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Mote Mote - Eurobeat Around The Clock
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Baby, baby, stop and go
Take me, baby, to the show
(Come and go, come and go, to the show, baby)
Come on, take me to the top
Kiss me, kiss me on the rock
(To the top, on the rock, baby)

Take me with passion, with my reaction
In the magic fire, wow oh oh
Get in the action, take my satisfaction
You let the rhythm of the night

Eurobeat around the clock, everybody feel the shock
Let the people dream together
Eurobeat baby, eurobeat lady
Take me to the beat of fire!

Tell me, tell me, baby, go
Do the magic of the show
(Baby go, baby go, magic show, baby)
Oh my baby, don't you stop
Come on, take me around the clock
(You must stop, on the rock, baby)