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Sae Tsukiyama (築山さえ) - Every Color

Sally - Feel The Magic

Sally Moon Project - We Can Reach The Sky

Sally Rendell - Bim Bum Bam
Sally Rendell - On Fire
Sally Rendell - Suit Case Sally
Sally Rendell - Sushi-Hushy-Girl

Salt & Pepper - I Love Disco Dance
Salt & Pepper - Radio

Samantha Gilles - Bye Bye Baby
Samantha Gilles - Come To My Bedroom
Samantha Gilles - Destiny
Samantha Gilles - Ding Dong Garling
Samantha Gilles - Do You Believe Me
Samantha Gilles - Don't Tell Me Lies
Samantha Gilles - For Your Love
Samantha Gilles - Friendship Love
Samantha Gilles - Here Comes The Night
Samantha Gilles - Hold Me
Samantha Gilles - How Many Lies
Samantha Gilles - I Love You
Samantha Gilles - I'm The One
Samantha Gilles - See The Light
Samantha Gilles - Slow Down
Samantha Gilles - Wish You Were Here

Samuel - I'm Your Fire

Samuel Zanini - Blazing Guns

Sandy - Power Of Loving You

Sandy Bee - Funky Funky Child
Sandy Bee - Give Me Your Love
Sandy Bee - New Day
Sandy Bee - Ready For My Loving
Sandy Bee - The Colour Of My Love
Sandy Bee - Wild Love

Sara - All I Need Is Love
Sara - Baby Fly
Sara - Burning Up For You
Sara - Crazy For Love
Sara - If You Stay
Sara - Little Love
Sara - Love Is Like A Replay
Sara - Memories
Sara - One More Time
Sara - Show Me Your Love
Sara - Summer, Spring And Fall
Sara - Wonderland

Sarah - 'Cause The Night
Sarah - Aloha-Oe Until We Meet Again
Sarah - Call My Name
Sarah - Daddy Boy
Sarah - Little Lies
Sarah - Out Of The Blue
Sarah - Shoobie Doobie
Sarah - Stay With Me Tonight
Sarah - You Are Always On My Mind

Sarah May - Stop Me Falling Down

Savage - I'm Loosing You

Saya - Happiness Depends On You

SCP All Stars - Big Heart

Scream Team - Horror Fantasy
Scream Team - Ice Cream (U Scream)
Scream Team - Kooky Spooky
Scream Team - Millionaire
Scream Team - Plastic Horror Show
Scream Team - Wacky-Wacky-O!

Seastar - Burning Inside Out
Seastar - Crazy Crazy Feeling
Seastar - Made Out Of Fire

SEB All Stars Feat. DJ Boss - SEB 4 U

Serena - Always On My Mind
Serena - Forever For Me For You
Serena - Let The Music Take Control

Setsunan (薛南) - Princess Of The Reich

Setuna - Eurobeat Is 4ever
Setuna - Rapid Fire

Seventh Avenue - Love's Gone Mad

Sharon K. - Lady Quark
Sharon K. - Time To Fly

Sheela - Confusion
Sheela - Kangaroo

Sheila - Everyday & Everynight
Sheila - Love Me Love Me Baby
Sheila - Season Of Love

Sheila & Cindy Cooper - Touch Me

Shiela - Na Na Na (The Best Time 4 Love)

Shihori - Bamboo Dance
Shihori - Bloody Night
Shihori - Blue Sky Magic
Shihori - Day Breaker
Shihori - Koi no Starlight☆Euro (恋のスターライト☆ユーロ)
Shihori - Magic Girl !!
Shihori - My Destiny
Shihori - Play My Game (Lady's)
Shihori - Shoot The Lights
Shihori - Waiting For You

Silver - Baby Surrender
Silver - Brave Heart
Silver - Don't Go
Silver - Gimme Love
Silver - In The Dark
Silver - Lady Bug
Silver - On My Own
Silver - One Night
Silver - What's Your Intention
Silver - Your Easy Love

Silver Feat. Rose - Take My Heart
Silver Feat. Rose - World Of Fantasy

Silver Rozolli - Love Is The Best

Simon Koh - Come On Come On!

Simon Westley - Hot Stuff

Simone Massaro - Territory

Sinclairestyle All Stars - Xmas Love

Sinitta - So Macho

Sioux - Dance Around The Fire

Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love

Sissy Brown - Do It

Slothington - Bloody Red
Slothington - Into The Heavens
Slothington - Kaleidoscope

Soncini X R.M. feat. Dhany - Goodbye

Sonic Ray - Magic Ring Of Fire

Sonya - Close Your Eyes
Sonya - Follow Me Now
Sonya - Hello Hey Hi
Sonya - It's A Miracle
Sonya - My Eyes On You
Sonya - Night Is The Night
Sonya - Takin' Chances
Sonya - Tell Me Why

