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Giorgia Morandi - Children Of The Sky
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Just like the stars above
I should fly the night away until it's over
Across the skies above
Be my lovely baby, be my lover
(Be my lover)
Come along with me - Your brightness
From a forest of your darkness
From the darkness of your night

Come on into my light
There's a music in my heart
Hold my hands and smile
Stay, don't fall apart

Noi siamo figli delle stelle
Children of the silver shining deep blue sky
Come on, you, figli delle stelle
Put your arms around me, baby,
Hold me tight

Noi siamo figli delle stelle
I will turn your eyes from darkness into light
Noi siamo figli delle stelle
Ride me to the limit of this endless night

Just like the stars you see
We reflect the brightness of a purest love
If you belong to me I belong to you,
My baby, until it's over
(Until it's over)
I don't wanna change your mind
I don't wanna stop your ride
But be my love tonight