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Johnny Cake - Say To Me
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You've got me chasing
You have got me spinning around you so crazy
Trying to find an answer

You've got me guessing
I don't want you testing my trust for you babe
Time is moving faster

I have just about had it
With your mental gymnastics
You are making this harder than it needs to be

Tell me tell me babe
Don't you keep me waiting
I don't have no time for your games

I don't need your stalling
Cause our love is falling
Nothing ever will be the same

Just say what you wanna say to me
because I need your precious honesty
Just spill out just what you wanna say to me my love
It's getting harder

You're hiding something
Something meant to keep us apart from each other
Why is this a secret?

You say it's nothing
But you wanna tell me so bad that you go crazy
Trying just to keep it