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Jungle Bill - El Vachero Bananero
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Sing my song, japanese
Baby, won't you let me know?
(Yes, I know my baby, eh
Taking your banana)
Move your feet, feel the beat
Everybody's gonna meet
(Dance around with you and me together, let's come on!)

Like a jungle, feel the rhythm of bananas
'Cause the chicas all together singing
"Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na"
Like a flight into the sky
Let's come on into the fight
Baby, ahy-ahy-ahy
You can feel allright!

El vachero bananero
Take me, take me to the top
Catch me now and get my body
You and me - let's feel the shock!
Bananero, muy vachero
You can feel my body rock
Get the fire of the night
My banana - your delight!

Sing my song, japanese
Let the people feel the show
(Yes, I know my baby, eh
He can get bananas)
Energy, shake the beat
Dancing baby in the street
(I wanna get my dream tonight, tonight you say "come on"!)