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La Flower - Twilight Time

Lady Energy - Call Me Manuelle
Lady Energy - Hot Bikini
Lady Energy - Oh Bandolero
Lady Energy - Sex Kamikaze Girl

Lady Neo - Scarlet Devil Night

Lady Princess - Come To Me
Lady Princess - Queen Of The Night

Lady Regina - Baby Baby Fall In Love

Lana Pellay - Pistol In My Pocket

Lara - Japanese Lover
Lara - No Way Out

Larabelle - Lovable Love
Larabelle - Love As A Weapon
Larabelle - Say You Will

Latin Lover - Laser Light

Latina - 1 Piece Of The Action

Laura Vox - Jungle Of Fire
Laura Vox - Sexy Wild And Crazy Sound
Laura Vox - Wishing Upon A Star

Laurie - Game
Laurie - Hey Guy
Laurie - Jingo Dance
Laurie - Love Is By Your Side
Laurie - Out Of Your Heart

Le Belle Fiches - Bye Bye Baby
Le Belle Fiches - Rumours

Leila - Burning Lover
Leila - Happy Happy
Leila - Love Me Tender
Leila - Play The Game
Leila - Stop Loving You
Leila - Tic Toc
Leila - When I Look At You
Leila - You're The One

Leo River - Don't Let Me Go
Leo River - Far From The Light
Leo River - Feel The Power
Leo River - Prince Of The Night
Leo River - Ready To Love
Leo River - Runaway

Les - Tearful Eyes

Les & Megan - Beat Around

Les Blue Belles - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Les Blue Belles - Knock Knock Knock
Les Blue Belles - Sugar Baby Love
Les Blue Belles - Telephone

Les Blue Bells - Let's Feel The Night

Les, Ana & Roberta - Kiss Again

Leslie - I Want Your Love
Leslie - Key To My Heart

Leslie Feat. Rick Wild - Fire Desire

Leslie Hammond - Feel My Body And My Soul
Leslie Hammond - Friends In The Name Of Love
Leslie Hammond - Move In The Nite
Leslie Hammond - Run And Run
Leslie Hammond - S.O.S. And Loving All Around
Leslie Hammond - Want You And Need You

Leslie Parrish - 2 Hearts Are Beating As 1
Leslie Parrish - Bad Boy Blue
Leslie Parrish - Big Bad And Hot Love
Leslie Parrish - Dedicated To You
Leslie Parrish - Falling Free
Leslie Parrish - Heart Of Stone
Leslie Parrish - I Say No
Leslie Parrish - Just To Say Your Name
Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love
Leslie Parrish - King Of Heart
Leslie Parrish - King Of The Century
Leslie Parrish - Let Me In
Leslie Parrish - Mon Amour
Leslie Parrish - My Baby's Gonna Break My Heart
Leslie Parrish - My King Is You
Leslie Parrish - Never Forever
Leslie Parrish - No Matter What
Leslie Parrish - Oh Mamma Mia
Leslie Parrish - One Kiss
Leslie Parrish - Overjoy
Leslie Parrish - Paraboy
Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
Leslie Parrish - Save Me
Leslie Parrish - Skyline
Leslie Parrish - This Love
Leslie Parrish - To Live To Die
Leslie Parrish - Victim
Leslie Parrish - We Can Win
Leslie Parrish - Wonderlight
Leslie Parrish - You Got Me Spellbound

Lia - All Around
Lia - Sky High

Lilibeth - Shine Forever

Lilly - Fly Me To The Star
Lilly - Good Time
Lilly - I Am A Liar
Lilly - I Believe In Miracle
Lilly - I'll Never Leave You Alone
Lilly - Love In Venice
Lilly - Make Me Wonder
Lilly - Money Cannot Buy My Love
Lilly - The Mirror Of Life
Lilly - Walk In The Sunshine
Lilly - You Play A Wonderful Game
Lilly - You Spend My Money Round

Lily-An - Break The Chain

Linda - Another Passion
Linda - Love Desire 2007

Linda Ross - Bad Girl
Linda Ross - Eternity
Linda Ross - I Got To Feel Your Love
Linda Ross - Let's Go
Linda Ross - Light My Heart
Linda Ross - Love Is Danger
Linda Ross - Love Me Stupid
Linda Ross - Loving Honey
Linda Ross - Riding In The Sky
Linda Ross - Run Run
Linda Ross - Sugar Sugar Honey
Linda Ross - Supernight
Linda Ross - Touch Me
Linda Ross - Woman In Love

