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Sophie - Lonely Love
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Love letters lost on the sand
With love and passion again,
Nobody knows all my deep sensations
A special message for you,
A promised love for the future time, for all the life

Only you can take my satisfaction
All my dreams, the potion of my love
Breaking all my heart, follow me
Cheek to cheek the music, a magic

Lonely love
I lost my right control, my destiny over
my soul for you
Lonely love you take my mind, like a
flight in the sky
In the deep of the night, I try my...
Lonely love
Lady night hold me tight you make me
lose inside my mind
(4 you)
Lonely love
Lost in your eyes, make me feel, feel all
I need you all this night... forever...
lonely love!

Your kiss the light of the night
The rain, the sun in the sky, A flight to
With the rainbow
A magic story with you, a promise love
from my broken
And something start...