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Krystal - Dream
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I'm losin' in the middle of the night
A mystic sensation shines and flies
But nothing is real in paradise

All about
A magic emotion in my life
Love me tonight or leave me alone
Feel all my dreams, you'll be so fine

Fly away, this night's forever
Please remember, love together
Save me now, don't wipe away my tears

Follow my
Love is around and inside of me
Take me so wild, I'm your diamond's queen
Tenderly hold me forever
Time is gonna change my life for you

Love is a magic part of me
Makin' me fly through the sound of wind
Suddenly we'll be together
Life is strange but
Set your heart to me

I... I... I...
I'm lookin' for something new in my life
A lovely reaction will be alive
But nothing is real in paradise