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Alphatown - Hot Stuff

Hot love
When you can put your love around me
Hot stuff
Show me the way to heat inside me
Hot girl
Don't stop to move your body baby
Hot toy
Cause only you can drive me crazy

Stick to your guns
Ain't nobody gonna hurt you
And do you know what I mean
Get out your flame
If your flame is deep inside you
And you can see what I see oh baby

Hot stuff
You have the way to break me baby
And I'd live and I'd die for you
Is only hot stuff
You have the way to bring me baby
You can play this joke on me
(You have the way just for me)

Hot time
Baby you know I made my choice
Hot stuff
Oh guy tonite you'll be my joy
Hot girl
Because I need someone to hold me
Hot love
Don't push away your body from me

Stick to your............