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Manuel - Tiger

Hey baby, tell me your favourite places
The unknown destination to live our secret story
It's so dangerous...
I can't wait to hear all your fantasies
The animal instinct inside of you
Please don't let be shy... come on!!!

The sound of your roarrr
Is like a drug for my crazy mind
The way you make me burn
Is all I want everyday...

You're like a tiger, a pretty hunter
I'm your desire, you run so faster
Don't be a liar
I feel your hunger
Gimme your fire
Be mine forever...
Ooooh tiger yee yeeah!
You're my tiger
Scratch me with your nails
Living on razor's edge
We'll stay much better...!

Hey baby, the car is always ready
So we can go to a paradise, let me be your driver
It's so dangerous
To feel you so close to me
Your hands are looking for my body
And I'm travelling at the speed of light...
Come on!!!