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Christy - Mystery Of Our Love
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My body is never away
I keep a part of him
In my heart night and day
I feel his touch wherever I go

My boy is tender and true
And he makes everyday of my life
Seem like new
My feelings for him are real
I love him so

Up until the day that I met him
I was just a shy little girl
But he's helping me be come
A woman of the world
Now I know there's nothing for me to be
afraid of
I'm happy to be lost in the mystery of
our love

Somewhere inside my heart is a voice amour
Singing a song that I have never heard
Somewhere inside my heart is a mystery
of our love

My boy is handsome and smart
And he has magic eyes
I sigh whenever he touches me

My boy is macho and strong
And I can't wait 'till he
Invites me to the prom
We'll dance close and kiss all night
in ecstasy