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Go 2 feat. Andrea Martongelli - Machine Of Sound
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I don't mind we're spinnin' like some dancin' fools
Gotta live your life - energy rules!
I don't care we're singin' like some daddy cools
Get your head around this fella

We wanna shake - round
We're lost and found - found
Just make it loud, it sounds fantastic
A storm in town - town
I wanna get hi-hi-higher have a good time

So turn on the machine of sound
Ain'st stoppin' the machine of sound
Let the light shine on we're twins of the night
Burnin up in the sky
Let everybody know - the machine of sound
And never let me go - the machine of sound
We're like heavenly clouds runnin' so wild
Dancin' around the sun

Never slow the monkey drum, you're lookin smart
It's my heartbeat bombin' ready for love
Come on anyway, you gotta play your part
Everything will be alright