Lisa - Stand Up and Sing

Lisa & Ace - Getting The Fever

Lisa Bee - High On Devotion

Lisa Ferrari - Be My Music
Lisa Ferrari - I Never Was A Pretender
Lisa Ferrari - Love In Music
Lisa Ferrari - Love Is In The Air
Lisa Ferrari - Why Don't You Love Me

Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor
Lisa Johnson - Fantasy
Lisa Johnson - Feel The Night
Lisa Johnson - Fooling With Your Heart
Lisa Johnson - Hey Superman
Lisa Johnson - Jump
Lisa Johnson - Love
Lisa Johnson - May Day-May Day
Lisa Johnson - Move Your Time
Lisa Johnson - Night
Lisa Johnson - Paradise
Lisa Johnson - Passion Love And Fantasy
Lisa Johnson - Saturday Night
Lisa Johnson - Say Goodbye
Lisa Johnson - Somebody To Love
Lisa Johnson - Tonight (I'm Ready)
Lisa Johnson - Your Passion (Catch My Life)

Lisa Lion - Big On Emotion
Lisa Lion - Gettin' The Fever
Lisa Lion - Lionheart
Lisa Lion - Wonderful Feelin'

Lisa Versach - High School Teacher
Lisa Versach - Sakura

Little Barby - Bubble Girl
Little Barby - Joo Joo

Live Music Gang - Christmas Party Tokyo Night
Live Music Gang - Energy People United
Live Music Gang - I Lose My Shoes
Live Music Gang - This Is Para Para

LOL - Hot Bikini Girl
LOL - Looking For A Sexy Boy

Lolita - All I Want
Lolita - Anynight Anyday
Lolita - Baby Baby Blue
Lolita - Baby Don't Cry
Lolita - Baby One Baby Two
Lolita - Baby Tonight
Lolita - Beautiful Day
Lolita - Because I Need You
Lolita - Carillon
Lolita - Cherry Girl
Lolita - Come On Baby
Lolita - Cooling My Desire
Lolita - Crazy Dancer
Lolita - Dance The Night
Lolita - Don't You Want My Heart
Lolita - Dreamin' Of You
Lolita - Easy
Lolita - Everybody Dance
Lolita - Far And Away With Love
Lolita - Goin' On
Lolita - Good Love & Mystery
Lolita - Goodnight Kiss
Lolita - Happy Anniversary
Lolita - Heart Attack
Lolita - Higher & Higher
Lolita - Highway
Lolita - Hold Me Tight
Lolita - Hot & Crazy Love
Lolita - Hot For Your Love
Lolita - Hurry Man
Lolita - Hurry Up Hurry Up
Lolita - I Wanna Be A Star
Lolita - I Wanna Take You Up
Lolita - I Won't Be Long
Lolita - It's Raining Love
Lolita - Jolie
Lolita - Just A Little Love
Lolita - Kiss 2 Kiss
Lolita - Light Your Fire
Lolita - Listen To My Heart
Lolita - Loving Tonight
Lolita - Macho Man
Lolita - Made For Love
Lolita - Miracle Tonite
Lolita - Modern Love
Lolita - Move Your Body
Lolita - My Heart Burns Like A Fire
Lolita - My Heart Is On Fire
Lolita - Never Can Be The Same
Lolita - Olele Olala
Lolita - One In A Million
Lolita - Pizza Dance
Lolita - Please Me Now
Lolita - Pretty Woman
Lolita - Ready For Your Heart
Lolita - Ready To Dance
Lolita - Rhythmysticaltycious
Lolita - Riding On Fire
Lolita - Romeo & Juliet
Lolita - Set Your Heart On Fire
Lolita - Sexy Hi Sexy Eyes
Lolita - Sexy Lover Sexy Night
Lolita - Stop The Time Tonight
Lolita - Sugar Baby Love Me
Lolita - Superdoll
Lolita - Think Of You
Lolita - Time To Dance
Lolita - Try Me
Lolita - Wake Up
Lolita - Walkie Talkie
Lolita - Wanna Be Your Emotion
Lolita - When She Loved Me
Lolita - When You Wish Upon A Star
Lolita - You Better Call Me
Lolita - You Set My Heart On Fire

Lolita & Domino - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!

