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Manuel - The Stallion

Can't you hear that sound?
The stallion is looking around
Searching for his cow
That's me! and I'm pawing the ground...

You don't have so much to learn
Just come here and how me your ponytails
Everybody knows what I deserve
To please my will in these empty boring days...

I'm the stallion!
I wanna let you scream so loud
Come on baby, you will be proud
Cause I don't have rivals
All around

I'm the stallion!
You never been so satisfied
Remember baby once you try
Everyday you'll wish to be mine!

The most romantic sentice is
"Baby, my mission is your submission"
You make me feel so powerful
And I'm the only one
Who can make the rules

I need someone to calm my wild soul
Baby just having you is my main goal
'Cause everytime I hear your name
My body is surrounded by hundred flames...