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Victoria - Stay
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Time... the future is in my mind
I know the game
I can feel the power of the night
A big desire

Time... emotion in my eyes
You know my game
I can't leave without my love tonight
I'm crazy

Why... in the middle of the night
I call your name
Save my heart, it's beatin' fast
My love is ready all the time

Stay, forever my game is good to play
Incredible story if you
Stay, I need you today
My heart is on fire, please don't leave this way

Stay, whenever you want to feel the same
Forever I need you if you
Stay, my heart is okay
Together we'll spend our life forever more

Time... you make me feel so high
It's right tonight
I can get the rhythm of tonight
A good vibration

Time... my dream is not delight
You know again
I can see your love without my tears
Oh baby