Sophie - Ah L'Amour
Sophie - All Of My Life
Sophie - Are You Ready To Fly
Sophie - Don't You (Forget About My Love)
Sophie - Drive In The Night
Sophie - Eternal Simphony
Sophie - Face To Face
Sophie - Hold Me
Sophie - In The Name Of Love
Sophie - It's A Rainy Day
Sophie - Last Flight To Japan
Sophie - Like An Angel
Sophie - Lonely Love
Sophie - Love Devotion & Surrender
Sophie - Love Is Always On My Mind
Sophie - Lovely Passion
Sophie - Magic Time
Sophie - Make It Feel Good
Sophie - Music
Sophie - My World
Sophie - My World 2006
Sophie - Only 4 Your Love
Sophie - Over 'N' Over
Sophie - Rapture
Sophie - Same
Sophie - Shoobee Doo Bee Doo
Sophie - Soft Time
Sophie - Stop The Music
Sophie - Talk To Me
Sophie - Tell Me Why
Sophie - Touch Me Touch Me
Sophie - Treat Me Right
Sophie - Waiting For The Sun
Sophie - Wonderful Love

Sound Holic feat. Stevie - Intergalactic Dimension

Space Girls - Boys On Fire
Space Girls - Welcome To The Moon

Speedman - Bang Bang (Kill My Heart)
Speedman - Speed Lover
Speedman - The Fighter

Speedmaster feat. Angelica - Heartbeat Song

Speedmaster Feat. Cindy - Pretty Girl Rock

Speedogang - Jailhouse Rock

Spencer - Doctor Of Love

Spiderboy - Thunder Of Love

Spiderman - My Angel

Spock - Enter The Sandman
Spock - The Fire's On Me

Starkly Ice - Stargate
Starkly Ice - Take Me To Paradise
Starkly Ice - Upside Down

Starlet - You're Gonna Be

Starlett - Without Your Love

Steamrock & Diora - Star Fire

Stefy Martin - Heart's On Fire

Stella - Forever Fly
Stella - Round Round Round

Stephy - Awake
Stephy - I Belong To You
Stephy - Speed Demon

Stephy Martin - 79
Stephy Martin - Beautiful Night
Stephy Martin - Flying Free
Stephy Martin - Free Into The Sky
Stephy Martin - Power & Love
Stephy Martin - Stay With You
Stephy Martin - Time Goes By

Stephy Martini - Dream On Dream
Stephy Martini - Emotions
Stephy Martini - Fall In Love
Stephy Martini - Fever Of Love
Stephy Martini - Mad Desire

Steve Holley - Supersonic Hero

Steve Tempest - Break Down The Crime

Stevie - Arm Yourself
Stevie - Ignite The Power

Sticky Tricky & Bang - Sticky Tricky & Bang!

Stop & Go - Your Love

Stop Limit Line - Body To Body
Stop Limit Line - Breakdown
Stop Limit Line - Crazy For You
Stop Limit Line - Every Dog Has His Day
Stop Limit Line - I Wanna Love U Tonight
Stop Limit Line - Satisfaction
Stop Limit Line - Say You Love Me

Stormy Seven - Mickey Mania

Stylophones - Hold On To Love
Stylophones - Never Say Goodbye

Sugar Honey - Baby Blue

Super Erotica - Super Girl

Superlove - How Deep Is Your Love

Susan Bell - A Little Goodbye
Susan Bell - Always In Your Heart
Susan Bell - Break The Silence
Susan Bell - Curious
Susan Bell - Gimme The World
Susan Bell - Happy To Dance
Susan Bell - I Believe In Miracles
Susan Bell - I Just Wanna Dance
Susan Bell - I Should Be So Lucky
Susan Bell - Just Another Day
Susan Bell - Love
Susan Bell - Love Is The Way
Susan Bell - Music Is Love
Susan Bell - My Only Star
Susan Bell - Never Fall In Love Again
Susan Bell - One Night To Remember
Susan Bell - Till The Mornin' Lite

Susan Bell & Brian Ice - Spread Your Wings

Susan Bell & Power - If I Never Knew You

Susan Bell & Powerful T. - If I Never Knew You

Susan Key - Love Is Right
Susan Key - Love Train
Susan Key - Night To Night

Sushi Queen - Obsession

Susy - Give Me Another Chance
Susy - Higher

Susy & Dave - Get In Love

Susy Time - On Fire 2007

Susy Wender - Au-Dessus Des Nuages
Susy Wender - I Can Feel You
Susy Wender - Look In Your Eyes
Susy Wender - Runaway
Susy Wender - Tu Es L'Amour

Susy Wender & Nuage - Plastic Girl

Suzan Bell - Till The Mornin' Lite

Suzy Lane - The Power Of Love

Suzy Lazy - Big Time
Suzy Lazy - Boom Boom Girl
Suzy Lazy - Carry On Baby
Suzy Lazy - Da-Du-Ri-Dan
Suzy Lazy - Din Don Dan
Suzy Lazy - Dum Dum Bullets
Suzy Lazy - Every Single Day, Every Single Night
Suzy Lazy - I Believe In Music
Suzy Lazy - Kisses Of Love
Suzy Lazy - Love And Luxury
Suzy Lazy - Love Generation
Suzy Lazy - Suzy Lazy
Suzy Lazy - Tell Me Baby
Suzy Lazy - Wonderboy

Sweet 'N' Sour - Chinatown

SylverR - Night Trip

Sym 1 - Rock Over Emotion

Symbol - Forever Love Me
Symbol - Forever Young
Symbol - Lonely Boy
Symbol - Lovin' You
Symbol - Sound Of The Night
Symbol - You Shot Me Down