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Mike Skanner - Money For Nothing
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Money, money, money
It lights my fire and you
Honey, honey, honey
Could take me higher
'Cause I'm living for the money and nothing
Else could take me down.

Baby, baby, baby
Get up and get it and then
Lok it, lok it, lok it
If you're not ready and then
Show me all your power
'Till you are finally able to!!!

Spending all my lovin' tonight
I'm making happy someone else is needing
My time believe me baby
Spending all your money tonight
You can get the new eden and you'll be
Right for the right thing.

money, honey for laughing
In my safety box, spinning around my love
Honey, honey you're nothing
In your golden life.........
Looking around for my love.

Jocking, jocking, jocking the night is ending baby,
Tell me, tell me, tell if you want you leave me,
'Cause I'm busy through the nights and I'm busy
Just for nothing cheap.