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Man Power - The Loving Thing
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Are we lovers or just two friends?
Listen what I want to say, I will find a simple way
Is love what you see in my eyes?
Tell me what you feel inside,

Cause I really needed to know (u-woah u-woah)
Do you think about me
(When you're far away?)
Do you dream about me?
(Can I find a way)
Just to make you want me from the deep of your heart?

Ready for the loving thing
Cause I just can't wait, cause I just can't wait too long
No it doesn't mean a thing, cause I won't give up
'Cause I won't give up on love
Ready for the loving thing
Cause I need to take, cause I need to take you now
Baby up your lovely wings,
'Cause I want to come, cause I want to come inside
Ready for the loving thing

We'll not be so lonely again
Do you think that you can be, my sweet love eternally
Can you tell me in honesty?
Could you love me as I do