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Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
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I'm so blue I got no chance I got to go
I'm feeling lonely
I won't let you down and there's somehow
I want you to be my baby for me

Babe I'm feeling blue and tonite will be
The last nite here together
I'm so mad about you and my love is true
Close your eyes 'cause we got to always be ready

Crash boom bang all nights searchin' for some actions
And givin' us the satisfactions
Tell me why I got to lose my babe
Then I got to go I'm feeling alone and I remember

Baby Bye JAPAN kiss me kiss me baby for the last time here
Baby Bye JAPAN, lockin' in my eyes the only tear I remember
Baby Bye JAPAN, feel again the rhythm beatin' eurobeat
Baby Bye JAPAN, we were dancing till the morning light right
Here in TOKYO

Everytime I think of you the love
We had will be so special
I'm down on my knees oh baby please
Remember me and my love for you

Something in your eyes and I don't forget the way
You make me crazy
I'm so mad about you and my love is true
Close you eyes it's too late for me to remember