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Manuel & Lolita - Foxy Love

Walking in my neighborhood
And suddenly I've found you
So pretty and beautiful
That you just can't be true
Oooh wow thank you, I'm shy
But now I have to say goodbye
'Cause my hubby waits for me
Hope to see you soon, my dear!!

In my mind there is just one goal
And i"m waiting for her call
In my life I don't want to cheat
But with him I can't resist, yeah...

Foxy love
We gotta be tough and strong
'Cause if we don't live it you know
One day we'll regret it for sure
Ok honey
You can get me for tonight
'Until the sunrise
It's so crazy
Foxy love
It's gonna be low and wrong
'But if you don't give me your love tonight
I am not gonna bide
You Know i'm not that kind of girl
But I feel to lose control...!

Every night is wonderful
When I share my time with you
We're like strangers by day
And lovers in the night
Oooh yeah It's so exciting
'Cause everything is like a dream
Bring me to heaven now
'cause only you know how...

I wanna be your sex machine
And you will be my nasty queen
Nobody has been so masculine
And I love when we are obscene, yeah!!