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Lolita - Romeo & Juliet
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I wanna stay with you tonite
Baby baby I need you everytime
Love is on me and I wanna say
Kiss me baby and tell me: "You are my love"

And now you give me all your love
And please don't cry for me, let's get it on
I love you like you are
Baby now I'll give you my heart

Romeo & Juliet
Forever & together
I love you babe
Romeo & Juliet
We're gonna stay tonite, the dreams come true
Romeo & Juliet
Forever and together
I love you babe
Romeo & Juliet
Nothing can change my world
Me & you, love

I wanna play with you tonite
Come on baby don't feel me ever you want?
I wanna dance till saturday night
Please don't tell me goodbye
I wanna be yours

A story that's never ending
Baby don't cry, you have to believe me
Baby kiss me again and wake me up
Tell me till the end, baby take my hand