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Phil & Stan - Play The Game
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Sometimes the feelings are strong inside
I really can't stop all my foolish pride
I'm gonna give it all up to you
I'm gonna make it the best I can do

I understand you know
What's going through
You can't deny if it's happen to you
Maybe too much for girl like you
Don't say you don't know don't know
What to do

We are no strangers to love
You'll never be a fool to pray just gonna tell you
You can play the game of live my baby
We can burn in flame and going crazy
Maybe it's a golden chance but baby
You don't waster your time
We can play the agme of love my baby
We can try again could be so easy
Hanging to you love you make it shining
Please don't walk away

I still remember all that you said
We are together so don't be afraid
My heart is beating just like a drum
I'm not a liar try to understand

You say your love for me could never die
I need to feel it I'm running to you
Lost in a crowd you should never lie