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Niko & Cherry - Niko Kickboxing
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Rock and roll! Here he comes!
Hey you all! Leave your homes!
Tell your friend Niko's in town!
Come with me. Waste no time.
Let it be. Don't be shy.
Niko falls onto the ground.

Let's get it up! Together.
In to the the dark. Forever.
Waiting for the sun.

Evil's around. Let's kick it!
Dragging you down. Let's beat it!
Rock'n'roll! Shout and call!

Niko kickboxing (hey hey) he's fighting for
Freedom (yeah!)
Strike it! Strike it twice!
People kickboxing (hey hey) is fighting for him (Go!)
One, two, three, for fight!

Come and fight! We can win.
For your right. As a team.
Get your hands ready tonight
It's your turn. Take a step
Come and learn. How to slap
Niko kick boxes so right