Lolita & Mickey B. - Dancing Around The World

Lolita Feat. Annalise - Screaming

Lolly'O - Chilly Boy

Lou Grant - Always On My Mind
Lou Grant - Avalon
Lou Grant - Bad Desire
Lou Grant - Boom Boom Para Para
Lou Grant - Communication
Lou Grant - Don't Stop The Music
Lou Grant - Don't Stop The Music 2006
Lou Grant - Don't Stop The Rock
Lou Grant - Funky Lady
Lou Grant - I Wanna Be A Winner
Lou Grant - Maharaja Night
Lou Grant - Money 4 Love
Lou Grant - Para Para Paradise
Lou Grant - People Of Music
Lou Grant - Soccer Soccer Soccer
Lou Grant - Space Fire
Lou Grant - Take Me High All Days
Lou Grant - Take Me Up & Down
Lou Grant - What Kind Of Cure
Lou Grant - You Spin Me Around

Lou Hunter - The Never Ending Story

Lou Lou Marina - I Love America
Lou Lou Marina - Latin Lover
Lou Lou Marina - Take Me Up And Higher
Lou Lou Marina - Who's Making Love

Lou Master - Boys (Do Fall In Love)
Lou Master - Firebird
Lou Master - Get Yourself The Real Thing
Lou Master - Rockin' On The Highway
Lou Master - Up & Dance, Up & Go

Lou Turner - Life Is Right
Lou Turner - Mystic Love
Lou Turner - River Of My Heart
Lou Turner - Spitfire
Lou Turner - Superguy
Lou Turner - The River Of My Heart

Lou-Lou Marina - I Believe In You
Lou-Lou Marina - Rock' N' Dolls
Lou-Lou Marina - You Are My Paradise

Louise - Across The Rainbow
Louise - Because I'm Loving You
Louise - Before Tomorrow Comes Again
Louise - Dance My Beat Of Love
Louise - Deep Risk
Louise - Gimme Some Lovin'
Louise - Hey Hey Dark In My Heart
Louise - I Need Somebody To Love
Louise - Love Me On The Phone
Louise - Love Sex Honey
Louise - Make Me Wonder In The Sky
Louise - Memories
Louise - Music Is A Melody
Louise - My Love Romance
Louise - Screaming Out The Power
Louise - You Kiss My Lover

Love & Pride - Hellraiser
Love & Pride - Hot Hot Hot
Love & Pride - In The Line Of Fire
Love & Pride - Love & Passion
Love & Pride - Move On
Love & Pride - Run Run
Love & Pride - Shake It Up
Love & Pride - Shotgun Killer

Lucky Boy - Baby OK Baby Allright
Lucky Boy - Dollars Go
Lucky Boy - I Need Your Love
Lucky Boy - Joker Face
Lucky Boy - Listen To My Mistery
Lucky Boy - You And Me

Lucrezia B - Set Me Free

Lucya - All The Love Inside
Lucya - Beautiful
Lucya - Easy Don't Go
Lucya - Follow The Rainbow
Lucya - Forever
Lucya - Give You My Love
Lucya - Hey, You!
Lucya - History
Lucya - I Wanna Be Your Babe
Lucya - Kiss Me Tonight
Lucya - Sentimental Song
Lucya - The Look Of Love
Lucya - The Way You Love Me

Lucya & Ace - Memories & Feelings

Lucya Feat. Ace - Sweet & Tender Lies

Lucyfer - Sky High

Lukator - One Life One Destiny

Luke - Dangerous Speed Cars
Luke - Don't Stop 'Till Tokyo
Luke - Keeper Of Desire
Luke - Mayday
Luke - Power And Glory
Luke - Psycho Killer
Luke - Street Fighter
Luke - The Champion
Luke - Time of Fighters
Luke - Touchdown
Luke - Turbo Disco

Luke & Cherry - Something Beautiful

Luke Penn Feat. Helena - Now And Forever

Luke Penn Feat. Time Force - Halleluya Tokyo

Luna - Call Me Tonight
Luna - Crash In My Heart
Luna - Donna Tokyo
Luna - Guardian Angel
Luna - Tell Me
Luna - Your Love Is Magic

Lupin - Black U.F.O.
Lupin - Once More

Luxury Girl - Money Money