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Maria Valentino - Remember That I Care
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Sometimes when you're feeling lonely
Nothing ever seems to go your way and
You had enough of the way of the waters
Everything seems so against you

Now, to get away just
Throw yourself into another day and
Just how it was on the day I met you
You'll never be alone, no, no, no more!

There is a thing you got to keep inside your mind
Love is a thing that makes us wholesome, baby, you will find

Please, remember that I care
I'm here right next to you
So when you're feeling down, remember I care!
Oh, baby
Please, remember that I care
I think of you
When you feel alone and glow so blue
Remember that I care!

I know that it's never easy
'Cause, the time, it never passes by and
All that you need is someone to tell you:
"Give it up! Surrender! Fly away!"