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Fastway - Love Countdown
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Saturday's for dancers
Just for fraeky creatures
Just a way of pushin' your luck
Saturday's for lovers
Here you can discover
Who can get her nails on your heart

So here we go
Message for you baby
Got a vibe in my veins
Can you feel the beat oh honey
Meltin' away
Baby here I am, you can play!
Three, two, one go!

We start a love countdown
You got me fall for you, nothing I can do
Love countdown
Baby feel the mighty power hot in your blood
Love countdown
The real thing for you, nothing you can do
Love countdown
Are you ready for emotion with me, my love?

Make up all pretences
Fake your true defences
Don't you lie I know that you're struck
Show me what you can do
Turn the wheel of fortune
Baby take a chance make a start