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G. Caria - Bang Bang Boom Boom

Garcon - Batman Is Bruce Wayne
Garcon - Bazooka Man
Garcon - Bazookaaa
Garcon - Crazy Race On The Street
Garcon - Dollar Machine
Garcon - Downtown Lady
Garcon - Electro Cow
Garcon - Gogo The Night
Garcon - Hannibal The Cannibal
Garcon - I am mister blaster
Garcon - Lucky Lucky
Garcon - On The Top Again
Garcon - Pistol Man
Garcon - Rasta Boy
Garcon - Ride On My Speedy Car
Garcon - Super Kaiser
Garcon - Walk Around The Jungle
Garcon - Yacchaa Boi

Geena - Vibration!

Giacomo Caria - Light My Fire

Giada - Give Me Your Love

Gina - Baby Baby Baby
Gina - Dancing The Night Away
Gina - Don't You Remember
Gina - Keep On Dancing Tonight
Gina - Rush

Gina Latina - Magic Moment

Gino Caria - Cinderella
Gino Caria - Don't Forget It I Love You
Gino Caria - Got To Do It
Gino Caria - Heroes Of Fantasy
Gino Caria - Hold The Line
Gino Caria - I Wanna Be Your Superman
Gino Caria - Naked In The Night
Gino Caria - Nobody Knows

Gino Caria - David Dima - Stop The Time

Gino Mandolino - Valentino Macho Latino

Giorgia Barrows - Another Night Of Fantasy
Giorgia Barrows - Don't Wanna Let You Down
Giorgia Barrows - In The Dark Of My Heart
Giorgia Barrows - Movin' Up
Giorgia Barrows - Queen Of The Night

Giorgia Morandi - Children Of The Sky

Giorgia V. - Race Queen
Giorgia V. - Shot Shot Shot

Gipsy & Queen - Action
Gipsy & Queen - Black Bird
Gipsy & Queen - Boy Toy (You Are)
Gipsy & Queen - Call Me
Gipsy & Queen - Energy
Gipsy & Queen - Energy Girls
Gipsy & Queen - Get Into Action
Gipsy & Queen - Halloween Night
Gipsy & Queen - Honey Honey Honey
Gipsy & Queen - Love & Passion
Gipsy & Queen - Love Is A Dreamland
Gipsy & Queen - Made In Italy
Gipsy & Queen - Queens Of Desire
Gipsy & Queen - Touch Me Feel Me Kiss Me
Gipsy & Queen - We Can Change The World

Gipsy Baby - Oh Honey Oh
Gipsy Baby - What A Wonderful Day

Girl Next Door - Climber's High (Dima Remix)
Girl Next Door - Power Of Love (Morris Capaldi Versus GND Remix)

Giselle - Colours Of My Love
Giselle - If You Believe Me
Giselle - Let Me Kiss Tonight
Giselle - Love Is Fantasy
Giselle - My Love Is Happiness

Giulietta Sprint - Love Me Tender
Giulietta Sprint - Too Smart To Get My Heart

Go 2 - Don't Turn It Off
Go 2 - Funky Funlover
Go 2 - Gotta Go
Go 2 - Hot Hot Racin' Car
Go 2 - Hot Vampire
Go 2 - Let It Burn
Go 2 - Looka Bomba
Go 2 - Magic Eleven
Go 2 - Music Come On!
Go 2 - Not For Sale
Go 2 - NRG
Go 2 - Play Loud
Go 2 - Power
Go 2 - Purple Emotion
Go 2 - Samurai Blue
Go 2 - Spitfire
Go 2 - Super Striker

