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Annalise - Taste Of Love
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Like I like boom boom
Take me with a fire
Without love no timing boy you're really got me
Now let's do it coo coo
Fill me with desire
Sending me right down the line touch my face and feel it

Shake shake beats my heart
I like you fire
Love me all nite long
Com'on we're dancing
I fight for you heart
(Feel) like a live wire
Oh babe touch me tonite

All night long a taste of love
But you can make tonite
(And) I'm feeling alone
For so long a taste of love
But you can't stand this way
Don't worry my love

Don't you take your time touch
You have to decide it
I know that I need you boy I know you need me too
You just let your love show
Babe I'd really like it
There's something about you that my body yearns for you