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Annerley Gordon - Donna
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I'd like to know what you're thinking
You have to let your worries go
I know that you feel you're sinking
But you never really let it show
ooh, aah, ooh

Open your eyes and look around you
see that love is waiting there
Just tell me yes and I will astound you
Love is the best when it's unprepared

Donna, Donna oh baby
Just take me in your arms and see
Donna, tua Donna I'll give you fantasy
Donna, Donna I'm not the girl you think
you always knew
Donna tua DOnna 'cause I'm in love
with you

I'll take you from your world of tears
I'll help you leave the past be mind
Being with me there are no fears
I'm a woman now so don't be shy
Why are you

Way hang around there's nothing for
Come with me and we can fly away
Who wants a life full of pain and
I can kiss away all your blues today

Donna, Donna...