Go 2 & Christine - Blood On Fire

Go 2 & DJ Boss - Superstar

Go 2 feat. Andrea Martongelli - Machine Of Sound

Go Go Girls - Baby Boy
Go Go Girls - Baby Can You Love Me
Go Go Girls - Baby I'm Your Lady
Go Go Girls - Bad Desire
Go Go Girls - Bad Is Bad
Go Go Girls - Bang Bang Bang
Go Go Girls - Black & White
Go Go Girls - California Girls
Go Go Girls - Changes
Go Go Girls - Cocoon
Go Go Girls - Come Back
Go Go Girls - Cyber Dance
Go Go Girls - D.I.S.C.O.
Go Go Girls - Dance On A Volcano
Go Go Girls - Dirty Dance
Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance
Go Go Girls - Electric Woman
Go Go Girls - Feel The Heat
Go Go Girls - Funny Love
Go Go Girls - Gimme The Count
Go Go Girls - Give Me The Night
Go Go Girls - Go Go Dance
Go Go Girls - Go Go's And The Monkeys
Go Go Girls - Going Home
Go Go Girls - Hot For Your Body
Go Go Girls - Hot Vampire
Go Go Girls - I Feel Lucky
Go Go Girls - I Wanna Be Fat
Go Go Girls - I Want Your Kiss Boy
Go Go Girls - In The Heart Of The Earth
Go Go Girls - Let Me Know
Go Go Girls - Looka Bomba
Go Go Girls - Love In The Limo
Go Go Girls - Love Me Tonite
Go Go Girls - Mega Love
Go Go Girls - My Hot Guitar
Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana
Go Go Girls - Never Be The Same
Go Go Girls - New Millennium
Go Go Girls - Nightmare In The City
Go Go Girls - Nobody's Perfect
Go Go Girls - Nothing Can Stop The Music
Go Go Girls - O Sole Mio
Go Go Girls - On And On Again
Go Go Girls - One Night In Arabia
Go Go Girls - Out Of My Mind
Go Go Girls - Paradise Is Your Love
Go Go Girls - People Of The World
Go Go Girls - Please Me Tell Me Why
Go Go Girls - Raparapadance
Go Go Girls - Right Now
Go Go Girls - Rock Me Babe
Go Go Girls - Saturday Night
Go Go Girls - Sex Skiller
Go Go Girls - Speedy Speedy
Go Go Girls - Spies In The Space
Go Go Girls - Stimulation
Go Go Girls - Stuff Like That
Go Go Girls - Sugar Baby Love
Go Go Girls - Sunlight
Go Go Girls - Sunny Sunny Lady
Go Go Girls - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Go Go Girls - Tarzan
Go Go Girls - The Beat Of The Dance
Go Go Girls - The Melody Is In Your Heart
Go Go Girls - Touch Me Here Touch Me There
Go Go Girls - Walking Around The Town
Go Go Girls - Yellow Magic
Go Go Girls - Your Pussy Cat

Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Crazy For You
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle - Fun Fun Boy

Gold-Rake - Hurricane Man

Gordon Jim - I Wanna Run Away
Gordon Jim - Piston Go
Gordon Jim - Wonder Woman

Grace 2U - Wake Up Everybody With Cupid

Grace Cannon - Hey Sweat Dance

Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice

Green Ice - Gigolo

Groove Twins - Action
Groove Twins - Are You Ready To Dance
Groove Twins - Big Trouble
Groove Twins - Dance Dance Monsteru
Groove Twins - Dance Is Back
Groove Twins - Dance On Saturday Night
Groove Twins - Day By Day
Groove Twins - Girls On Film
Groove Twins - Gonna Be All Right
Groove Twins - Happy Birthday
Groove Twins - Happy With Me
Groove Twins - I Love Your Body
Groove Twins - Kick At My Heart
Groove Twins - Lesson To Love
Groove Twins - Let's Spend The Night Together
Groove Twins - Light Me With Desire
Groove Twins - Love Bang Bang
Groove Twins - Oh Baby Call me Now
Groove Twins - Only You
Groove Twins - Poison
Groove Twins - Ready For You

Groove Twins - Run Run To Me

Groove Twins - Viva The Night