilla - Crazy

Vanity - Take A Look In My Heart

Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom

Venus Gang - ABC

Veronica - Bang Bang Take A Chance
Veronica - Mamma Mia
Veronica - S.O.S.

Veronica Sales - Always Together
Veronica Sales - Back Together
Veronica Sales - Dance With Me
Veronica Sales - Get Up And Go
Veronica Sales - I Can Feel
Veronica Sales - If You Leave Me Now
Veronica Sales - In The Heat Of The Night
Veronica Sales - Keep Love Coming
Veronica Sales - Keep On Trying
Veronica Sales - Season
Veronica Sales - Take This Time

Veronika - Superdance

Vicky - U Don’t See Me

Vicky Lee - Angel
Vicky Lee - Call Me Baby
Vicky Lee - Run To Me (Hot Desire)

Vicky Vale - Bang Bang Love
Vicky Vale - Dancing
Vicky Vale - Days Of Thunder
Vicky Vale - Do With Me
Vicky Vale - Firegun
Vicky Vale - Gambare
Vicky Vale - Let Me Be Your Baby
Vicky Vale - Love Child
Vicky Vale - Maximum Love
Vicky Vale - My Body Sweat
Vicky Vale - Nothing To Lose
Vicky Vale - One Two Three (To The Moon And Back)
Vicky Vale - Para Para Cannibal
Vicky Vale - Photograph
Vicky Vale - Rocket To Eurobeat
Vicky Vale - Shibuya Girl
Vicky Vale - Star Heart
Vicky Vale - Stop The Fire
Vicky Vale - Sunday Morning
Vicky Vale - Superdance
Vicky Vale - The Game Of Love
Vicky Vale - Welcome To The Show
Vicky Vale - What Is Love
Vicky Vale - Your Barbie Girl

Victoria - Born To Be Your Angel
Victoria - For You
Victoria - Give Me The Night
Victoria - Happy Song
Victoria - Hi-Dee-Ho
Victoria - I Don't Wanna Let You Go
Victoria - Love Rhapsody
Victoria - Playtime
Victoria - Please Don't Go
Victoria - Sexy Toy (Come And Try Me)
Victoria - Stay
Victoria - Sunshine Day

VIP Girls - Dirty Man
VIP Girls - Hot Night

Virgin - All Your Love
Virgin - Heaven
Virgin - Kiss And Hold Me Tight
Virgin - Only You
Virgin - Pump Pump Pump
Virgin - S.O.S.
Virgin - Super Catching Desire
Virgin - You're So Crazy

Virgin Power - Hyper Girl
Virgin Power - Living For

Virginelle - Baby Come Back
Virginelle - Baby Don't Let Me Down
Virginelle - Brother & Sister
Virginelle - Bye Bye Girl
Virginelle - Call Me Call Me
Virginelle - Crazy Sexy Lady
Virginelle - Don't You Love Me
Virginelle - Even If You Say
Virginelle - Everyday Forever
Virginelle - Fantasy
Virginelle - Fly Wherever You Go
Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
Virginelle - I Just Wanna Be Your Angel
Virginelle - I'm Free
Virginelle - Jealousy
Virginelle - Kamasutra Dance
Virginelle - Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
Virginelle - Let Me Go
Virginelle - Like A Virgin
Virginelle - Love Is...
Virginelle - Love, Sex And Money
Virginelle - Lovin' Like A Fire
Virginelle - Lucky Lucky
Virginelle - Lucky Tango
Virginelle - My Name Is Virginelle
Virginelle - Mystery In Love
Virginelle - Scream
Virginelle - Shake My Hand
Virginelle - Summer Night
Virginelle - Tango Tango
Virginelle - The Power Of Love
Virginelle - Tico Tico
Virginelle - Up And Down
Virginelle - Wanna Be Over The Moon
Virginelle - We Say Merry Christmas
Virginelle - Why Not
Virginelle - You Make Me Fly Tonight
Virginelle - You'll Get My Love

Virginia Toy - Away From You
Virginia Toy - Harmony
Virginia Toy - Let Me Go
Virginia Toy - Never Say Goodbye
Virginia Toy - Slap In The Face

Viscious V. - Break Me Down
Viscious V. - Get Up Off "A Yo" Bum
Viscious V. - Give Me High Angel
Viscious V. - I Got Somethin' (4 U)
Viscious V. - Trip This World With Me
Viscious V. - U & I Belong Together
Viscious V. - Why Don't You Dance Again

Vito - Face To Face
Vito - Latin Lover
Vito - Livin' In America

Vivi - Eyes Of Sky
Vivi - Gimme Gimme Gimme
Vivi - I Love My Dog
Vivi - Just For Me

Volta & Gabbana - Besame Mucho
Volta & Gabbana - Johnny Go
Volta & Gabbana - ParaPara AllStars

Voyager - Hyperdrive