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Louise - Deep Risk
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Note like a love
May be a vortical shake and
You and your lies
Will not look anywhere

Speak as you think
I need to hear what your telling
I am so eager, baby
Night by night, ahi

Touch me, or kiss me
And overall you put me
Stop the tears
Go down for my heartache
Seven o'clock, just
The morning light is now
My lover, take me apart

I run a deep risk baby
I'm not your single
Let's wait, he's gone by
Won't you run a deep risk baby
I'm not your lady
Feel your heat on my body, iah iah iah

Gayly, our night
The sin is over, my lover
Here in your car
We're looking at the stars

I like to wish
I wear the clothes you prefer, guy
Feel it tonight
You want me now forever