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Detective Nick & The Festari Mystery Gals - P.I. Investigator
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Run and go! Run and go!
Need time for talking to you
Run and go! Let me show you
A mystery in this my clue
Run and go! Run and go!
Car ridin style with you, too
Run and Go! Let me run! Gotta Go!!

My case ain't classified
That guy's in black and white
I feel the danger from his dirty money
You're the stranger, bloody honey
My dum dum at your eye
I gotta get him runnin, drivin to the town...

Mystery, the lady tonight!
(You have the money, go)
I got a feelin, wanna make me do right
(Your dirty money flow)
Never givin up in a fight
(Your bloody money grows)
I'm gonna watch you, see ya later

Mystery, the lady tonight!
(You have the money, go)
Now tell me, take me one more time in the fright
(Your dirty money flow)
Never feelin pressure at night
Because I'm breaking down the traitor

Money grow! Bloody moon!
Lots of hot crime to pursue
Money grow! Now you know
A written note in the blue
Money grow! BLoody moon!
The pretty lady's a shrew
Money flood! Money grow! Gotta go!!