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Maxx Ducati - Valentino Samurai
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Valentino, you're the faster in the motor circus
You were born to be the super winner
Go macho, macho rider, you the champion of the world

You're driving faster and faster than hell today
Your fame is bigger and bigger than everywhere

Yes, c'mon supersonic motor speed
Running to feel the heat
People shounting to you

Go go go valentino samurai
Honda goes like a thunder, magic rider
Go go go champion of the motor bike
In osaka you have been the winner,hey c'mon

Go go go valentino samurai
In the championship fight to be the leader
Go go go hero of the motor bike
You're relighting Italian pride

Valentino, yes I know that now my heart is ready
I will run to you my mind is speedy
You drive me drive me crazy
You the winner in Japan