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Mike Skanner - Electronic Lover
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Hey girl, get the groove
Feel the rhythm beating
Good time, right tonite
Just enough you feel it
Don't you, wanna dance
Don't you wanna try how
I'm cool, in my rule
Let's go to my room now

I'm the man you're lookin' for
You won't need to ask for more
Electronic lover
Use me like a cover
I will take you right tonight
I can see you feel all right
You will not be lower
Gonna give you my delight

Take me like a cover
Wanna make you understand
Let me sing you my romance
Use me like a cover
Now I know you realize
That you got my paradise

I know, you won't go
Gonna stay together
Be-cause, that's my love
It will last forever
Right now, I want you
To stay in my bedroom
See how, you begin to
Take off all your dresses