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Lolita - I Wanna Be A Star

I'm a pretty girl just willing to be free
Using notes and words to overcome my fears
Watching talent shows, I knew that someday
I could reach my goals and get so far away oh yeah

And suddenly my room becomes a stage so cool
With a screaming crowd in my mind
I'm singing so damn loud, I fly above the clouds
And everything is magic

I wanna be a star daddy
Bring me to every casting right now
I can be the best one and you know it
Your baby will fight the other singers
I wanna be a star daddy
You know the power of your daughter
Please now trust in me
Share this dream to be happy

In my fantasy I wish to see my face
On every magazine that's my state of grace
Sometimes I look like a very cheeky girl
Money in my pockets, no trouble in my life oh yeah

Let's go to the studio
I've got a cool new melody in my mind
I'm ready to surprise, all of you with my music
Come on make some noise