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Flashman - Flash In The Night
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Moving into the dark
Am I runnin' to you, I still don't know
Something got and hold on me
It's amazing what I feel

Gettin' out of my room
With the feeling I'm gonna see you soon
C'mon baby don't be late
Loving' you would be so great

Face to face
With your eyes in mine
They burn my soul inside
And I cannot fight

Flash in the night
It's the light
Shinin' from your body
Flash in the night
It's alright it kept me alive
Flash in the night
From the sky
Like a goddess of love
Flash in the night every time
You come it's a flash in the night

Wanna tell you no more
As I hear you runnin' through my door
How can I resist to you
Got me when you want me to

Thinking you're gonna stay
But the morning I see you have gone away
What am I supposed to do
Wait another night for you